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#rockbox log for 2023-10-22

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07:49:18gevaertsI don't understand enough about the TeX world to know the details, but in the long run the manual builds have always been kind of flaky
07:49:42gevaertsYou never know if they're going to break whenever people update their debian boxes
08:21:24rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4fb37ecbc6, 304 builds, 9 clients.
08:21:24rb-bluebotSkip Length across tracks by roman.artiukhin
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09:26:21rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3d5dd97c48, 304 builds, 9 clients.
09:26:22rb-bluebotFix playing_id3_sync not properly syncing resume data by roman.artiukhin
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13:03:19SomniAeternaHello. Did anybody had possibility to revive dead ATJ2127 device from hardware ADFU mode? I'm aware that it shouldn't be posted here, as it deviates from Rockbox connected topics, although it is still PMP, old, but still. PS. Here I have screenshot of attempt to reflash firmware using official Actions tool:
13:05:39SomniAeternaI wonder if it would signalize issue with NAND memory.
13:18:04speachygevaerts: tex2html is the _really_ picky one. regular [la]tex is a lot more forgiving of issues. And, heh, I think all of the builders that claim to have the tex toolchains are all mine, running fedora...
13:18:36speachythat said the problem did clearly result in badness in the pdf generation.
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17:39:38CH23_speachy, you asked if the qt version i use (because rockbox utility 1.5.1 will not run on my machine). qt version 5.15.10, qmake 3.1
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20:45:21kirvesAxeThe feature of "Advanced Key Lock" seems to be misnamed, it should be called "Key Lock Exception" or something.
20:46:09kirvesAxe"Advanced Key Lock" brings to mind an idea or a more sophisticated locking system than just "press this one button to lock or unlock"
20:48:26kirvesAxeLike RB had with Sansa Clip+, which required simultaneous pressing of two buttons - thus being a lot more effective in preventing accidental button activations when the player is in a pocket - a single-button unlockability is useless for the only actual use of the locking feature.
20:53:09_bilgus__pretty sure it says key lock exemptions already
20:54:09_bilgus__you should be able to use key remap to do other key combos '*I think"
21:00:08kirvesAxeWell, under settings -> general, there is still "Advanced Key Lock", and playing around the menu without a manual (which is not available for this player model) there was basically nothing explaining that exceptioning was the only thing the AKL can do (I figured this out by checking some other player's manual :)
21:00:50kirvesAxehow do I remap keys and can I actually remap the lock feature to a combo?
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21:24:46_bilgus__just choose a player with a manual till you find one with similar features is what I usually do
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21:27:15_bilgus__remap plugin choose add - std context - click that to add new action −− choose std_key_lock and choose two buttons
21:27:33_bilgus__might work might not
21:28:31_bilgus__save it but at first just add it temporary
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21:41:12_bilgus__kirvesAxe, OK it needs to be CONTEXT
21:41:51_bilgus__sorry CONTEXT_WPS and you need to find an unused button combo
21:42:10_bilgus__some players do multiple buttons some don't
21:44:01kirvesAxeOkay gotta try it
21:44:44kirvesAxe...where is the remap plugin?
21:44:59kirvesAxefound it :)
21:45:32_bilgus__took me a bit to find a combo that worked first I mtried a single button and did VOL_DN|REP for btn and VOL_DN for pre btn
21:46:11_bilgus__still working on a multi button combo formy player
21:46:50_bilgus__but do a temp remap first lest you lock yourself out of the player every boot by making it perm.
21:51:47_bilgus__I did VOL_UP_POWER and no pre button I have key lock on this player again (has a bad button)
21:52:05_bilgus__sorry VOL_UP|POWER
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21:53:39_bilgus__the plugin takes a bit of fiddling but its pretty easy once you get the hang of it
21:56:52_bilgus__you might hve to do something about your old key lock button
21:58:07_bilgus__probably same context choose ACTION_REDRAW or maybe ACTION_NONE and the button as your old keylock button
21:59:51_bilgus__if you have an extra entry set its button and prebtn to NONE and they will be ignored
22:00:15_bilgus__next time you load the file they will be gone
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