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#rockbox log for 2024-01-29

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09:07:00jssfrrockbox + multiboot = "oh this player's battery is nearly empty let me just take the SD card into the other player and charge this one with minimal interruption"
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09:36:33sporkwould charging it not be a valid alternative /
09:49:45jssfrcharge one, use the other :)
09:50:02jssfr(can't have both simultaneously+easily while walking 'round the house)
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10:44:26braewoods_speachy, I was doing research and found that HID can be used for implementing short message payloads for like a proprietary protocol. We could add a degree of host to device interface via HID.
10:44:46speachyto what end?
10:45:14braewoods_Well, stuff like setting the RTC or querying more information about the running system or build.
10:45:42braewoods_Just some random ideas I've had.
10:47:09braewoods_I've sometimes thought it would be nice if some stuff could by synchronized from the host.
10:47:52braewoods_But probably rather limited the amount of stuff that you could meaningfully get or report.
10:48:19braewoods_The only stateful change I can think of that has value is the RTC.
10:48:54speachydoesn't PTP/MTP have a RTC set function?
10:49:11braewoods_Technically you are correct but I don't believe anyone implements it.
10:50:07braewoods_I noticed a lot of the spec is unimplemented by actual MTP clients.
10:50:23braewoods_They focus almost entirely on file transfer.
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14:29:10_bilgus__jssfr, speaking of battery life on that player having issues. make these #if 1, and try raising values till stable at #if defined(SANSA_CLIPZIP)
14:31:13_bilgus__so the part | 20 try |22 and run the player for a bit play some tracks and see if its stable
14:31:33_bilgus__odd numbers are probably ok but i'd have to double check the datasheet
14:33:29_bilgus__if you get to |26 and its still not stable then start over but this time leave dcdc3 at CVDD_1_15 and try again
14:33:53_bilgus__there is a relation between them but its been like 5 years since I last looked at it
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