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#rockbox log for 2023-12-26

00:33:42tm512`speachy: so wait, with a regular CF card, does that also trigger rockbox to never use power management features for the storage, if it can't distinguish between a real CF and an SD adapter claiming to be CF?
00:34:59tm512`if so, I guess I'm making my own patched builds as long as that behavior is easily patched out
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10:51:04_bilgus_CF cards should work with power management not familiar with the different modes but for sure there is one that emulates ATA
10:54:13_bilgus_so the above patch fixes the db duplicate issue, this arose since we no longer hid the mounted drive and the reason for that is the removal of /<microsd1> as a valid path causes issues when you generate a playlist running from the SD card and later try to play it from a build running on the internal memory
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10:57:02_bilgus_we try ignoring the path prefix but that doesn't help either since its not enumerated into the root anymore /<microSD1>/Foo isn't available at /Foo and likely my current patch doesn't fix this
10:58:33_bilgus_probably I need to switch that logic to ignore the enumerated paths such as /Foo in favor of /<MicroSd1>/Foo
11:00:48_bilgus_issue is that it will take more logic so better might be to ignore all redirects in the db scanning or maybe introduce some logic to build a list of scan targets when the scanning path is root
11:01:16jssfrhm, my sansa reported some playlist file error. i restarted it and then it stuck at "loading..." and then "playlist buffer full"
11:01:22jssfris this the flash dying?
11:01:55_bilgus_playlist buffer full sounds like the settings got wiped out
11:02:21jssfrwith default settings, rockbox doesn't immediately start playback after power on, does it?
11:02:49_bilgus_if you crashed after changing settings its possible they didn't get written
11:02:50jssfrnow it shows "error accessing playlist file" on top of "playlist buffer full"
11:03:08jssfrbut it's not reactive to input (except that the display turns on when I press a button)
11:03:34_bilgus_probably stuck trying to read something corrupted
11:03:48_bilgus_that sounds like the start of flash dying
11:04:15_bilgus_bad sectors causing corruption
11:04:44jssfris there a way to make it work off the SD card for all things mutable?
11:04:56jssfrmeanwhile, I guess this is a good time to switch to my spare
11:04:57_bilgus_get the multiboot loader on there if it fails during we have some low level ways to get a bootloader on it assuming it hasn't gone read only
11:05:19_bilgus_johnb used his for years like that
11:05:43jssfrthat does sound like something I could try
11:05:49jssfris there documentation for that somewhere?
11:06:01_bilgus_are you clipzip or Plus?
11:06:05jssfrexcellent question
11:06:21jssfrthis seems to be a clip zip
11:06:31jssfr(going by the pictures on )
11:06:34_bilgus_zip has big button pad plus is monochrome with smaller button pad
11:06:44jssfrthe "back" button gives it away
11:06:45_bilgus_zip is color
11:07:02jssfryep, color display + back button
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11:11:10_bilgus_so I have the lates bootloader here if you want
11:11:20jssfrI'll also take build instructions :)
11:11:46_bilgus_I just built this with our latest patches Ive tested it on a clipZip and it works
11:12:17jssfralright, extracted, what do I do with that .bin?
11:12:20_bilgus_just unzip to the root of internal and boot the device into the sansa fw (vol up at power on I think)
11:12:34_bilgus_might be vol dn
11:12:42jssfrI'm already in the sansa FW −−- rockbox panic'd when trying to USB
11:12:50jssfr("probably not a great sign")
11:12:54_bilgus_it should boot say upgrading then power off in 10 mins ish
11:12:56jssfr(it was "left" ftr)
11:13:40_bilgus_this is the scary part if it doesn;'t shut off leave it on
11:13:55_bilgus_we need the connection if it failed so we can fix it
11:14:09jssfr"Aktuali. im Gange"
11:14:16jssfr(TIL that device had the OF set to german)
11:14:35jssfrit seems done?
11:14:47_bilgus_did it turn off?
11:14:50jssfrit did
11:15:14_bilgus_ok so you should be good to boot from sd unzip a .rockbox to the root
11:15:22_bilgus_of the sd
11:16:03_bilgus_thn a file called rockbox_main.clipzip either totally empty (touch in linux) or a single / no return
11:16:34_bilgus_the single '/' is easier it seems editors like to add a CR
11:17:12jssfrthat `rockbox_main.clipzip`, into .rockbox or into the root of the SD card?
11:17:19_bilgus_root of sd
11:17:29_bilgus_same level as the .rockbox dir
11:17:44jssfrdone, plugged SD card in, stuck at Loading…
11:17:49_bilgus_you can also boot from fw in different folders but beyond our scope
11:17:50jssfrPlaylist Buffer Full again
11:17:57jssfrmakes me think that didn't work
11:18:16_bilgus_check debug menu under boot data
11:18:20jssfrI can't
11:18:28jssfror I don't know how
11:18:39_bilgus_main menu scroll to syatem
11:18:42jssfrI cannot seem to break out of the "Loading" / "Playlist Buffer Full" state, except by hard reset.
11:19:00_bilgus_sounds like still booting the internal
11:19:12jssfreven pressing stop right after boot (which normally aborts loading the playlist) doesn't do anything.
