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#rockbox log for 2023-12-07

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01:22:08paulcarrotysomeone recommended jvc gumy here, also cheap panasonic is crazy good
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03:23:28tm512I quite like the sound of the Truthear Hola, maybe a bit too bright sounding, I can't really place what the issue is
03:24:21tm512but for $19, they're shockingly good
03:25:24tm512like my main point of reference is the HD600 which cost me over 10x as much
03:25:56tm512I think they'll pair nice with the Fuze+, just have to wait for that to arrive
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07:24:44_bilgusJVC gummy was prob me I think I'm down to 8 pairs from 10
08:33:26_bilgusdook what exactly are you wanting here are you looking to expand it, having an issue, or wanting to knw how it works inside? or all 3?
08:35:02_bilgusss->length; is already carrying the payload for the string length (guessing -1 for use strlen)
08:36:12_bilguswe should actually be checking that that the supplied len is within bounds but it MIGHT be checked later
08:36:39_bilgusactually I should be looking at the current file instead of these commits
08:38:28_bilgusyeah its now utf8 aware and that case is covered
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09:26:26dook_bilgus: I'm trying to work out how it reads tags, specifically I'm trying to add the same functionality to the %St tag
09:28:24dookIt might be easier for me to make a new tag, seems %St would need an entry in wps_internals.h in order to read tags which it doesn't have right now
09:53:42_bilgushad to look up the tag %St 'Showing other settings'
09:54:32_bilgusI see its already extended 'Displays the setting value as a bar'
09:55:17_bilgusso you want to limit the string returned for the setting then?
09:57:07_bilgusso first off you will have to change the logic a bit
09:57:33_bilgusright now it assums more than 1 param is the progressbar mode
10:01:32_bilgusand that tag is handled as a token here:
10:05:33_bilgusnow what might trip you up is certain tags may be using different portions your substring tag uses struct substring for example so you will have to figure out how to reference that from the other
10:06:21_bilguswhich I think you alluded to above if we are on the same page here
10:07:30_bilgusOI usb while radio is on IS all bad
10:08:18_bilgusI couldn't control buttons bc its mapped to USB actions it started scrolling random lang strings and crashed on unplug
10:18:19_bilgusI think you will be able to get away with reusing the tag if you only want length
10:18:43_bilgusbut if you want to change start position and length something will have to give
10:19:47_bilgusGoing to need to be a new token but i'd try to link it back to the logic to not add too much code
10:22:21_bilgusIf you want to work on some of that I can help you link up the missing parts as you get stuck as time permits
10:26:38_bilgusI'm not sure if there is a limit to parameters either but you could alternatively add an extra field to still use %St or perhaps you could examine the content of the fields and suss out what you are looking at with get_param(element, 1)->type
10:27:08_bilgusso if the second parameter is a number instead of SETTING then this must be a substring request
10:29:08_bilgusI'm off I'll check back 4-10 hours from now
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12:17:40dookSorry only got around to reading these now
12:18:38dookI did a bad job at explaining what I'm trying to do, I'm looking to make %St(%St(qs top)) etc. work on themes
12:19:44dookSince there's no way to get a quickscreen item's status with theme tags, which I want to use for a more visual quickscreen
12:21:16dookSo I was looking at the %ss tag since it can read other tag's values, but looking at what you sent and explained I suspect it might not be simple to do
12:22:36dookA more elegant solution is probably to create a tag for quickscreens, like %qs. I understand the part of adding new tags at least, so the hard part should just be linking the quickscreen data to the output
12:23:55dookI should clarify it would work like %qs(left), which would output off, shuffle, a-b etc. for the default shuffle
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14:37:06*tm512 grumbles
14:37:21tm512cuetools has some weird behavior on how it rips tags from cue files
14:37:53tm512multi-word strings get extracted fine, but anything that is just one word ends up in quotes
14:40:00tm512I might just resort to a utility like easytag which I remember using in the past, just tagging my split files using a CDDB
14:41:30tm512or I guess I could modify cuetool's to filter every tag it grabs through sed 's/^"\(.*\)"$/\1/'
14:41:36tm512bit annoying though
14:42:36tm512or I guess I could just give rockbox the cue and a lossy encode of the whole album instead of splitting, if that would work
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15:29:44tm512also, Fuze+ arrived, gonna go grab it from the mailbox
15:37:27tm512wow, this packaging. they really took a minimalist, "let's leave it to the mercy of USPS" approach
15:38:35tm512everything was just tossed into a very thin padded envelope
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15:50:42tm512at least it arrived in good shape. they put the DAP itself in a plastic bag but it wasn't taped shut so fortunately it didn't come lose and start scraping against the microUSB cable they included
15:57:15tm512I'm somehow struggling to get this thing to power on. it powers on to show that it's charging when I plug it in, and it appears to have a full charge, but none of the physical buttons on it seem to actually boot it up
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16:15:33tm512I'm wondering if the power button is busted :/ the device just doesn't respond to it at all
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16:19:22_bilgusdook the quickscreen stuff is in the same boat as those other settings const struct settings_list *qs_items[QUICKSCREEN_ITEM_COUNT];
16:19:35_bilguslikely ST can just be extended a bit
16:21:28_bilgustm512 when it powers on does it go all the way to the main menu?
