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#rockbox log for 2023-12-11

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01:29:34sporkif it is just the battery, having a spare is not a bad thing
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04:52:37tm512well at this point I'm kinda expecting I'll need to get a replacement battery, though I'm maybe more hopeful about this used unit? seems like a battery that's been used might fare better than one subjected to complete neglect, like I dunno, my 2012 Nexus 7, with its original battery, still only needs to be charged every 2-3 days with light use
04:53:20tm512speachy: regarding that battery replacement listing on ebay. assuming those are indeed "original" as in the listing title, is there any reason to suspect that they'd be any better than the batteries already in these NOS units?
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05:33:33paulcarrotytm512, find any electronic shop/repair nerby and ask for similar battery. I don't think there are any "original" batteries for the 14yo device.
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06:59:42sporkany new battery of the same dimensions and capacity will do
07:00:43sporkmy replacement batteries for sansa clip+ are definitely not the original ones
07:01:08buZzi like 'liter energy' on aliexpress
07:01:16buZzthey make sooooo many lipos of all sizes
07:01:33buZzand actual capacity specified, not some made up number
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08:48:48toruvinnif only flash didnt die in my sansa clip+... i miss that player so much. i dont understand why sandisk just stopped making them if they were objectively the best portable small players. even if they sold them at 2x the price now, people would still buy those.
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09:52:13speachytm512: Looks like the other battery came through; appaers to be just one dud now.
09:52:33speachyalso I highly doubt those are "original" (ie >15 year old) batteries.
09:53:07speachyyeah I have one clip+ with a fried flahs, and a second with slightly flaky flash (and screen).
10:15:08speachybrrr. still only 44F outside. Low was 34.
10:22:23speachyoops, wrong window. thank you, sloppy mouse focus. my apologies.
10:44:29sporkany working sansa with sd card capability should immediately get the 'multi boot' bootloader so you can run rockbox from the card instead of only internal flash
10:45:02sporksuch a great feature
10:45:15speachyyes indeed
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16:09:58claudibunsenwell, im pretty sure imma giant pebkac, but...
16:12:07claudibunsenim trying to get rockbox on my recently obtained ipod classic 6g(i think?) (its the one with the godawful playback of V0 mp3's on ipodos firmware, xD) but...its kind of stuck at the bootloader -.-' it cant find rockbox.ipod, and then it just refuses to play ball with the installer >.>
16:16:01claudibunsen...wait, installing the development image seems to make it play ball
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