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#rockbox log for 2023-11-28

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11:57:20termachi, I am trying to install rockbox hosted port to a HIFI WALKER H2 (EROS Q) ( using the RockboxUtitlity
11:58:23termacthe installation has run without errors
11:58:54termacbut it boots the original firmware
11:59:29termacdo i need to do additional firmware update from within the player
11:59:57termacthere is a update.upt file present in the root dir of the player
12:00:57termac.rockbox folder is there too
12:03:42sporkdid you try uograding the firmware with that update.upt ?
12:04:15sporki do not have this device, but doing that makes sense i think
12:05:31termachave not tried it yet, because there are some warnings about firmware upgrades for that particular device on the wiki
12:06:09termacbut maybe it is just the way it has to be done, just wanted to make sure
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12:08:51sporkrockbox utility does not flash the firmware itself
12:09:12sporkit patches the firmware file and creates the .rockbox dir
12:09:53termacok thank you
12:10:10termaci will do the upate from within the player than
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12:12:44termachm, i get some error messages from the player: "File Error", "failed"
12:13:46termacmaybe i have to double check the installation with rockboxutility
12:14:18termacit detected multiple potential devices but i was pretty sure i selected the right one
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12:18:19sporki would read through the forum thread for that device for tips
12:24:30termacok will give it a shot
12:28:21sporkor wait for the experts to check in :)
12:37:07termacit is upgrading the firmware now
12:37:22termaci manualy copied one from the wiki
12:37:38sporkodd that the automatic process did not work
12:37:54sporkas it gave no errors
12:38:35termacthe player version is listed as v1.3+ in the utility
12:39:11termacand the actual version is 1.5
12:39:39termacthough the wiki doesn't even have a version for 1.3
12:39:42termacnot sure
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12:48:07termacthanks for your help spork it is running now :)
12:49:35sporkexcellent, enjoy
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13:11:02termacthanks, i will :D
13:11:28termachaven't used rockbox in over 7 years or so, since my sansa clip died
13:12:06termacshould have stockpiled them when they were still available
13:12:26termacnow i can buy used ones for >50€ here
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13:34:43speachytermac: there are unfortunately multiple variations of the ErosQ/K; some are only software-incompatible with each other, but there are also at least two distinct hardware versions. The latter we do _not_ handle yet.
13:34:54speachydoes it have a micro-USB or USB-C connector?
13:37:40termacshould be usb-c
13:37:50termacmicro usb is the asymetric one, right?
13:44:59speachythe ones with USB-C aren't handled properly in teh native port yet.
13:45:41speachythat said it should be feasible to update the hosted port to handle the new variation, but I don't know what changed (if anything) from how it presents itself to Linux userspace.
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14:27:46dconrad_webspeachy, you might be happy to hear the usb-c version of the eros q has been working well here for a while - we've just been using software volume and ignoring the hardware volume scaling
14:28:07dconrad_webnative, that is
14:30:24dconrad_webI do recall we had some troubles when they changed the audio routing around on us but it was relatively smooth otherwise
14:32:11dconrad_webgood news too, hardware volume scaling is imminent I think
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14:54:10termacsounds good
14:54:50termaci tried a native install before the hosted install, but couldn't get rockbox to load
14:55:13termacbut i will give it another shot soon
14:55:34termacthe bootloader was installed but it said it couldn't find rockbox
14:56:31speachythat might be an exFAT vs FAT32 formatting thing?
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14:57:35termaci reformated the exfat to fat32
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14:57:50termacbut i didn't touch the partition table
14:58:13termacthere were 16MB free before the partition as well
14:58:31termacmaybe i need to create a new partion + table from scratch
14:58:57dconrad_weblikely exfat vs fat, yeah. sd cards come formatted as exfat now, which native doesn't support
14:58:58termacgparted showed it as msdos partition table, so i thought it might be fine
15:03:12dconrad_weboh, you said you already did that, nevermind
15:04:02dconrad_webif you do want to give it another shot, I presume you were following these instructions?
15:04:44termacyes, i thought that looked pretty straight forward, so it was the first thing i tried :)
15:06:03termaci managed to restore the boot loader from the backup the wiki told me to do, so i tried the hosted port after not quite getting the native one running
15:06:48dconrad_websounds like you were 90% of the way there, for what its worth haha
15:06:57sporkbonus points for following the backup advice too
15:07:03dconrad_webyeah for sure
15:07:03termacyep, that was my impression too
15:08:22termacjust wanted to see if i can get it running in some capacity or if i have to send it back
15:08:41termacjust got it recently
15:09:04termacwill give the native port another shot for sure
15:09:08speachytermac: just to be clear, did you try the H2-v15-patched.upt file off the wiki?
15:09:13speachyor only went through rbutil?
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15:09:35termacwhen rockboxutil was not working i went only through the utility
15:09:55termacwhat got it working was downloading the patched firmware and doing the update from the player
15:10:06speachyok, that's what I'd hoped.
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15:11:09termacto be honest i didn't expect the player to be that big & heavy
15:11:24termacstill not sure about that
15:12:07dconrad_webits chunky for sure, I'm a fan personally
15:12:30speachyI like the xDuoo X3 (and X3ii) better, taller and narrower.
15:12:39speachybut the wheel is nice.
15:13:07dconrad_webout of curiosity, did you get it new? I'm curious where they still have the micro-usb ones they're sending out
15:13:22termaci have usb-c
15:13:32dconrad_weboh I misunderstood, sorry
15:14:32termaci looked at the xduoo too, but it seemed like they are not sold here anymore either
15:15:02speachyyeah, the more capable ones are pretty much unavailable now.
