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#rockbox log for 2023-12-15

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01:50:06tm512for HDD-based iPods, would basically any SD to CF adapter work to replace/upgrade the storage?
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02:32:05sporki think on the forum there are some experience of stuff that is confirmed to work
02:32:10sporkiirc iflash adapters
02:34:24tm512like I've seen SD card adapters specifically advertised as iPod HDD replacements but if it's just an SD to CF adapter I'm wondering if it isn't cheaper to just go for something that's just labeled as a universal adapter
02:34:57sporkif it does not work it is not cheaper but more expensive though
02:36:43tm512I think the iPod mod I was looking at was like $35. not ridiculous, but it seems like a generic SD to CF adapter can be had for $10-15
02:36:49tm512no idea about reliability though
02:37:14tm512and I dunno much about the CF standard though and like if every CF card is 100% compatible with ATA/IDE in the way the iPods expect, or if there are some other considerations
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05:51:02tm512well, I just bought an iPod Mini 2G. do all of these have the fabled Wolfson DAC?
05:52:03tm512the listing I bought from says all units were tested for a functional battery but I still expect to need to do a battery swap. at least it seems there's no soldering involved
05:52:36tm512if the current battery is acceptable I might delay the replacement and focus instead on replacing the HDD with flash
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05:55:51tm512there were some listings on ebay that already had battery replacements installed, also around the same price as what I bought, but all of the ones I saw were coming from china, estimated 2-4 weeks shipping time, with possible delays due to customs, and I guess I'd just rather get one more quickly and risk having to spend extra on a new battery
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06:00:24tm512out of all of the iPod models this one seems like the best for me, smaller than a Classic, but unlike the Nano the storage can actually be upgraded/replaced. also, it's more colorful, I ended up getting it in blue
06:16:25aaabbbwhat makes the wolfson dac good?
06:58:56tm512aaabbb: no idea, people seem to think it's the best DAC that ever shipped in an iPod though
06:59:36tm512I don't know if I'm perceptive enough to hear any difference at all tbh
07:00:03aaabbbhow does it compare to the dac in the 5g classic?
07:02:58buZzi used to use a Nokia N810 as mp3 player , the DAC in that was amazing
07:03:13buZzoh, also the 'Zipit Z2' has a amazing audio output for a kids toy
07:17:46tm512I've mostly been happy with all of the onboard audio stuff I've listened to
07:18:17tm512I'm not expecting to have a portable setup on par with my desktop setup, just something that sounds reasonable
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10:02:25speachytm512: CF cards are fully ATA compliant.
10:03:59speachyIIRC all of the ATA->SD (which includes all CF->SD adapters) use the same family of chipsets. But they're not all created equal. Actual iflash-branded ones seem to be the most reliable in general
10:04:27speachywhere things are still up in the air are the ATA->SATA adapters
10:05:11speachyI see conflicting reports and many of the issues can be explained by high power draw of SSDs and finiky cables.
10:06:45speachyI personally have a mini2g, though it still has the original microdrive. I have a couple of (real) CF cards I swapped in, and a 1st-gen iflash CF adapter; that's what I used to do the experiments that led to (what I believe to be) the needed fixes to the code.
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13:31:44tm512speachy: I'd be happy to use a real CF card but I wouldn't be happy to pay like $40-50 on just 64GB storage
13:32:39tm512though if these cheaper no-name SD to CF adapters have a chance of being especially finicky, I guess I'll have to see how much the iFlash ones are
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