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#rockbox log for 2023-12-23

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03:29:59tm512so apparently the iPod mini's OF does not really like VBR, at least with MP3s. had my music regularly stuttering during playback. seems it's something to do with dynamic clocking not being able to keep up with a dramatic spike in bitrate
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03:30:08tm512is this something that ends up being an issue with rockbox as well?
03:31:34tm512haven't tried with VBR AAC since gtkpod claims the .m4a files I produced with ffmpeg are an unrecognized file format. in general gtkpod has been making me long for the convenience of just being able to drag-and-drop files to the device's storage
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04:21:47paulcarrotyha, upgrading ipods is expensive task
04:31:41tm512well, I've put in about $35 for the unit itself, seems like it's about $40 for a replacement battery though maybe there are cheaper options, and then just the storage which can be as cheap as like $25 if I go for the iFlash adapter and a 32 or 64GB SD
04:31:54tm512though I'm honestly considering biting the bullet and getting a genuine CF card
04:33:06tm512$45 for a 64GB CF
04:34:07tm512I wonder if these no-name SD to CF adapters do any better than the iFlash adapter when it comes to ATA power management. I've just heard they're a complete crapshoot whether they work at all, at least in iPods
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09:44:06iagomagoHi everyone! First time Rockbox user here, or at least I'm trying to be. I recently bought a HiFi Walker H2 and I wanted to rock it, but even with the Installer on Windows it seems like the player can't manage to startup Rockbox. I don't know what I am doing wrong, but an error appears with title "Updater V 1.1" and "v_v failed" underneath. The
09:44:06iagomagolack of a specific wiki for the device on the site doesn't make it any less confusing. Help!
09:52:08iagomagoJust to be sure, I'm using Rockbox Utility and the OF in the H2 is listed as 1.5.0
09:54:20iagomagoI don't know if it would be better to post this issue on the forum, but I thought this might be a more direct way of understanding if there was an actual problem with whatever I was doing
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16:19:45hactar|anttm512 replacement batteries for minis should be $10-15
16:32:23tm512hmm alright. I just remember seeing some for about $40 on ebay
17:20:02hactar|anti have a 32gb cf in mine and it works great. it really despised every sd–cf adaptor i threw at it
17:20:09hactar|antit's not my main ipod so 32gb is enough
17:27:29tm512I'm guessing I could make do with a 32GB card considering I'm not planning on storing lossless on this
17:28:42tm512just going with the CF card probably reduces the chance that I'll have to disassemble the mini again in the near future
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17:40:18hactar|anti got my 32gb card for like $10 a couple years ago, but i got lucky. not sure what prices are like now
17:40:48hactar|anti will say that it appears that the battery that's in there (that i installed at the same time), seems to be dying. there's definitely a lottery with these replacement parts
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