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#rockbox log for 2024-01-15

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04:29:13beverage2000Not sure if this is a hardware or software issue so not sure where to post on the forums about this, but my ipod 4g with stock hdd is having a lot of trouble playing music with rockbox. most times i select a file it gives an error like this
04:29:52beverage2000*PANIC* Dir entry 48 in sector 4 b03 is not free! 4e 56 6 2 41
04:31:20beverage2000this is just what happened to be on the screen right now. specifically the model is ipod 4th gen grayscale 40gb. i got it used off ebay and admittedly it's been knocked around a bit so maybe the 24 year old disk is just at its end, but maybe there's a way to fix, maybe replacing the file system? or hard reset to stock firmware? it just seems that the file system is really messed up but it could be just a bad drive. any help is appreciated
04:33:05beverage2000also the database cannot fully build because it hangs very early on in the process, which again makes me think there's something bad with the filesystem but not sure
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04:45:00tm512beverage2000: if you want to try rebuilding the filesystem:
04:45:34tm512I think some of the old iPods have a mode that reports the SMART data from the HDD, though I'm not sure how to get into that
04:53:13tm512if the drive is kicking the bucket, and you want to flash mod instead of finding a replacement HDD, keep in mind that under rockbox, those SD card adapters seem to tank battery life in some cases, at least the SD to CF ones. I dunno about stuff like the iFlash Solo
04:59:52tm512for my mini I ended up just shelling out for a legit CF card to sidestep the chances of running into that issue, though with the mini the SD to CF would've been my only option for SD cards
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12:14:19hactar|antyeah, you can get smart data from diagnostic mode
12:15:36hactar|antsince the logic board for my 1st gen died (rip), i've run all my ipods with flash. feels like most of those hdds are probably on their way out these days
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13:58:40_bilgus_regarding the database in the latest dev builds you can use a plugin to disable the auto building of the database and instead do it with logging in the plugin, but if its a drive issue it might still lock up during initialization of the DB
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15:18:43*ukleinek has a 3rd gen ipod here he doesn't use any more. I'll be on FOSDEM, so if someone wants to work (or use) the device, I'd give it away.
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17:08:27beverage2000thanks tm512, i tried following the instructions in this link. Turns out my ipod really does not like fdisk and throws a hissy fit by sending a ton of arrow key inputs to the terminal and then unmounting itself. trying in disk mode this time..
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