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#rockbox log for 2024-04-04

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10:25:09speachy_bilgus: anectdotally it seems that SD cards have been getting increasingly unreliable in recent years.
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15:01:25_bilgusI think some of that might be subpar chips going wholesale and then counterfeit branded as good high capacity
15:02:04_bilgusthen again sd storage is a shit show maybe they are just at the limits of their production process
15:02:37_bilgusthis fsck is still going at least FSCK0023.868
15:02:53speachyyeah, the high quality stuff all goes into proper SSDs and phones..
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15:41:17rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 76a9a524c0, 304 builds, 10 clients.
15:41:17rb-bluebotskin_tokens.c get_dir() improve path detection by William Wilgus
15:42:45_bilgusin theory no one should see any issues with this patch unless they were abusing it in their theme ;p
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15:45:33speachyany chance that checkwps could catch this sort of abuse?
15:45:55_bilgusI had actually rewritten this to use parse_path_component (ppc) but since it has to be scanned twice I figure strlen is faster thru than ppc and it was larger codewise
15:46:01speachyor rather, "will catch" or "could be made to catch"
15:46:31_bilgusI'm honestly not sure what abuse would look like
15:46:41chris_s_bilgus: "no one should see any issues with this patch" now you're just tempting fate :D
15:46:42speachyanyone had an idea how to find out the list of folks with moderation permissions on SMF?
15:47:28speachy(I get an f-ton of bounce notifications from moderation messages sent to moderators that lack valid email addresses)
15:47:51_bilgusI figured itd make them come out of the wood work chris_s
15:48:52_bilguscan you just nuke em?
15:49:24speachyI'd have to go through the email addresses in the bounce messages, find their accounts, and disable them −− pretty tedious.
15:50:03_bilgusoh thru the smf inbuilt interface?
15:50:10speachy"moderator" is a per-board permission
15:50:13rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 536 seconds.
15:50:15rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 76a9a524c0 result: All green
15:50:28speachyyeah, through smf's web interface
15:52:52speachyeach board setttings page has a list of "Additional moderators" but every board I've looked at so far has an empty list.
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15:53:53speachybut (eg) the post chris_s reported netted me over 40 bounce notifications.
15:54:28chris_ssorry about that
15:54:52speachynot your fault there's a lot of strange baggage in our forum setup. :D
15:55:41speachyif my server wasn't the MX for, I'd be none the wiser.
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15:57:59speachyon a completely different note, one of my many stalled rockbox-related tasks is to set things up to use the Mozilla TTS stuff for our voice generation
16:01:50speachy__builtin: your forum profile has a bogus email address, incidently.
16:02:07speachyno wait I created a new one for you I think.
16:19:32_bilgusspeachy I just came to the same conclusion I've yet to see one with anyone in the moderator list
16:20:10_bilgusi'm going thru all to be sure I guess
16:20:58speachythere's only four people with global moderation rights
16:21:15speachyI wonder if it's sending it to people watching topics in the boards too?
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16:28:29_bilguswell in forum maint it has a member removal function
16:28:53_bilgusi'd want a bu first as it seems kinda clunky
16:29:00speachyyes indeedy
16:29:24_bilgusbut it lists moderators there
16:37:20_bilgusit has r'equest notification on replies' in Members Edit Profiles : Permissions
16:38:14_bilguscould try disabling that for mods but I suspect its regular members requesting notification
16:38:25_bilgusas you alluded above
16:51:32_bilgusback to get_dir its kinda weird since 0 is filename
16:52:44_bilgus1 is the parent and so forth so it scans the whole thing and work back
16:53:46_bilgusit treated // as an empty path so I guess abuse would be adding extra slashes to your paths to hide things but how thatd help in a theme I've no idea
16:56:09_bilgusfor instance /test//lv1/file level=0 would return 'file, lv==1 'lv1', lv==2 would return '' lv==3 would return ''
17:03:06_bilgussorry lv == 3 would return 'test'
17:25:01dookI don't see too much being possible with the extra slashes
17:25:28dookYou can't rename a file or folder with a forward slash with rockbox, same is true on linux but I can't say if the same is true in windows or macos
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17:50:56_bilgusI only mentioned it because breaking it caused issues for someone (ab)using the tags to display user info
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