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#rockbox log for 2023-12-21

00:37:12DanHso it turns out that the duplicates in the database have to do with multiple distinct paths that point to the same file. For example:
00:37:59DanHI have `/audiobooks/blah.m4a` and `/<microSD1>/audiobooks/blah.m4a`
00:38:14DanHis this expected?
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01:33:30sporkthat almost sounds like you have the files on both the internal storage and the sd card
01:33:47DanHoh, I definitely don't
01:34:05DanHwhen I rename the directory on the sdcard, both paths change
01:36:01sporkthat is interesting
01:36:30sporkand definitely not 'expected' as you put it
01:37:14DanHany ideas as to why this is happening?
01:37:28sporkthere are some multiboot tips on the wiki but nothing related to the database
01:37:54sporki am going to guess the database logic is not aware of this multiboot logic
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01:42:21DanHI worked around it using the `Select directories to scan` option
01:43:17DanHI just explicitly told it to only scan `<microSD1>`
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01:52:19sporkmaybe that should be a tip on the wiki too
01:52:30sporkthat is a good workaround
02:13:23_bilgusno that is definitely a new behaviour
02:13:52_bilgusrelated to that patch that tries to pin the volume I suspect
02:14:29_bilgusso likely we should teach the db scanner about hard links well essentially
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10:36:18speachyhmm, that DB change might be an unintended consequence of some path-related cleanups I made to make the hosted targets work properly.
10:37:16speachyor perhaps it's always been broken? It does seem to me that on a multivolume system you shouldn't see the same info at two places in the tree?
10:40:27speachy(or is this really multiboot's failure? shouldn't the onboard flash be given its own <whatever> link and the sd card be the root?
11:15:18sporkit is not that absolute. you also have to manually set the starting point of the file browser and location of the playlist catalogue/recordings
11:16:03sporknot that much effort, but maybe you would expect that to be automatic
11:17:36speachya lot of the codebase was written from the asusmption that root is fixed for a given target
11:17:46speachywe've increasingly abused that notion
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11:52:13sporkwriting code for things that never happen is 'expensive' so why would you
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14:09:41_bilgus_I really don't think its directly multiboot but the root redirect thats causing it. I'm 99% certain it didn't before as I've been running multiboot with redirect since its been on gerrit circa 2017 and have built the db at least a few times over several devices
14:12:27_bilgus_I think just making it aware that / could be the same absolute path as /microsd0 or /microsd1 should solve it but we will need a way to check
14:41:16_bilgus_I'm not familiar enough ATM to say what the mechanism might be hopefully we can use something like get_root_item_state() and see if we already scanned a path
15:01:28tm512iPod mini just arrived, and wow, this thing is chunky
15:05:18tm512feels good in the hand but I dunno about how good it'll feel in the pocket especially if I'm having it share a pocket with my phone
15:08:01_bilgus_can you still get cases I assume so..
15:08:29tm512I think so
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15:57:38tm512hmm, so I plugged it into my computer to charge, and now it's saying "do not disconnect" even though I don't have any of the disk's partitions mounted
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17:44:04tm512I kinda wish the mini had more themes available. I suppose I could attempt to make my own
17:46:21tm512wondering if I should rockbox this before getting around to installing a flash mod. iFlash's SD to CF adapters were backordered last I checked
17:46:40speachywhy wait?
17:46:51speachymight as well get some enjoyment out of it
17:48:02tm512I guess the 4GB HDD is enough for a good chunk of music still
17:55:26tm512I kinda wish this thing were thinner, but I like how much heft it has to it, particularly compared to the Fuze+ which feels so incredibly cheap
17:56:02tm512maybe I'll get a belt clip case for this thing
17:58:26tm512gotta say I do not like the 30-pin dock connector though. it does not feel particularly robust, especially with how much it fights back when I try to unplug it
17:58:37tm512might just be that this aftermarket cable is trash
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22:31:35DanHIs there a way to force a clip+ to clear it's internal memory?
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22:51:18Buzz4{Noobie} Hey guys totally new [20F] here.. I found a very old ipod nano 3g A1236 today!! I am very desperate to play pokemon in it. Is there any way I could do that
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23:56:23DanHIs there any way to have rockbox ignore the internal storage for all intents and purposes after the multiboot bootloader has handed things over to the sdcard?

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