11:19:37jssfrI'll try to see if I can read the bootloader version number
11:19:48jssfrsomething 41... I think
11:22:09jssfrdoes that look right (listing of the sd card root from linux)
11:22:15_bilgus_yep thats right ok so .rockbox directory on the sd and you rockbox_main.clipzip has a single /?
11:22:31_bilgus_sorry previous thats right the ID on bootloader
11:22:31jssfrit's zero bytes, just touch'd
11:23:25_bilgus_yes that looks right oo
11:23:35_bilgus_you are using a dev version?
11:24:09jssfrI pulled the latest 3.15 from the website just now to avoid any brokenness from my build
11:24:27_bilgus_multiboot was added the month after
11:24:33jssfrso I need a dev build?
11:24:45jssfron the SD card, or also on the internal storage?
11:24:54_bilgus_just the SD
11:25:18_bilgus_I actually leave 3.15 on my internal just to see how bad it is
11:25:28_bilgus_and a way to recover
11:25:38jssfrcopying ...
11:26:16jssfrthat looks like a fresh clean rockbox
11:26:20jssfrthank you veeeery much <3
11:26:23_bilgus_so in the debug menu this new bootloader should show volume <1> as your boot volume
11:26:36jssfrit does
11:26:58jssfrso I'll try to salvage my settings and then I'm good to go
11:26:59_bilgus_you can still read stuff from internal if you want but try not to add new files
11:28:35jssfr_bilgus_, you genuninely made my day just now.
11:28:46_bilgus_should be able to copy the old settings but things have chnaged so if you have weird issues start with a clean setting file and do it through the menus
11:29:05_bilgus_good another sansa saved :)
11:29:07jssfrseems to have worked, if I notice anything weird I'll try to start from scratch
11:29:36jssfrI should probably do that to my spare clip+ too.
11:30:04jssfractually, that may make it necessary to have multiple firmware dirs
11:30:12jssfrgiven that I use the same SD card :-)
11:30:21_bilgus_and that works must be this years dev version though
11:30:31jssfrbut AIUI, I just put the path to the boot root into the rockbox_main.$devtype, making sure there's no whitespace or whatever in it
11:30:50_bilgus_so fo that create a clipzip and clip+ rockbox_main
11:31:01_bilgus_and put each fw in their own dir
11:31:25_bilgus_in the redirect file its just (fw in /cz and cp) /cp and /cz
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11:32:03_bilgus_then when you boot they will each have their own root the clipzip has /cz and the plus will have /cp
11:33:29jssfrI'll have to look where to find a current bootloader for the clip+, but first I need to get the dough started−−that's what I was grabbing the clipzip for, initially :)
11:34:00_bilgus_I actually have one of thiose laying around too
11:34:26jssfr.. it seems like this firmware lists the internal storage as <microSD0>?
11:34:29jssfris that expected?
11:35:00jssfruuuh and great, the weird flickery playback progress bar is gone.
11:36:12_bilgus_I haven't tried that one yet but I built them at the same time
11:36:38jssfrthanks, downloaded. installation procedure is the same as on the clipzip?
11:36:42_bilgus_yep <MicroSd0> is internal and <MicroSd1> is your card
11:36:48_bilgus_yep same steps
11:36:58_bilgus_again if it doesn't turn off leave it on
11:39:04_bilgus_we actually have a virtual root now where the drives get enumerated and we use that root directory (rockbox_main) as the root of the file browser
11:39:42_bilgus_drives can be hidden I eventually plan to allow it without recompiling
11:40:23_bilgus_ATM I'm still dealing with some fallout from the database but that will be fixed before 2024 I hope
11:41:12_bilgus_(it scans both / and /mircosd1 causing duplicate entries
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16:22:03LanMarc77Hi greetings everyone, is the forums user saratoga here?
16:34:08 Join Saratoga [0] (~Saratoga@
16:34:54LanMarc77Hi Saratoga
16:34:57SaratogaLanMarc77: I don't have much time to talk now, but I do check the logs so you can ask things here and if anyone knows the answer they'll usually get back to you eventually
16:35:14LanMarc77Ah ok.
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16:37:33LanMarc77Following my posts on my bricked stmp3770 device I already tried getting a fitting .sb to reenable the mass storage mode with sbloader but was not successfull
16:38:26LanMarc77I tried extracting from a create zen firmware as I understood this is what I need for an stmp3770, older models seemed to use
16:40:53LanMarc77but then I am not sure if I did the right thing as I only had a, extracted it with sbtoelf and then tried to extract what I think is the right .elf back to an .sb
16:42:13LanMarc77Still I do not know if this direction is even correct, I could not find an .sb for an stmp3770 in specific only for older models like the stmp35xx or stmp36xx or the newer stmp3780
16:52:57LanMarc77I also tested the recovery from the Sansa Players, but my Playaway is not detect by the driver of their package as the .inf also does not contain the vid/pid combination of the Playaway but only from older models of the stmp
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19:50:51Raptorious_bilgus_: how does one go about hiding the "internal" drive when booting from sdcard?
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22:09:52dconradSo between g#5495 and g#5503, is there a strong preference? I've been using the latter for almost the last month with no issues, so it seems to work as intended
22:10:14dconradhmm, no gerrit bot?
22:11:21dconradErosQ support for i2c dac, including discovery/fallback to software volume
22:12:32dconradThere's also 5530 (, but I still need to get around to trying to make the menus self-hide in swvol mode
22:12:52dconrad(digital filters)
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