15:15:24termaci tried to look through the wiki and forum to get an idea what people are using
15:15:45speachy(the low-end stuff can be easily found. I'm disappointed that their X2S was too low-spec for Rockbox; it was about the perfect form factor IMO)
15:16:02termacand besides old ipods this one seemed like one of the few one can actually buy
15:16:52speachyalas the old ipods will probably forever remain viable.
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15:17:26speachythey made just so many of 'em that 3rd parties produced spare parts
15:17:30speachystill do
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15:17:37termacah yeah, that makes sense
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15:18:13speachyand the newer ones (4g and up) are still fast enough for modern audio codecs
15:18:28termaci see
15:18:40dconrad_webI wouldn't be surprised if they end up like old corvettes, where you can basically build one completely from scratch with aftermarket parts
15:19:18speachyand not flash-based (or at least, the storage is completely removeable) so you don't have to worry about wearing it out.
15:20:36termaci worry a bit about repairs with this one
15:20:54termacit is build sturdy, but at some point the battery will fail
15:21:04termacand there are no screws ...
15:21:11dconrad_webI opened one up when I first got one, they're actually not too bad
15:21:24termacoh, that is nice to hear
15:21:26speachythe H2 has screws tucked behind glued-on covers.
15:21:34speachyI destroyed one of my two figuring that out
15:21:42dconrad_webyep, the screen cover
15:21:50dconrad_webI did the same thing haha
15:22:09termacthey are on the front?
15:22:16dconrad_webit fits back together well enough without the screws in the back plate too
15:22:26speachythere's one on the front (IIRC) and two or three on the back, under the glass.
15:22:38termachm ok
15:22:49termacthank you, good information :)
15:22:58speachyheat gun (or even just a hair dryer) is enough to soften the adhesive to make safe removal possible.
15:22:59dconrad_webh2, or surfans? they're different I think
15:23:20speachyI can't comment on the K series, but this is about the Q series.
15:25:36speachyInterestingly, the newer Surfans F28 claims to be a "Tyin X1" under the hood. Can't find any other references about it.
15:26:51dconrad_webhmm, another esoteric one...?
15:28:01speachy$146 after a coupon. Dual ESS9018 DACs, 3.5" touchscreen, some hardware buttons including a rotary encoder.
15:28:53dconrad_webdual dacs, dang. well if its x1000 under there...
15:29:19 Join SomniAeterna [0] (~SomniSomn@user/SomniAeterna)
15:29:20speachybuilt on an X1000E, and hibyos (ie same as the Rocker, ErosQK, and others)
15:29:24 Part SomniAeterna
15:29:51speachysince it's the E, it also has 64MB RAM, which would make a hosted port a lot more capable.
15:30:22dconrad_webwonder if it has the same touch controller as the q1?
15:30:45dconrad_webwho's to say on that though
15:31:14speachya boot log from its Linux OS ought to be quite informative
15:34:32speachyit's nice to see a rebound back to physical controls again from these Chinese DAPs.
15:35:35dconrad_webyou know what they say, what's old is new again
15:36:15speachyAnd I'm still shaking my head at the Eros Q 2.0 vs Eros Q II
15:36:45speachy(the former is the USB-C version of the original, the latter is an entirely different HW design)
15:37:13speachy(albeit in the same case)
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15:56:10termacthat the h2 is usable as usb sound card is pretty neat
15:57:13termacjust plugged it to my pinebook which has terrible onboard audio and i can use headphones with proper sounds now
15:58:11 Join SomniAeterna [0] (~SomniSomn@user/SomniAeterna)
16:00:22dconrad_webfor sure
16:02:10dconrad_weba long-term dream of mine is to have that in rockbox, so you can use the dsp features
16:02:10 Join jacobk [0] (~quassel@
16:02:27dconrad_webbut alas, its complicated haha
16:02:54termaci believe it
16:04:40termacthere is no linux running on which rockbox runs itself, right?
16:05:22termaci don't have the knowledge to understand how you would talk to the different devices here
16:05:46dconrad_webthats how the hosted ports work, but the native port runs by itself
16:06:35dconrad_webhosted basically runs as an application on top of the stock linux - thats why you need a "patched" firmware file
16:08:59termacfor the hosted ports i can atleast at a zoomed out level imagine how you get stuff working, you basicly have to add support for the onboard devices to the linux kernel
16:09:00 Quit SomniAeterna (Quit: I close the book, I shut it down)
16:09:31termacbut i have no clue about embedded devices and how you would talk to devices on the native port
16:12:13dconrad_webthe native one, basically you need to write your own driver, if you will. Thats why having common designs and parts is so nice
16:14:18termacif they run linux on the device, shouldn't they be obliged to provide the source code for their linux and drivers?
16:14:24dconrad_webthe datasheet usually (if its well written, and available) tells you how to talk to it
16:14:34dconrad_webyes, you're correct
16:14:53dconrad_webbut, uh, without enforcement, rules mean nothing haha
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16:15:50termaci see, i am aware that chinese companys tend to ignore that part
16:17:29termacmaybe i can nicely ask them
16:19:36speachyIMO the only way to get sources will be to make a 1000+ unit order contingent on said sources.
16:20:37termachaha, you mean as bribe?
16:20:59speachyno, just as a term of sale
16:21:14speachyget our own logo on the devices too
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