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#rockbox log for 2023-12-22

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03:12:14_bilgus_DanH i think johnb would be the person to ask IIRC we made him a custom build that disabled the internal, why do you ask has it gone read only?
03:13:31DanHno, I was just hoping to minimize/eliminate any accesses of the internal flash on one of my clip+ devices, because it seems to be slow and unstable
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04:56:47johnb3DanH I was not that well organized back in 2017, so I don't have the source anymore. I found one bootloader named rockbox.dont-mount-internal.sansa, but I guess you don't want to stress your internal memory by flashing. But have a look at,52487.msg242908.html#msg242908. I don't recall whether that build is supporting multiboot.
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15:52:15tm512was just warned that supposedly on this iPod mini I got, I should expect rockbox to get worse battery life. the person suggested that I just stick with OF and encode my stuff as AAC
15:52:32tm512if this is the case what kind of battery life difference are we talking about?
16:20:07paulcarrotydoubt that, probably that person is apple fanboi
16:26:06tm512sounds like on some platforms rockbox does make a measurable difference in battery life, like for the better in the case of the Fuze+, so that's why I thought it was plausible
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17:06:26tm512seeing a post on the forum about rockbox apparently getting about 25% the runtime the OF gets on a mini modded with the iFlash SD card adapter
17:07:46tm512if that's still the case that's pretty awful and maybe worth going with a proper CF card since it seems like the issue is that the iFlash adapter doesn't support the power saving stuff that the ATA standard provides
17:21:52speachyI've seen wildly disagreeing reports on battery life.
17:25:59tm512is it likely that I'd get better battery life out of a real CF card as opposed to an iFlash adapter? I'd sacrifice a bit of storage and a bit of extra cash to get some better runtime
17:26:18tm512but I guess I just have to try things out and see what works best for me
17:27:04speachythe problem with the SD adapters is that the chipset used doesn't properly respect ATA power management commands. Causing data loss when we yank power when we're told it's safe to do so.
17:27:31speachybeyond that not all SD cards are created equal either. so *shrug*
17:27:38tm512and this isn't an issue with a real CF card? at least one from a reputable company?
17:28:02speachyCF cards are real ATA devices.
17:29:10tm512could get a 32GB Sandisk CF card for $35 which is less storage than I'd like but I think that's still affordable
17:29:28tm51264GB is an extra $10
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17:30:12speachyfor the old ipods, the heaviest power draw is the storage, so low bitrate means the drive spins up less for a given duration of audio.
17:31:00tm512that's part of why I'd like to go for rockbox because I could get reasonable audio quality out of like 96-128kbit using opus, whereas the best I get with OF is AAC
17:31:47tm512anyway, I'm heading out to work. I'll look into this more later on
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