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#rockbox log for 2024-02-01

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04:27:44edwardd06_Question im stuck with. Apologies if this might be obvious. The only way to sync music is using the iPod in default OS mode when in rockbox OS it’s not detected by windows on any machine I’ve tested it on. Another thing that I want to get working is when i sync with iTunes to listen to music with Rockbox how do I sync play count and skip counts for songs listened to on the iPod when using rockbox? I have smart playlists in
04:27:44edwardd06_iTunes for skips and play count. I have a large library too large to fit on the iPod so I want songs not listened to or skipped to sync to the iPod. I found a tool that reads the database file inside .rockbox but only syncs to I like using rockbox for the themes and features like don’t turn backlight on when pressing pause and play and skip song so can save battery when flicking through shuffled music in my pocket.
04:27:44edwardd06_I’ve not noticed any play count or skip count changes when syncing with iTunes after listening to music for hours on the iPod in rockbox mode. Any help or 3rd party tools that do this would be helpful.
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08:37:46speachyrockbox does not interact with itunes in any way.
08:39:56speachythat "Failure to detect" is interesting though. What rockbox version are you using?
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15:05:00paulcarrotybilgus, fuze v1 has short battery time, ~8 hours. I even found a old cpu downclocking patch, but sadly it was abandoned long time ago.
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