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#rockbox log for 2024-02-02

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06:21:26bahusoidgerrit is down
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09:32:28speachybahusoid: Thanks for the heads-up. oddly enough the www service overall still works, so it was just gerrit I think it was an intentional DoS attack.
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21:07:51_bilguspaulcarroty, I'm pretty sure the fuze v1 was the v1 sd controller so it got some power savings patches along with the rest but I don't have a fuzev1 to be able to test with an current shunt like I did for the clip+, zip and fuze v2 to do anything more than guess at it
21:08:47_bilguslikely the display far outweighs most of the other draws
21:10:22_bilgusone thing you may consider is lighter weight codecs with less cpu required and see what kind of runtime you get if its not much then likely little point of down clocking
21:23:06_bilgusoh also jssfr unfortunately the datasheet doesn't match the realworld testing of the ams in the clip line 20-26 in decimal is the range and I see nothing in my notes about odd numbers
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22:00:02voltagexHi. What player would you buy if you were looking for something that runs Rockbox in 2024? I'm not really interested in getting 10-20 year old devices from eBay.
22:00:48aaabbbvoltagex: there's one whose name i keep seeing recommended
22:00:51aaabbbi'll try to find the name
22:01:45aaabbbFiio M3K
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22:02:18aaabbbthe stock firmware, is reportedly pretty bad, but the hardware is very good and it runs rockbox very well
22:02:43voltagexoh hey, Fiio is a good brand. Thanks aaabbb
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22:04:12voltagexaaabbb: doesn't seem to be sold any more, unfortunately.
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22:06:36aaabbbvoltagex: i'm sure you can find them on other sites
22:14:57aaabbbvoltagex: why don't you want something older btw?
22:15:24aaabbbsometimes older is better with less cheap components and as long as it can handle sdxc then no worry about space
22:21:35voltagexafter 20 years, everything is failing, batteries especially. I'd really like something with a USB C connector as well.
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