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#rockbox log for 2023-12-10

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03:43:08tm512speachy: so seems like the batteries are at least better than the one I just got? if you were willing to sell one off, how much would you want for it?
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03:45:29tm512though, I am still waiting to see how things work out with the seller I already bought from. they apologized for the DOA unit, told me that going to return it through ebay would give me a prepaid return label, but I'm probably not going to get around to shipping it out until monday or tuesday
03:46:47tm512and I dunno if they'll wait until they actually receive the return before they'd send out a new one, and given the season, this may add a significant delay before I even get another shot at trying one
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05:54:45Dream-1983Ребята всем добрый день!  Возможно ли поставить rockbox через утилиту на xduoo x20..?У меня попытки не увенчались успехом(( Пришлось ставить вручную и пробираться через густые тернии..)
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06:28:36_bilgustm512 try to get a good one at similar prices I hope we can get one to someone who wants to dev
06:28:59_bilgusnot that ultimately its my choice :p
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08:32:42speachytm512: One of the two has a completely dud battery. the other one shows maybe 2/3rds bar after unplugging it
08:34:04speachyDream-1983: FYI I don't think anyone here can speak russian. But a hosted xDuoo X20 port should be pretty straightforward. I never bothered personally because the hardware was rather pricey and I couldn't justify spending rockbox funds on int.
08:34:37speachywe know the fuze+ battery specs right? I suppose it's worth ordering a batch from ChinaInc.
08:36:16speachytm512: charging up the other two now. we'll see if either holds a charge.
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09:04:09Dream-1983speachy: А так спасибо за Rockbox! Лучший софт для портативных плееров!
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11:30:44speachytm512: looks like of the 2nd pair, one holds a charge and the other doesn't. So two dud batteries, two that at least hold something.
11:31:56speachySilly me. I forgot that I committed a hosted X20 port a while ago. (I was thinking of the X10, which lacks a port still)
11:36:22speachyIf rbutil isn't doing the right thing with the X20, the bootloader can be manually installed using the pre-patched file we have on d.r.o:
11:36:49speachy(rename to update.upt, put it in the root of the sd card, and then you can use the stock firmware's upgrade process to intall it)
11:44:49speachyfuze+ battery: ($20 ea)
11:44:59speachywill require soldering to replace though.
11:51:34sporksansa's are quite servicable
11:52:46sporkclip's maybe easiest, they are very easy to open
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14:43:27Dream-1983speachyIf rbutil isn't doing the right thing with the X20, the bootloader can be manually installed using the pre-patched file we have on d.r.o:  Вся соль в том что пропатченный образ оригинальной прошивки 1.8 изначально
14:43:27Dream-1983работает не корректно с щелчками реле после переключения каждого трека... а при использование как внешнего цап так совсем беда.(  Все пользователи xduoo x20 знают об этой проблеме. Пришлось
14:43:28Dream-1983ставить пропатченный образ оригинальной прошивки 1.51 от Vortex. Проблема в том что на плеере используется как оригинальная прошивка от xduoo так и ваш всеми любимый Rockbox. Было бы замечательно если
14:43:28DBUGEnqueued KICK Dream-1983
14:43:28Dream-1983бы вы пропатчили оригинальную прошивку 1.6 под Rockbox! Заранее спасибо!
14:47:31sporkgoogle translate works both ways
14:51:01Dream-1983spork: Я тоже об этом пытаюсь мысль донести!)
14:53:26Dream-1983spork: X)
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20:21:43tm512just got a used Fuze+ for $15 shipped, won this auction that did not really have much competition at all
20:26:23tm512not sure what I should do regarding the one I already have, if I actually want to ask for a replacement instead of just a refund. if I get a refund I could go the iPod Classic route if I'm gonna have two players
20:27:06tm512like if I'm gonna have two I may as well have one of them that's actually great and considerably more user-serviceable
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