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#rockbox log for 2024-03-29

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00:52:14_bilguschris_s I believe I have the browser issues worked out now in the latest patch set
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09:10:20chris_s_bilgus: cool, that mostly seems to do it. I've added a comment to g5610. Mabye you can check whether that makes sense to you
09:13:24_bilgusugh I'm trying not to strlen the string only to traverse it directly after I didn't even think to check the weirdmess in the other folders only the redirected one :/ i'll keep messing with it, I think I have enough devices to test most of the installed base
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09:17:23chris_sah, ok, sorry for keeping you at this:D .
09:19:20_bilgusits been sitting in my queue for a month I want this done :)
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09:41:02_bilgusoh its matching on the other '/' in the root redirect path
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10:10:31Guest19I am here as a last resort.... Rockbox bootloader usb mode - no partition found - Classic 6thgen with iflash85
10:10:47Guest19im on mac as well if it matters
10:11:49Guest19If I use the Hold switch during boot it only boots into apple/ipod disk mode
10:12:41Guest19currently running a 2 pass 0 out of the drive, following yet another guide online trying to fix this
10:12:54_bilguschris_s I think I have it all worked out now, with the variable terminating '/' I inadvertently made it a loose path matcher and it matched on /<microsd1>/ instead of microsd1/main
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10:14:56_bilgusGuest19 I'm not versed in the iPod sorry, I think someone that is will be along at somepoint but if you aren't in here then they will not bother, If you don't want to wait I'd recommend first checking the forum and if you don't see an adequate answer make a new post
10:15:33Guest19Ty and yeah I have searched and searched. I am on day 3 of trying to fix this
10:15:53_bilgusso FAT32 is the name of the game here for anything rockbox
10:17:22speachyGuest19: The most likely explanation is that MacOS is partitioning or formatting the ipod in a rockbox-incompatible way. I don't know enough about MacOS to be able to tell you how to find out those details.
10:17:29_bilgusdepending on how you are formatting you might be running into an issue we've seen in other players where the table has several entries and the bootloader gets confused
10:17:41_bilgus^ there you go someone versed in ipod :)
10:18:17Guest19speachy I a currently erawsing it into mac extended
10:18:31Guest19Once its zeroed out I will be reformatting it to FAT
10:18:50Guest19On mac Fat = fat32
10:19:34_bilgusi'd say if you still don't get it maybe a windows VM??
10:19:48_bilgusso you can do that itunes junk
10:20:14Guest19yeah I was considering that
10:21:12speachyit might also end up with a macos partition table instead of the classic dos/mbr stuff.
10:21:37chris_s_bilgus: that seems to do it:)  did you see,54816.msg253475/topicseen.html#msg253475 ?
10:21:56_bilgusIs there some reason we can't just supply an image, apple litigation?
10:23:37_bilguschris_s no, thanks for the heads up I'll push this and look into that in the next day or two
10:24:13chris_sok great
10:24:29chris_sthanks for your effort
10:25:10speachy_bilgus: presumably, even though they abandoned this product line over a decade ago.
10:26:02speachywell with the 6g+ we could supply a filesytem image (there's no firmware on "disk") but we'd have to provide a way to resize it too
10:26:28speachy(<=5g there's a hidden partition with the Apple OS)
10:27:06rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 52e22b253d, 304 builds, 9 clients.
10:27:06rb-bluebot[Bugfix] ft_assemble_path extra slashes, Volume unmound double free by William Wilgus
10:27:59Guest19speachy Does that hidden partition need to be anything specific on the Ipod Classic 6th"
10:29:05speachyIt's my understanding that there isn't one on the 6th gen. But I've never even held one in person, so I could be wrong)
10:30:05Guest19lol fair, I just want EITHER Rockbox OR Standard Ipod to work....
10:30:16Guest19preferably rockbox for FLAC
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10:36:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 567 seconds.
10:36:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 52e22b253d result: All green
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10:42:54_bilgusGuest19 when you do figure it out please post on the forum your solution to help the next you
10:43:26_bilgusor in here if you don't want to register...
11:05:08_bilguschris_s the slashes are even variable between the same devices with differing installs apparently but that latest patch should tame that a bit
11:06:20_bilgusI think multiple slashes are causing iPodVts issue hopefully its already fixed
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11:12:50chris_syeah. I just checked myself and seem to be getting the appropriate amount of slashes using %St(playlist catalog directory) with your very latest changes
11:14:16_bilgusslashes from the end pretty easy from the beginning OTOH not a single existing thing handles it
11:14:41_bilguswas never a concern
11:18:49_bilguswell crap still has extra characters on one ipod but not the other
11:19:39_bilgusI'll have to send them a debug build if I don't find a smoking gun
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11:22:37chris_sMaybe they just need to *reset* the playlist directory because it was saved with an additional slash on the previous build?
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11:30:06chris_sthat would also explain why they didn't see the problem on an iPod updated from ae01ea7fd9 because that was one build before the root namespace changes
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11:41:31chris_sok, checking in the iPod sim, I see //Playlists for a fresh install, then /Playlists once I manually set it. Fascinating.
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11:59:28bahusoidSeems to be expected for most targets with HOME_DIR defined as /
12:00:02chris_sok yeah, looks like there's even a workaround for that
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15:00:57_bilguschris_s thank you I'd had come up with the same while I was out and come back to find you had the same idea and it worked :)
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