16:22:02tm512it won't boot at all
16:22:14tm512it only powers on to show the "connected" screen when I have it connected to my PC
16:22:24_bilgusso it boots
16:22:47_bilgusdos it immediately turn off when you pull the USB?
16:23:38_bilgusthats a bad battery
16:24:12_bilguswhat has likely happened is the battery is too low and the protection circuit has disconnected
16:24:37tm512like a battery that's totally screwed, or do I just need to give the device a good charge? the charge indicator shows that it's full though...
16:24:52_bilgusso you might get lucky to leave it plugged for a long while but in the past what I have done is charged the battery a bit manually
16:25:14_bilgusits showing full bc its plugged
16:25:50tm512I dunno that I'm equipped to manually charge the battery
16:26:01_bilgustwo double As
16:26:29_bilgusthat should be enough to get it to charge and not blow up in the process
16:26:52_bilgusmaybe 3
16:28:05tm512also one thing I found a bit odd is that plugging this into my wall adapter (which outputs a lot more juice) doesn't bring up the "connected" screen
16:28:28_bilgusbasically you are going to hook up the double As for about % mins then plug the charger leave it for about 5 mins and remove the doubleAs and see if it takes
16:28:45_bilgusthats typical
16:28:54_bilgusmine doesnt either
16:29:17tm512under normal circumstances would it still actually be charging through the wall adapter?
16:29:24_bilgushook them for about 5 mins before plugging the charger
16:29:44_bilgussure but the battery has a physical disconnection
16:30:40_bilgusso we will try and bring up the charge a bit note this isn't at the wires black and red but at the actual battery connection to its protection board
16:31:33_bilgusgotta bring it up enough to start charging but do keep an eye on it if the pack starts swelling or gets hot it might catch on fire (always a concern with flat liions)
16:32:33_bilgusI recently brought a roomba back to life like this too :p
16:33:38_bilgusmy Fuze plus did this several times when I didn't drive my truck often
16:33:55tm512you seemed to imply there's a chance just leaving it plugged in normally for a while could bring it back to life. if so, that's what I'm going to try first
16:34:21tm512if it doesn't work out, I'm just going to send it back for a replacement
16:34:30_bilgusthat works too
16:35:43_bilgusactually i've been waiting on someone thats supposed to 3d print me a back for 18650s in my fuze+
16:36:13_bilgusIf he doesn't ever get around to it I might lost wax cast some
16:38:06_bilguswhat I never liked about the fuze+ was the headphone jack at the bottom it was nice flipping the screen in RB
16:38:09tm512seems like those 18650 batteries would make the device a lot more cumbersome
16:38:20_bilgusits already cumbersome to me
16:38:30_bilgusmight as well last 3 weeks
16:39:20tm512also, assuming this seller can't get me a Fuze+ that doesn't have a dead battery, rather than attempting a manual charge, it seems like it'd be just about as much of a project to just replace the battery
16:39:49_bilgusits nothing to replace it
16:40:03_bilgusone of the easiest sansas in my experience
16:40:33tm512would be nice to know whether the battery is some standard form factor, or if this is really the only option:
16:40:34_bilgusmine is on its 2nd or 3rd but it sees a lot of time in the sun in my truck
16:40:49_bilgusit is
16:41:09_bilgusthe number on it should list or reference a size
16:42:15_bilgusI don't think you can go much bigger in any direction and I wouldn't go thicker because when the battery starts failing it puts pressure on the touch pad and screen and it doesn't work right
16:42:17tm512if it's gonna need a replacement like I might as well get one that has like 1000mAh of charge or something, instead of the 550mAh of that specific replacement
16:42:51_bilgusso my thought was you will just make that occur faster going thicker
16:43:30_bilgusI got tired of that hence the replaceable 18650 idea
16:44:09tm512well having this plugged in for a while now it does seem like the device is slightly warm to the touch but maybe that's just heat dissipation from the LCD and not the battery charging
16:45:32_bilguseh IDK maybe keep it away from your stack of papers on the wooden desk
16:45:59_bilgusjust sayin
16:46:58_bilgusI *Might still have the old battery let me look
16:48:43_bilgusno dice
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16:59:19_bilgustm512, if you do open your device remeber to eject the sdcard
17:00:05tm512well now plugging it into my wall charger (rather than PC) actually gets it to boot, though I don't know if that actually signifies any progress, it still immediately powers off on disconnection
17:01:01_bilgussounds like progress
17:01:43_bilgusmy next question would be how long has it been off like does a fully charged battery go flat in a day? or a week?
