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#rockbox log for 2023-10-25

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03:31:21baltazarHi! Do you know of any other devices with (hardware) support for wifi+bluetooth and a possibility for custom firmware other than the shanling q1?
03:48:00sporkfiio m3k and surfans f20 + clonse
04:13:29sporkall those devices are based on the same x1000 soc
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04:34:50baltazarspork: and to all of these have wifi hardware in them as well?
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04:47:17sporki am now starting to have doubts about that
04:47:27sporki really thought they at least all had bluetooth
04:48:28sporkmaybe not wifi though
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04:51:11sporksorry, i was wrong.
04:51:19sporkthe fiio m3k does not even have bluetooth
04:51:48sporkand AIGO EROS Q / EROS K / AGPTek H3 / HIFI WALKER H2 / Surfans F20 only seem to have bluetooth
05:04:49baltazarhmm, so nothing else with wifi?
05:05:39baltazarguess I'll stick with the q1 then, though it's quite pricey
05:06:25sporki use mine a lot, but never for the wifi feature
05:06:44sporki believe it cannot do more than transfer files
05:07:38sporkit definitely does not stream music if that is what you are looking for
05:07:54baltazarI want to make it do so :P
05:07:59sporki think the newer 'm0 pro' does that for tidal, but it is not supported by rockbox
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07:04:08buZznot -yet-
07:04:24buZzbaltazar: how about that new gay-ipod
07:04:32buZzits got wifi+BT from launch
07:06:00buZzbaltazar: this;
07:06:06buZzmight get rockbox eventually ;)
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08:09:28speachythe agptek rocker also has bt. none of them have wifi IIRC.
08:09:59sporki was certain it was part of the x1000 soc but apparently not
08:10:28speachythey all have an external CSR bt module
08:11:33speachyhonestly if oyu want one of these things to do streaming stuff, there are plenty of options but they are all effectively just non-cellular smartphones, only crappier and more proprietary.
08:12:20speachysure they may or may not have higher-quality DACs but ... the source material is highly compressed, plus you're probably using BT headphones anyway. :D
08:14:44sporkthere are a lot of android devices without cellular that do pretty much just that
08:21:55buZzi have one of those Archos bed-alarm-clockradios with android 3(?)
08:22:00buZzmaybe android 2 even
08:22:10buZzits cute and funny, but eh, well
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08:38:21speachyyeah. once you try to do streming you then have to have a full (modern!) wifi stack, tcp/ip, http, tls/ssl, and likely additional crap on top for authentication that may or may not effectively require a browser with javascript.
08:38:52speachyit's an order of magnitude or two more code and required oomph.
08:48:42sporkwith a nice drm sauce
08:48:42speachyiirc the tangara doesn't have immediate plans to light up the wifi side of things, but they use the bt side of things for audio.
08:49:50speachy(that said I'm 90% sure that esp32 module relies on a proprietary binary-only stack. because of course it does..)
09:03:47buZzthe tcpip stack on ESP* is lwIP
09:04:13buZzthe bt stack i have no clue about
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09:04:18speachyI was referring to bt, sorry
09:04:42buZzcould very well have 'no stack'
09:04:49speachylwip is decent enough, especially if you have the resources to enable its socket API
09:04:53buZzand you need to implement it all, with examples in SDK
09:04:59buZzspeachy: yeah you can do raw sockets
09:05:06buZzhell, you can even send 'raw wifi packets' :)
09:05:14buZzhandy for deauths etc ;)
09:05:41speachyin a former lifetime I helped build a stm32-based module.
09:06:09speachyer, a esp32-wrooom-like module, ie an mcu+wifi, though no bt
09:06:40speachywrote the wifi stack from scratch, and used lwip
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09:07:03speachydidn't have the resources for BSD sockets though.
09:07:30speachythe limitation was RAM more than anything else.
09:07:40speachy(especially as it needed to handle wpa-enterprise auth!)
09:13:36buZzspeachy: the wifi&bt on a wroom are internal to the esp soc though ;)
09:14:51speachythat doesn't mean the code tehy need to operate doesn't run on the main processors.
09:15:34buZzwell, partly
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09:18:52buZzspeachy: the funniest thing about this whole ESP ecosystem to me is ;
09:19:07buZzthey made the ESP8285 first, a wifi card for SDIO usage i believe
09:19:16buZzthe -exact same- soc is the ESP8266
09:19:37buZzthey just released a SDK for the same soc, to let ppl 'arduino it up'
09:19:48buZzwhile actually have been made as a appliance
09:19:49speachyheh yeah
09:19:55buZzpretty cool stuff to me :D
09:27:17speachypretty common for these SoCs to get lots of variants that differ only in which pins are brought to pad packages.
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