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#rockbox log for 2024-02-03

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00:29:20fveyjust installed 3.15 on a sandisk clip+ and have noticed weird battery reporting (jumping from 50% down to 38% and then jumping back up when the screen is turned off)
00:30:58fveyapologies I hit enter by accident. The battery seems to drop as the screen is used and then shoots up when cpu activity goes down. The original firmware is currently reporting around 50% where as 3.15 will fluctuate between that right down into the twenties as the device is used
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00:48:14spork3.15 is super old, a daily build would be a better test
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01:07:29fveyI've flashed the daily and the behaviour persists
01:16:10sporki have jumps on mine too, but not that extreme
01:18:36fveyYeah, I expect some deviation occasionally but it steadily decreases as the device is used to browse (as in screen is on) and then jumps up when the screen is sleeping. I bought it off TradeMe a week ago (nz version of eBay) and the seller hadn't used it in a while so I wonder if the battery is bad?
01:19:33fveyI believe the firmware it shipped with was rockbox 3.11 though I don't recall it having the same behaviour prior to flashing 3.15
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02:14:23sporki would go by actual battery performance over the percentage indicator in rockbox
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02:14:42sporkif it runs down quickly during normal use, it might be a tired battery indeed
02:14:47sporkit is probably quite old now
02:21:51jssfr_bilgus, oh, had forgotten about this. honestly, 26 seems to provide decent battery life, but I can do a series of tests with 22 and 24
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03:15:01aaabbbis it a lithium ion battery?
03:15:12aaabbbor is it nimh/nicd?
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03:39:04bahusoidJust noticed that current playlist position is lost on USB insert for daily build. Resume playback starts from first track.
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05:35:33fveyaaabbb It's a 3.7V Li-Ion
05:43:08fveycharged up to the max it would go (93%) and it's pretty steady sitting around 90% with drops down to 88% when the screen is used which makes me suspect it's probably just a dying battery that drops voltage when half discharged and under load
05:46:44fveyIt's my understanding that Rockbox polls the battery voltage and displays the percentage based on a linear line running from fully charged voltage to depleted voltage... Is that correct?
05:48:21jssfrI think there's a little more than that going on, but I don't know for sure and it may also be platform dependent.
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05:57:10aaabbbfvey: my guess is that the hardware is measuring the soc by voltage and a lookup table but isn't using columb counting (which is what it should be doing), otherwise there is zero reason why a battery's soc percentage would go up while it's still discharging
05:57:53aaabbbso if it's doing that, then that's a hardware problem (the bms not sending proper columb counting information to rockbox). it's either that or rockbox isn't actually doing anything with the columb counting info it receives
06:01:34aaabbbit's because the voltage of a battery will actually go up slightly when the load on it is reduced, but a bms is supposed to account for that by measuring current in and current out to estimate the soc
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11:14:50rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e122243bb0, 304 builds, 10 clients.
11:14:50rb-bluebotplugins: playing time: fix possible crash on sys event by Roman Artiukhin
11:27:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 768 seconds.
11:27:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e122243bb0 result: All green
11:40:23speachyaaabbb: On most rockbox targets (including the clip series) we only have access to an ADC that reports the instantaneous voltage.
11:42:03speachywe get that voltage, look it up in a table, and interpolate as needed to report percentage remaining. that table is generated from a measured discharge curve (from the battery benchmark)
11:43:53speachyon most targets, the runtime estimator uses a guessimate based on the nominal battery capacity and what's going on (screen on, playback, cpu boost, etc)
11:44:29speachya handful of targets (x1000 only?) have a pmic that reports energy usage, and that gets fed into the rumtime estimate. but IIRC the battery percent is purely voltage-based.
11:45:15speachy(and as mentioned already, a batteries will usually see a slight voltage droop under higher loads; old batterties are much more pronounced.
12:07:42_bilgusand the clips at least have production variance as well in my experience
12:09:51_bilguslater versions were much tighter in specs and less current draw better stability undervolting
12:11:24_bilgusfigured it was fab maturity
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19:38:15aaabbbspeachy: damn, the rockbox target has no columb counting at all?
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23:51:49fvey+speachy: that's super helpful, thank you. Which means a battery swap should fix the issue and cause it polls voltage that means I should be able to mod the case and install a high capacity battery and maintain some accuracy in battery level!

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