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#rockbox log for 2023-12-24

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02:53:41_bilgus_ g#5549
02:54:20_bilgus_ [BugFix] Multiboot Database duplicate files
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03:52:53sporknice small fix
04:05:50tm512hactar|ant: a 32GB card goes for about $35 at least on amazon. perhaps there's a cheaper source, but I'm also skeptical about storage that seems too cheap
04:06:16tm512$10 for a 32GB CF would make me feel like something fishy is going on
04:10:08tm512assuming I encode most stuff at 128kbit (opus) it seems like I'll be able to get 500-600hr of music on a 32GB card which isn't too shabby, even though 32GB is relatively modest for a flash-modded iPod
04:14:31tm512spending an extra $10 to double to a 64GB card would probably end up giving more than sufficient headroom even for expanding my collection
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04:32:31iagomagoHi! I'm sorry, I don't seem to have found any answers yet regarding my questions about setting up HiFi Walker H2.
04:33:29mewtHi, I've got a 7thgen ipod, MC297. I am interested in putting an iflash quad into it. I've heard some reports on other iPod models of large hits to battery life using adapters like the iflash, but see mostly positive comments about it with the 7G 160GB models. How much can I expect battery life to suffer? I'm open enough to replacing the battery, as long as I can get 3 or 4 hours out of a charge
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10:34:30LanMarc77Merry XMAS. Maybe someone can point to the right tools? I am the maintainer of and would like to read out the firmware to actually be able to upgrade older models. I am not really interested in writing my own firmware at the moment.
10:34:40LanMarc77Linux preferable.
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12:04:53hactar|anttm512 i got a very good deal on a used card
12:06:29hactar|antmewt i only have experience with iflash solos, not quads. with the solo the battery life is significantly better than hdd. i can't imagine the quad would be that different than solo
12:06:52hactar|antalso if you've already opened the case up, replacing the battery is trivial
12:07:51hactar|antthe all-metal casings of the 6/7th gens are a huge pain to open ime. i've done it twice and both times i ended up scratching both the casing and myself
12:46:36mewtright, thank you!
12:47:12mewtmy impression from the number of steps getting the case open on every set of instructions i've seen was that it would be suffering, so that tracks too
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19:14:59SaratogaLanMarc77: imxtools can extract the firmware from other 3770 devices, no idea if it works for yours though
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