17:03:47_bilgusdook AFAICT you already have this functionality %St("qs top")
17:03:57_bilgusor am I missing something??
17:05:17tm512actually opening this thing up is kind of a ways off. note that I don't even have stuff like a soldering iron to attempt a battery replacement, nor do I have really anything to really attempt a manual charge, assuming there's actually an easier way than taping wires to a couple batteries and manually holding the wires against the charging leads
17:06:43tm512for all intents and purposes I'm a normie when it comes to like actual electronics work. like I'm alright with software, and I'm also pretty decent with hardware at a high level, but not so much with electronics
17:08:54tm512if I bring this device back to life I'm also curious about how damaged the battery got by sitting around for over a decade
17:09:01_bilgusthis is like 1 step above replacing batteries in a smoke detector
17:09:20_bilgusbattery replace yes bit more involved
17:10:02_bilgusif I can get a roomba working with 2 paper clips and a 9v in the same manner I think the part list is pretty low
17:10:33tm512hmm so now I am wondering if there is a problem with the power button on this thing or if the OF is just shit
17:10:36_bilgusI wouldn't use a 9v there though
17:10:43tm512I can't seem to unlock the device
17:10:44_bilgusyhe OF IS SHIT
17:11:32_bilgusI don't remember what the key combo is
17:11:45tm512it says to press the power button to unlock, or hold to power off
17:12:25_bilgusyeah 0.5s
17:12:57_bilgusthat should also hard reset it but I don't have it here to test if mine will do it on charge
17:14:02tm512the power button just doesn't unlock it, despite the fact I was able to get it locked
17:15:00_bilgusI hate that OF so bad if it wasn't for the safety net of recovery I'd have disabled it
17:15:48_bilgusScanning Media ...
17:17:06_bilgusthough the time I needed it it didn't work luckily Pamaury had made a recovery program
17:18:33_bilgusHe is also the one that did all that Sony SPL region limiting stuff
17:18:43_bilguswell unlimiting I suppose
17:18:57tm512I do hope rockbox isn't as sluggish as this OF, because yeesh, it's like it's begging for proper graphics acceleration
17:19:20_bilgusOH it runs so nice that RAM is massive and the CPU is fast
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17:19:46_bilgusIt really goes to show how much of a train wreck the OF must be
17:19:58_bilguscode blocks?
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17:20:46tm512but yeah, seems like the power button is faulty, even if the battery recovers. I can't unlock the device, nor can I power it off or even do a force reset
17:21:31_bilgusI can't say for sure that it will let you do that
17:22:19_bilgusyou can unplug it and it turns off still right do you have access to a pc that you can run linux on a live cd?
