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#rockbox log for 2023-12-18

00:40:31tm512yang: I think I saw someone bring it up in here a week or two ago. it sounded like the fact it's ESP32-based would pose some trouble. those boards have very limited RAM. someone else would have to confirm though
00:41:06tm512sounded like a similar situation to the newest Sansa Clip devices that are still on the market, like the Jam and Sport iirc
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03:27:01paulcarrotytm512, I had similar issue, had to go to the electr. shop and new 3A charging adapter fixed it within 5min or so.
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03:33:21tm512still gotta rockbox this thing. I don't want to use the OF any more than I already have. what a hot mess
03:37:43tm512if the battery in this thing can get through an 8hr workday using rockbox set to disable the touchpad when the device is locked, then it could be nice to have around, although I've kinda moved on, like I'm pretty set on modding an iPod at this point
03:39:14tm512I am stuck with this Fuze+ that arrived yesterday. got it for just under $15 shipped though so I can't complain
03:42:35tm512maybe at some point I will feel up to installing a battery replacement in it, but like, this thing is uglier than most iPods, the controls are worse, and replacing the battery is more involved than just plugging a new one in
03:43:02tm512only real positives are the microSD slot and the significantly faster SoC
03:44:23jssfryang, yes, ESP32 has too little ram to sensibly run rockbox. Also I find "lasts a full day on a charge" a bit hilarious, when my Sansa holds up for a week or so.
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04:16:50buZzESP32 with PSRAM could totally have enough ram :)
04:17:03buZzthe binaries are XIP anyway
04:17:57buZzif that tangara/gay-ipod gets cheap enough, i'll grab one anyway
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05:06:49sporkis another big issue not that it is a new architecture/toolchain ?
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05:54:09buZzperhaps, isnt rockbox using gcc already?
06:00:30jssfrancient versions of gcc though :)
06:00:53jssfrPSRAM would be too slow though?
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06:57:04buZzeven downclocked and not-on-octal, that PSRAM should do ~40MB/s
06:57:35jssfrcheck the logs of this place, there's been discussion about this a few times in the past months.
06:57:47buZzi know, i started many of them ;)
06:58:15buZzoh seemingly even 90MB/s
07:01:54buZzoh wow, newer ESP32's even do 120MHz DDR for PSRAM
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07:14:11aaabbbwhat is a gay-ipod?
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07:28:17yang2braewoods: hello, maybe you remember, but I have the FiiO M3K Rockbox device.
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08:02:25dookTangara probably will never be considerably cheap due to the open source parts, Jacqueline announced on fedi the other day that it'll be 250 usd
08:03:15aaabbbi've heard very good things about the M3K, is it actually good?
08:03:20aaabbbthe harware i mean not the oem software
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10:46:19braewoodsaaabbb, well it is one of the rare native ports so i suppose so.
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11:42:41sporkthe m3k sounds really good and is lightweight
11:42:54sporkonly the 'touchstrip' is a bit funky
11:42:59sporkbut you get used to it
12:06:02paulcarrotybattery life isn't good
12:06:20paulcarroty(heard about it)
12:08:24sporkcharging it is an option
12:09:08sporkthose x1000e devices are much more powerful than needed for rockbox
12:09:42paulcarroty8-9 hrs afair
12:09:51sporkand newer, so perhaps not as optimized
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13:58:57yangaaabbb: spork: M3K is ok, but I rarely use it
13:59:11yangit costed under 100 usd
14:37:10sporkwhat do you use instead ?
14:50:47tm512iPod mini is getting shipped out today, supposed to arrive by saturday. we'll see if USPS can manage it this close to xmas
14:50:56tm512they only have to get it one state over, though
14:51:19tm512how hard could that be?
14:56:16sporkdepends on the state
14:57:06tm512they've gotta get it from idaho to oregon
15:00:06sporkthat seems doable even for them
15:00:38tm512also I'm hoping that factory resetting an iPod is like, doable on Linux at this point. like it better not make me haul out my G4 and boot up OS X 10.4 where I've got iTunes
15:02:26tm512I know there's stuff like gtkpod for managing an iPod on Linux but I don't think that can handle restoring these devices
15:07:45tm512if it's possible to install just rockbox on an iPod that's got a fresh drive in it then I might not even bother trying to get the OF running
15:10:20tm512I guess fdisk and then dd or ipodpatcher can do the trick
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16:20:16DanHis their any consensus on which devices that rockbox supports are the most reliable at this point? I've got 2 sansa clip+ devices, but the internal flash on both is very flaky
16:21:55DanHI've tried to get them to boot from sdcard, but for some reason that doesn't appear to be working...not even sure where to start debugging that
16:25:27yang2spork: I am not using it much, because I don't commute with bus or train, and in traffic I consider it dangerous to have earphones
16:25:45yang2so there are few places when it comes to use...maybe on the beach
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17:34:57_bilgusmy clip+ lasts about 3 or 4 work days so what about 20 hours the fuze+ otoh I think made it about 12 hours
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