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#rockbox log for 2024-01-01

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02:07:06tm512so is rockbox's db browser always reading from disk? if it doesn't cache in RAM, are there any particular obstacles to getting it to do so?
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04:06:23sporkthere is a 'Load to RAM' setting in the database menu
04:25:05tm512ah, I'll look at that. does RAM usage end up being an issue with modestly sized libraries?
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04:28:51tm512like I'm guessing it would take up RAM that would otherwise be available to buffer audio?
04:28:52sporkavailable ram will be used, that is the goal
04:30:01sporkwell, it will obviously use more ram, but it should not affect playback
04:32:15sporkcompared to some other players, ipod mini has a lot of ram
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04:37:07jssfris there some kind of user migration guide from 3.15 to current dev? I notice that some things seem to have changed around playlist handling, at least the context menu is vastly different and I'm a bit lost.
04:37:14jssfr(missing Queue / Queue Next in particular, as opposed to Add)
04:40:42jssfrah, they need to be enabled in the settings /me reads commit logs
04:42:32jssfrthis will need serious muscle memory rewriting
04:49:15spork4 years of progress will do that to you
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13:48:57_bilgus_jssfr the forum would be a good place to start one ;)
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13:52:14_bilgus_tm512 with the database in ram indeed there is less ram for queuing up tracks it won't affect playback but could reduce runtime, if you skip tracks often probably less of a difference
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14:37:56tm512I did a calculation several days ago and it seemed like with this 64GB CF I'd be able to fit about 9000 tracks at the bitrates I'm using, so I probably won't have to worry unless the db is really space-inefficient compared to the OF's db
14:38:19tm512I think the OF on these 32MB models starts to choke around 30k tracks, iirc
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