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#rockbox log for 2024-01-04

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03:30:55jssfrhrhr ... trying to copy the hand-crafted playlist via rockbox from the internal flash of my sansa with broken internal flash into the sd card playlist catalog.
03:30:59jssfr"hi there panic"
03:31:26jssfrhindsight is 20/20, I should've expected that, given that the bad flash symptoms were "rockbox hangs while loading the playlist"
04:06:04paulcarrotyjssfr, boot from sdcard if possible
04:06:35jssfryeah, that's what I'm doing
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04:34:31sporkmaybe you can still get to it from the original firmware ?
04:34:49spork*the usb mode of the original firmware
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04:46:59jssfryeaaah I doubt that, if rockbox panic's reading the file :). I reconsturcted the playlist during a boring tram ride in the meantime :)
04:48:02sporkmaybe the OF will not crash like rockbox
04:48:09sporkand trying multiple times might eventually work
04:48:33sporki have had issues with reading from sd cards where trying multiple times go me the file in the end
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16:21:29_bilgus_jssfr, spork the only way I know of to get your data off is a special firmware that ignores all read errors and you'll still have to be lucky
16:22:03_bilgus_the OF might do it just because it doesn't care about the errors
16:23:50_bilgus_and be aware the hidden part is now available to mess up so NO WRITTES!
16:24:03_bilgus_NO WRITES
16:25:57_bilgus_so the idea here is you dd the drive image then put it back together mounted on the PC and try and recover the files
16:26:38_bilgus_I have had success twice and fail.e
16:26:55_bilgus_d a bunch of more times
16:28:01_bilgus_but this wasn't to recover files but to fix bad flasg area and move the hidden partition
16:28:52_bilgus_still using a disk hex editor I was able to get it mounted
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