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#rockbox log for 2024-01-26

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02:41:23jssfr_bilgus__, ! that sounds like a thing worth trying
02:41:29jssfrI'll do that later today
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04:37:19sporkdid you try any other card in the ebay player ?
04:37:38jssfrspork, no (but: "the same SD card works fine in my other clip zip")
04:37:48sporkthe fact that the one card works in your other player might not mean everything
04:37:48jssfrand I did get similar behaviour with rockbox on the internal flash
04:38:09jssfr(which is what drove me to try booting rockbox off the sd card in the first place)
04:38:49sporkif you have the option to try before you return it that might have a ifferent result
04:39:00jssfr(though I have to admit that I didn't pay too much attention to the crashes with internal flash because I was immediatley like "okay flash dying let's flash the multiboot before I can't anymore")
04:39:08sporklong shot of course, but one card is a limited selection
04:39:16jssfrfair, I have another SD card I can sample
04:39:42jssfrthe seller isn't happy with my request to return anyway, so I'll have some time to play around.
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04:41:05sporki would buy a box of clip+'s if sandisk would do one more production run
04:42:40jssfrI'd also take irivers with more storage fwiw.
04:42:43jssfrI really liked the h320
04:42:52jssfralso doubles as a weapon of self defense in a pinch
04:43:17jssfrthough the CPU was a bit too weak for opus last time I checked
04:49:44sporkweak cpu's are common to self-defense devices
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10:41:08jssfr_bilgus__, wow, that patch seems to work <3
10:41:15jssfrany chance you could get me a build with that + multiboot?
10:41:33jssfror rather: I'll need build insturctions because I want to remap some keys to work around the broken hardware
10:42:12jssfr(and by build instructions I mean: "which commit IDs do I need to merge in my local tree and is there anything special beyond doing a normal rockbox build")
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