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#rockbox log for 2023-12-28

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11:56:14_bilgus_ [BugFix] Multiboot Database duplicate files WIP
11:56:55_bilgus_ok still working on this got the database paths figured out I think, just rewrite the root with the mounted volumes directly
11:58:33_bilgus_working on hiding the mounted drive now, since I can easily see what volume is enumerated into root I think I can allow the user to refer to it as /Foo and still use it as MicroSD1/Foo everywhere it counts
11:59:40_bilgus_ g#5549
11:59:57_bilgus_bluebrother, is bb under the weather?
12:01:59speachyIt's probably on strike, as has become fashionable these days
12:02:24_bilgus_I guess another way would be to redirect all paths on the backend
12:02:55_bilgus_then I don't even need to screw with the db I think as they would no longer be multiple paths
12:03:15_bilgus_hence the WIP on that patch I'm not sure what direction is best yet
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12:04:27bluebrotherno, just failed to connect. But maybe it's the connection that was on strike :)
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14:46:10_bilgus_uh redirecting back to the real directory from the root causes some weird things to happen ghost dirs and a confused rb install
14:49:10_bilgus_I've a feeling its going to be a playlist made in a multibooted system won't run from internal or visa-v and then I'll be stuck translating paths at all those exit points
14:50:49_bilgus_so perhaps it should be treated as a link instead I think we have handling for that then we can pass them around and auto translate
15:11:00_bilgus_ok this sounds promising since building playlists uses the file browser I should be able to mark the redirect directories with a flag or (hopefully not scan the namespace to find whats actually mounted) and apply the proper volume prefix at time of use
15:11:56_bilgus_hardcoding the the sd card path works as expected so I think this should be good
15:13:22_bilgus_there are probably a few other places this could crop up we can fix them as they come to light
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22:27:20guayakihi there, I am looking for the driver for the Gigabeat MEG-F20, I have tried connecting the device with a few different cables
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22:32:04guayakiI apologize, my laptop keyboard is missing a few of the letter keycaps and I did not intend to send multiple messages regarding my question. I am not using the dock to connect
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