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17:23:01tm512I run Linux already
17:23:47_bilgustry vol up and power button
17:27:26tm512what state should the device be in when I try that, and what exactly is it supposed to accomplish? not seeing this mentioned when skimming the wiki page
17:27:46_bilgusanyway I seem to remember in the Tools directory he had a little recovery fw that will list button presses and such
17:28:24_bilguswill have to go back and look at the IRC logs its probably been 10 years
17:29:24_bilgusbut I recall it wasn't permanent it loaded to ram and ran
17:29:27tm512holding volume up and power seems to temporarily remove the lock screen but it comes back after a second or two
17:30:05_bilgusI'd say you have enough to send it back why deal with it
17:30:07tm512nevermind, it just seems to be registering the volume button
17:30:34_bilgusI'm all for fixing shit but they sold you it as working
17:30:35tm512holding volume up temporarily removes the lock screen to show the volume slider
17:30:47_bilgus0 for 2
17:32:56_bilgusI hope there is a way to generate that file and he didn't just give it to me
17:33:15_bilgushmm I should still have it somewhere...
17:33:33_bilguslet me know if and when you get to that poing :)
17:39:10tm512hopefully this seller has one that works. I was just hoping this would magically arrive in working order but honestly I should've just bought one of these e200Rs I was looking at that are confirmed working, despite being used
17:40:39_bilguswith the special dock connector?
17:42:12tm512yeah, though the one I was looking at included the cable. suboptimal compared to a device that uses a standard connector like the Fuze+, but still
17:44:19tm512also what I thought was the battery indicator showing 100% is actually displaying 0%, I misinterpreted the full white bar
17:44:33tm512probably not a good sign that it's not showing that it's charging
17:45:45_bilgusdidnt the e200 have a cellphone type battery
17:46:03tm512no idea tbh
17:47:04_bilgushmm wonder if those are available
17:48:06_bilguspretty sure v2 had the sd card wonder if v1 did I didn't see the battery or sd card mentioned on our wiki
17:49:04_bilgustm512 how many of those e200s were available I wouln't be sniping you if I went and bought one?
17:51:34_bilgusnah nm its narly as thick as my 18650 franken fuze
17:51:48_bilgusnearly lol
17:52:39_bilgusI do like the fuze v2 have one but I don't usually leave it in the truck
17:58:52_bilgusmore interested in this: but not enough to bid in 5 days lol
17:59:24_bilgusthe one on the lft is a clip not clip+
18:03:21tm512kinda bummed that the e200R I was looking at ended up selling, because I could've gotten it for <$30 and it had basically all of the original stuff with it
18:03:31tm512my desire for something new old stock screwed me over
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18:10:52tm512I'll contact the seller. I'm kinda hoping that they might trust me enough to send a couple replacement units to give me more of a chance to find one that works, letting me ship back my current unit and the other one that I don't keep, but maybe that's wishful thinking
18:11:28tm512if the Fuze+ stuff doesn't work out maybe I will just go with an older iPod Classic and pick up an SD card mod for it
18:12:28tm512what are battery replacements like on the old iPods, does it require solder work, or was Apple nice enough to add some kind of connector to the PCB for that?
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18:33:17dookbilgus_ that's for just the setting names basically, which does work really well, but you can't show the status of those quick settings in a theme
18:36:50dookI do think you're onto something with the idea of extending St, though I'll need to look into how the settings list is made
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19:08:48tm512so I did end up messaging the seller about getting a replacement. just bummed that my rockbox adventure has been delayed
19:09:21tm512guess for a while I'm going to be stuck using my phone with my new IEMs like a normal person
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20:10:57_bilgusso if its set to repeat for qs left you want it to say REPEAT OFF ?
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23:02:29tm512well, now I'm just considering asking for a refund and ditching the whole idea of the Fuze+. I finally got around to plugging in my new IEMs to see how this sounds, and it's so noisy
23:02:42tm512there's a very audible hiss
23:04:27tm512I dunno if it has something to do with me having it powered over USB, or if the device is just defective
23:19:26_bilgustm512 how good of a supply are you using?
23:20:41_bilgusthere was some hiss at really high levels but I can say I had pretty good filtering on the power
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23:30:51Mode"#rockbox +v speachy" by ChanServ (
23:31:22tm512it's just plugged into a wall adapter that came with my old Nexus 7
23:31:31tm512which is plugged into a cheap power strip
23:31:31speachytm512: FWIW I have four of those NOS fuze+ units still in their shipping packaging. I guess I should unpack and see how many work.
23:31:56speachythose supplies aren't that well filtered IME.
23:32:15speachy(and the DAPs definitely aren't, heh)
23:32:31_bilgusth device has issues i've seen bad power mess with touch stuff
23:32:49tm512so it's possible that the audio will be cleaner if it's running off of battery?
