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#rockbox log for 2023-11-23

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06:11:23CH23<_bilgus> CH if 7ac4d34dd6 works where does it break? | i´ll check in a moment
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06:39:31CH23a7d0ff2000 2023-11-19 is the last working version _bilgus
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07:49:51_bilgusCH23, thanks i'll have a look and see if theres something blatant but I doubt it
08:04:33CH23anything i can do, like a boot log or something?
08:08:58_bilgusno if you could test the reversion before we push it I'd appreciate it
08:11:18_bilgus g#5507
08:11:21rb-bluebotGerrit review #5507 at : Revert "Extend path_append_ex to truncate compname, remove some strmemdupa" by William Wilgus
08:12:07_bilgusI'll have to revisit this as I have a test set of folders that cause this existing code to go off the deep end
08:12:30_bilgusbut thats still better than boot loop
08:12:47CH23it´s not boot loop, it remains stuck on the logo screen indefinitely
08:13:12_bilguslikely its a panic for daya abort etc
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09:06:21_bilgusI wonder if its faster to just reverse the string in place
09:06:31_bilgusthatd remove recursion
09:07:50_bilgusah but it wouldn't work in the case of a partial copy due to buf sz
09:08:19_bilgusand that is a potential
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09:39:52chris_sweirdly, if I understand Frankenpod from the forum thread correctly, they had issues even with the 23-11-19 build, or maybe that was due to malformed data from newer builds already written to disk
09:41:36_bilguswhats weirder is with that revert I can't repro the original bug now
09:41:55_bilgusme thinks its a heisenbug and i'm chasing my tail
09:45:35_bilgusbut there is clearly something wrong with my version unless CH23 still gets the issue with the revert
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11:23:09chris_sI think I got confused because builds form the 19th and 20th both have 19 as the date in their version string (one is 92e77ddbd8-231119, the other is a7d0ff2000-231119)
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12:31:17rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 53a47970e3, 304 builds, 10 clients.
12:31:17rb-bluebot[BUGFIX] some files wouldn't run as shortcut by William Wilgus
12:32:44_bilgusI think it was actually just .rock files that wouldn't run from the dirbrowse within the shortcut app which is an exceedingly rare occurrence if only because there was one person to report the bug in 2+ years
12:33:13_bilguswell the prior one that crashed the DAP
12:35:17_bilgusthat plugin kind of abused that exposed browser anyway but I suppose its a shortcut viewer how likely was it going to be run from anywhere but the browser when it was written
12:36:31_bilgusit now lets the user browse in its own browse context till they select a file and then it pastes it into the files browser context
12:38:43_bilgusthe down and upside to that is that it overwrites the history with its own as if you browsed to it in the first place when you shortcut to directories otherwise it drops you at the shortcut file
12:40:09_bilgusexiting your directory back 1 level up into the previous tree was weird
12:41:47rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 630 seconds.
12:41:48rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 53a47970e3 result: All green
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17:29:01CH23_bilgusCH if 7ac4d34dd6 works where does it break? I don't see anything in that list that makes me think hmm hang on boot | how can I find out?
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17:39:24CH23also please at least use ´ch23´ when mentioning, so at least my phone notifies me ;)
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18:02:27bilgus_phCh23 you already figured out the bad commit if you can compile builds could you check out that revert commit in gerrit
18:03:21CH23daily builds contain more than just 1 commit right
18:03:42rb-bluebotGerrit review #5507 at : Revert "Extend path_append_ex to truncate compname, remove some strmemdupa" by William Wilgus
18:04:07bilgus_phI think they could yes
18:04:14CH23ah i´ll see how i can uncommit that, but probably tomorrow. it´s midnight here
18:05:05bilgus_phOH you'd just check it out and build it if you can i can get one for you by tomorrow iPod classic?
18:05:22bilgus_phIf you cant..
18:06:09CH23that´ll work too. I automate the build process because i only use git to either clone, or build rockbox stuff
18:06:19CH23so i know next to nothing about it :x
18:08:19bilgus_phOH usually you'd do a GIT pull −−rebase to pull the current then checkout a commit by hash with GIT checkout 5bf45acddf for instance
18:08:51CH23i´ll check the manpage tomorrow and give it a go
18:09:01bilgus_phBut ill leave you a link to a build
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