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#rockbox log for 2023-12-19

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01:16:21sporkDanH: did you try installing the bootloader with rockbox utility?
01:16:30sporkit is supposed to be able to do that
01:17:11DanHspork: yes I did. I noticed that the bootloader changed from 3.10 to something longer and less memorable, so I think I did that right
01:17:25sporklots of information in the forum thread,51844.0.html
01:22:21sporkand no errors of course when trying to install it ?
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01:36:18sporki have always done it the manual way
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01:36:45sporkpatch the firmware, 'upgrade' and see the firmware file is gone
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02:10:45DanHNo errors, it just doesn't seem to boot rockbox from the SD card that I can tell
02:18:35sporkand you have a daily build on your sd card and the redirect file on the sd card as well ?
02:21:54sporkhardest thing for me was to create the rockbox_main.clip+ file
02:22:08sporkthat is not a windows-friendly name
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03:23:40DanHYes, it just occurred to me that there may be something funky with the SD card itself. I think I may try reformatting jt
03:24:36DanHFor example, the SD card doesn't properly eject on Linux
03:25:34DanHI assume the SD card should have a single partition and be formatted fat 32?
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04:32:20buZzaaabbb: the projectname for that esp32 mp3player
04:32:36aaabbbah ok
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07:08:30_bilgusDanH multiboot requires a proper bootloader and a dev version
07:10:30_bilgusin the debug menu under boot data (in a dev version) you will see Boot Volume <0> and CRC: Bad and if its working youd see Boot Volume <1> CRC: OK!
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11:00:49DanH_bilgus: I'm pretty sure I have the bootloader installed correctly and I have the dev version of rockbox
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16:11:41_bilgusDanH the other issue could be a not truly empty redirect file i'd also try a single / in case windows adds a BOM or a /n or something
16:12:07_bilgusso nothing on the line but / and no return
16:12:43DanHI'm on Linux and I just did `touch rockbox_main.clip+`
16:12:57_bilgusthat should be fine
16:14:12DanHIs it possible that the partition type or partitioning more generally could make the file inaccessible to the bootloader?
16:15:12_bilguswell it could be a bad format yes esp since the current bootloaders are more lenient than the firmware ATM
16:15:40_bilgusbut i'd not epect it to work after booting though
16:16:13DanHOr are there particular parameters that I should be paying attention to/explicitly setting when formating the sd card?
16:16:31DanHYeah, the sd card is accessible after boot
16:16:49_bilgusI see more issues with trying to format in linux since in windows you have to use 3rd party tools
16:17:10DanHIs there a log from the bootloader stored anywhere?
16:17:17_bilguswhat does the boot data read?
16:17:56_bilgusyou can also verify by playing a song from internal shutdown pop sd and see if the song resumes
16:18:17_bilguswhat I usually do is put 3.15 on the internal drive and my dev versions on the SD
16:18:30_bilgusits very apparent its 3.15
16:20:20_bilgus DanH its very minimal because we have targets that compress the OF inorder to piggyback the bootloader
16:21:12DanHI'll have to run that experiment later tonight
16:21:21DanHDon't have it in front of me at the moment
16:24:48_bilgusJust to be sure you have you empty redirect in the root of the SD card and your .rockbox folder is in the root as well in the sense ls shows /rockbox_main.clip+ and ./rockbox
16:25:48DanHSo, anecdotally, I assume booting from SD card makes rockbox more stable, given the age of most clip+ internal flash?
16:26:06DanHMine is currently freezing at unexpected moments
16:31:43_bilguseh are you sure you got the multiboot bootloader on there?
16:32:38DanHI think so?
16:33:18DanHThe version of the bootloader that briefly flashes when it boots is no longer 3.10, but it looks rather like a commit hash from git or something
16:33:47_bilgusthat sounds good
16:35:04_bilgusDanH you can try running your firmware from whatever boots so boot it then go to the sd card and run the .sansa file and see if that works
16:38:50_bilguswhere did you get that bootloader?
16:41:48DanHI did it manually
16:42:01_bilgusI figured thats why I asked
16:42:11DanHWith mkamsboot and a support original firmware version
16:42:24_bilgusoh you built it?
16:42:48_bilgusbecause if you built it then all bets are off
16:43:16DanHI didn't build it
16:43:27DanHJust patched the original firmware file
16:43:43DanHFollowing the instructions in the manual
16:45:45_bilgusIf your freezing issues are because of bad flash then yeah running from SD should be more stable
16:45:56DanHThat is my theory anyway
16:46:38DanHI guess it could also somehow be related to the SD card itself being flaky since I am playing media from it
16:46:40_bilgusif its a RAM issue or power issue no since its still using them
16:47:06_bilguslikely not we run from ram only write infrequently
16:47:27DanHDoes the ram get botched pretty regularly on these?
16:47:53DanH(by ram issue I assume you mean that the ram can become defective)
16:48:32_bilgusonly with physical damage in my experience
16:49:31_bilgushad one that was green and a solder reflow fixed it, it wouldn't do anything but backlight prior
16:49:59DanHGot it
16:50:19_bilgusthe flash is the main part so i've alwasy run from SD and have not had issues yet
16:52:10_bilgusour newer firmware also writes a temporary file now instead of overwrite to help spread writes now too
16:53:00_bilgusmy hope is that will help but I really have no way to say it does
16:53:54DanHI just bought a Samsung high endurance SD card in the hopes that it makes it more resilient
16:54:20_bilgusmore likely to get a fake
16:55:00_bilgusI buy middle ground at local retailers and haven't seen a shit one yet
16:57:56_bilgusthose class 10 are fine
16:59:02_bilgusif you bought local less of a concern likely
17:02:39_bilgusstill if you can run it from the browser off the sd card then it should boot
17:05:58_bilgusDanH if all else fails here is the original one I made
17:07:10_bilgusbut I'd really be sure because if its already flaky why push it
17:09:15_bilgusthe Clip+ (and zip) actually has what appears to be two valid firmware headers in dumps I never did figure out how it decides to use one or the other
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17:10:23_bilgusI always figured it was there incase an update failed it still had that one and hadn't overwritten the boot record yet
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17:11:26_bilgusI also wonder if you could do multiple upgrades to move the files to a different sector
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