23:32:57speachyit's very likely, yes.
23:33:18_bilguslike why the bad battery leaky regulator?
23:33:23speachythat's not to say it will be _great_
23:34:11_bilgusIve found it to be on par with my clip+ and clip zip at very high volumes some clicking and hiss as the processor works
23:34:20speachythe fuze+ was a mass-market device, after all. they didn't expect folks to use 'em with headphones that were several times the price of the player...
23:34:43_bilguslike faint beep boop tones
23:35:37tm512speachy: ironically I can barely hear the noise with my Shure SRH840 which cost me $150, just because of their higher impedance I guess
23:35:40speachyyeah, I reimber my clip+ audibly making noise as the display refreshed due to scrolling text. :)
23:35:47tm512person on this discord just responded with "Welcome to IEM life, you'll find out if your source/chain has noise"
23:36:50speachy(like bilgus most of my DAP use is in the car, and that's a particularly dirty source of power...)
23:37:02tm512also these IEMs were half the cost of the Fuze+, though they certainly aren't the type of equipment Sandisk likely had in mind
23:38:29tm512so yeah I guess it's an open question whether A) the noise will be quieter running off of battery and B) whether it'll actually bother me listening to music like while on walks or at work where there's already background noise
23:38:41speachyanyhoo. If I have time during work tomorrow I'll dig out the stash of fuze+ units in my rockboxbox and see how many work.
23:39:48tm512starting to strongly consider an iPod Classic at this point, but I guess I might as well try to see if this seller will send me a replacement unit that actually works. I feel like I might end up being a slightly annoying customer to deal with
23:39:54speachyand if you can't work something out with your seller, it might be an alternative)
23:42:00tm512speachy: are you saying you'd be willing to sell one of them off if any of them work?
23:42:36speachythat's one of the reasons why I bought them
23:43:06tm512though tbh I'm already kinda getting flustered by the touch pad just trying to mess around with this thing. doesn't help that the OF chugs so hard just doing basic navigation
23:43:14speachy(the other being so that the active developers would have access to a stash)
23:43:20tm512but like even with the gesture support the lagginess makes it feel so imprecise
23:43:27speachyyeah the OF is ... really bad.
23:44:54tm512the whole look and feel of the OF is really a throwback though. I dunno what UI designers in the late 00s were smoking
23:45:16_bilgusI think if all I had was the OF i'd have trashed it
23:46:36speachyit's only a "throwback" when viewed against modern sensibilities
23:47:09_bilgusin rb we have a way to adust the size and sensitivity of touch target areas thats what pretty much fixed it for me I never did use gestures though
23:48:42_bilgusdo we have that web untangle game in the sgt puzzles?
23:48:49speachyit's roughly equivalent with other UIs of its era. Which are muhc better than the previous generation of DAPs. which are in turn _vastly_ better than the first couple of generations....
23:49:07speachyrockbox's been through them all. :D
23:50:29_bilgussimilar to this?
23:51:27_bilgusanyway what about a math game where you have number 0-9 and you weave the web for the results like 1/2 or 7/11 etc
23:51:45speachywell, there is an 'untangle' game in the collection
23:52:43tm512speachy: yeah, there's definitely an element of hindsight with the UI design, and I used to think this sorta thing looked nice in the late 00s
23:53:17_bilgusyou would weave 0.6363 and it would score you on speed or color the right number after a timeout
23:53:27tm512I think it's aged pretty poorly though, which isn't an inherent thing in old UIs. like I think classic Mac OS still looks nice, like the Platinum interface
23:54:32tm512BeOS looks nice too
23:54:33_bilgusmeh I prefer functionality and old UIs had that not those '00 ones
23:55:25speachythe OG ipod UIs were the best factory-supplied DAP interfaces, hands-down. Granted it helped that you needed itunes do to anything advanced.
23:55:30_bilgusbut I do struggle to see any other interface working for RB
23:56:13_bilgusI guess once its only ipods we could get away from menus
23:57:19tm512regarding rockbox, one reason I'd kinda like to stick with the Fuze+ is one of the themes, though I guess it's a port of an iPod Classic theme, so I'd be set either way
23:57:28tm512it's this one:
23:57:58*tm512 is a fan of flat UI design

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