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#rockbox log for 2023-12-20

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01:00:05DanH_bilgus: ha, I finally got it to work! I deleted all partitions and formatted the entire disk as fat32, and that made the difference for whatever reason
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01:06:25sporkwould an sd card come with partitions usually ?
01:06:30sporka new one
01:09:29aaabbbit would probably contain a single partition
01:13:20sporki imagine the bootloader is not made to understand multiple
01:15:02aaabbbthe bootloader probably only looks at the first partition
01:15:29aaabbbor the first partition marked as bootable (i'm not a rockbox dev but that's just a guess)
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01:30:48sporkit does not boot from sd card though
01:31:19aaabbbbut it might use the bootable flag to mark the "main" partition, dunno
01:31:32sporknot on the sd card
01:31:50aaabbbah ok
01:32:04sporki guess multiple partitions on the sd card is not expected and therefor did not work
01:32:28sporkbut good that it is working now
01:33:07sporkthat should extend DanH's clip+ experience
01:33:18sporkno reason to write to the internal flash anymore
01:34:08DanHone weird thing though
01:34:18DanHnow I am seeing every item in the database twice
01:35:03sporkyou might have to delete it and rebuild it
01:35:53sporkthis multiboot juggles some stuff around so paths to your files will have changed
01:37:39sporkdo both duplicate entries work to play the file ?
01:45:48sporknot that i use them all, but i have 6 multiboot rockboxed players that i now expect to live forever
01:46:02sporkor until the battery dies, whatever comes first
01:49:25DanHI just ordered replacement batteries
01:50:26DanHSupposedly it has the same specification as the battery in the clip+
01:59:43sporkyes, that looks good
02:01:33spork323036 refers to the size iirc
02:02:02sporkmy spare batteries are just like that
02:24:15DanHAnyone have any ideas as to why my audiobooks are showing up twice in the database?
02:24:58sporkeven after rebuilding the database ?
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07:59:09_bilgusDanH, spork likely it was corruption sometimes and I haven't an idea why but the card gets formatted FAT32 but there are still remnants of the EXfat partition and it gets confused and it could be a bug that amachronic fixed that we havent put in the bootloaders yet marking volumes g#4938 g#4949
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08:02:42_bilgusI don't think we used to have that issue
08:02:58_bilguswhere the paths changed
08:03:49_bilguswell if they link to the same file I wonder if refreshing the DB will fix it
08:04:30_bilgusmaybe to do with
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09:18:10spork g#4949 almost has its first birthday, seems amachronic left it up to you
09:19:49sporkbut if the issue is so unusual, perhaps it does not need fixing
09:21:08speachythat problem might be that the _partition_ is reformatted as FAT32, but the _partition table_ remains GPT.
09:21:41speachyI committed code a while back to handle GPT stuff transparently but we'd need to re-generate the various bootloaders to pull that inb
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09:36:07_bilgusI only have 3 of the 6-8 devices that patch covers so clip+, zip, fuzev2 i need testing on C200v2 E200v2 m200v4 possibly the fuzev1 and clipv2
09:36:52_bilgusI think the C200 might not have an sd either IDR
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