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#rockbox log for 2024-01-27

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00:15:53_bilgus__jssfr, its based on current Master so multiboot should work
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00:19:11_bilgus__you could do git checkout 7883bcd38 and that will leave you in a detached state or you can make it a patch and dl it from gerrit and apply it to your branch instructions are in wiki
00:20:03_bilgus__or you cn do git review -d I7bdba8cfaf63902d2a3852d28484bcf8ca317ebd and pull it in to your current branch that way but you need to install git review IIRC
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02:08:07bahusoidjssfr: to cherry pick it to your branch: git fetch refs/changes/94/1894/3 && git cherry-pick FETCH_HEAD
02:12:40bahusoidOpen gerrit change you want to merge, then 3 dots near Edit button (you need to be signed in) -> Download patch -> Anonymous http
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02:39:29jssfr(I assumed it wasn't multiboot-capable because <microSD0> wasn't in Files and didn't investigate further, but I guess <microSD0> is an unrelated thing happening)
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03:25:44sporkwas that not hidden recently
03:26:35jssfrno wait
03:26:48jssfrI was using the same build bilgus provided me with at the end of december, so that couldn't be it I think
03:26:52jssfrno obviously I wasn't
03:27:01jssfrI used the build bilgus provided me with yesterday, so that might be it in fact
03:31:00sporki am not entirely sure either
03:39:15jssfrlooks like it was multiboot-capable
03:39:27jssfrbut when multibooted, it does show <microsd0> :)
03:51:23jssfryay! working patched thing with my own keymap to avoid need of the home/back button
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11:14:36Guest7200Hi everyone. I'm looking to buy an MP3 player to run Rockbox on but the buyers guide seems really out of date right now. I also can't really find some of the MP3 Players. Which ones would you suggest that are still available today and have Bluetooth support?
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12:47:20braewoodsThere's none that support Bluetooth with Rockbox.
12:47:33braewoodsWe don't even have a bluetooth stack.
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