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#rockbox log for 2024-01-05

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00:34:37spork_bilgus_: i was hoping that the OF would just be more forgiving trying to read that file. rockbox panic'ing seems an overreaction for a read issue
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01:28:48jssfrspork, the panic pointed at a function which had "writeback" in its name, to make matters more confusing.
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15:59:40desowin_bilgus_: Why not fail the writes to the hidden part?
16:07:40_bilgus_ Thats kinda the whole point of it being un hidden?
16:08:56_bilgus_spork well you can't have it both ways shrodingers data doesn't sound fun but truly its already kinda like that using flash and sd cards etc
16:09:38_bilgus_if we just silently ignore bad reads then it just dies read only one day with no hope of recovery
16:10:04desowinwell, you might want to expose it for read not necessarily for writes
16:10:28_bilgus_if you want to read then grab a OF and look at it thats what you read
16:11:48_bilgus_literally it copies the update file to one of two spots, Maybe more I haven't observed any others but first is at whatever is 0 address to 16mb IIRC the second goes from 16 to 32
16:12:44_bilgus_if the OF has never been upgraded that might be different but I haven't taken to shorting the flash on any virgin players
16:13:32_bilgus_only reason I suggested that was because it ignores read errors..
16:14:22_bilgus_also desowin the hidden part doesn't expose as a file or anything you have to use dd or a disk hex editor to futz with it
16:15:30_bilgus_so these sansas actually emulate a FAT drive on the flast starting after the 32mb part
16:22:20_bilgus_also I'm not totally sure how the updater decides which one is the current but I imagine its a single bit somewhere in the region anyway if you'd like an easier go of it I made dumps of the whole drive for clipzip and Clip+ here: and the forum post to go with it
16:27:24_bilgus_the disk images are there too the linux ones are compressed the windows ones have 4gb of zeros because no compression so i'd do the linux ones
16:28:33_bilgus_NM I 7zd them after so only 200 MB instead of 30
16:29:43_bilgus_WOW thats been 6 YEARS
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16:30:29_bilgus_gevaerts, I'm truly in awe of your RB memory!
16:33:08_bilgus_just saying I barely remember stuff I did 6 years ago and he remembers stuff other people did 15-20
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19:44:05gevaerts_bilgus_: I do have irc logs and grep :)
19:44:22gevaerts(and I have forgotten a *lot*...)
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