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#rockbox log for 2024-04-07

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09:29:29_bilgusspeachy calling it the card that would be a hard stop at anything past ~90G tells me it is 1/3 full but says out of space
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11:11:42speachy_bilgus: have a look at g#5642
11:11:45rb-bluebotGerrit review #5642 at : Bugfix: Make hosted targets (with PIVOT_ROOT) work again by Solomon Peachy
11:12:55speachyit's a minimal hack that gets the affected targets working, but it probably is the wrong approach. Maybe adding another arg to append_path_ex() that tells it to bypass the absolute path check?
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13:18:50_bilgusyeah I ran into the same limitation in another spot with that, I really don't want to add a branch so prefer that over the alternative there
13:19:26_bilgusbut this PIVOT_ROOT sounds like it can be appended to root_internal
13:19:57_bilgusthen mount the (top leve?) paths in the namespace
13:20:17_bilgusIMO that'd be the right way
13:21:06_bilgusIf that fixes the issue go ahead and push it and I'll circle back around to it once I've looked at the code a bit closer
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13:22:55_bilgusI don't think I have anything hosted around do the sims emulate this (assuming so)
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14:08:15_bilgusactually speachy its not the pivot root having the issue its the component paths coming in in that case
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14:17:10_bilgusspeachy does g#5643 fix it for you?
14:17:13rb-bluebotGerrit review #5643 at : [BugFix] Hosted incoming directory component leading slashes by William Wilgus
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14:47:26speachyor, don't use path_append() in that code, reverting to its former snprintf() approach.
14:48:58speachyI guess that latter approach ought to work too.
14:49:41speachywon't be able to test for a bit. taking a water break from some heavy outdoors work
14:50:55speachyI say go for it; it's clearly "better"
15:05:12_bilgusonly reason I wanted path append is because it allows us to sanitize centrally the incoming paths
15:08:47rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d1f14c7b46, 304 builds, 9 clients.
15:08:47rb-bluebot[BugFix] Hosted incoming directory component leading slashes by William Wilgus
15:18:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 587 seconds.
15:18:35rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d1f14c7b46 result: All green
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15:52:05bonswouarHey there, I'm having issue with Rockbox (daily build) & my xDuoo x3 II. Since I've tried updating (decompressed .rockbox folder in root sdcard) I had the message "no rockbox directory" "installation incomplete". After trying to save the config file it finally disappeared (or something else ? no sure what fixed it exactly).
15:52:09bonswouarAlthough I still can't browse themes/apps/games and some settings, and library is empty. When I check the internal file browser I see the sdcard mounted as /mnt/sd0/ with the library folders and the .rockbox folder, but I still can't play the music files from here.
15:53:43_bilgusbonswouar, try unzipping (decompressing) again the newest build in case I broke it or in case it didn't finish copying the files the first time
15:54:13_bilguspretty sure this is a hosted build which I just committed the patch for
16:02:10bonswouar_bilgus: I've just tried to re-download and decompress it but still same issue
16:02:30bonswouarI've just tried a new clean install (running the "update firmware" with new .rockbox folder & update.upt), same problem (errors on startup & when trying to play music from file explorer). And I see previously when I had no more error at startup the .rockbox folder was actually in / not in /mnt/sd_0/
16:03:09bonswouar(well it was in both locations)
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16:05:02bonswouarBy the way I didn't use this player for at least a year (probably more), I don't know if updating from a too old rockbox version could break things? But still I'd guess following the steps for a clean install should fix that
16:05:41_bilgusbonswouar, most def, in the system menu under 'Rockbox Info' what does it list under 'Full Path'?
16:06:55bonswouarIt says / !
16:07:18bonswouarAnd Buffer 0KiB don't know if it's relevant
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16:08:52_bilgusits not, let me check I might have missed another spot in there
16:09:31_bilgusin the mean time let me compile a build with speachys patch before we go up the wrong tree
16:09:32bonswouar is the right url for latest build?
16:11:16_bilgusI'm pretty sure that updates each time it'll have a rockbox_info.txt file that lists the same version as your device under rb info should be build d1f14c7b
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16:13:50bonswouarRight that's the build I see, gonna try again just to be sure
16:14:24_bilgusno need i'll upload one for you to try if that works i'll have one more for you
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16:23:04_bilgustheres the patch speachy posted eariler does this work for you?
16:23:28bonswouarLet me try, thanks!
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16:26:30bonswouarYesss no error and my themes are back! Thank you!
16:27:00_bilgusok one more
16:28:36_bilgusand how about this on?
16:32:14bonswouarSeems to work fine too!
16:32:36bonswouarAlthough small detail it seems I get the message Database not ready, update now every time I boot now
16:32:44bonswouar(not a big deal it's pretty quick)
16:33:21_bilgusok the second one fixes the part I missed
16:33:32_bilgusdid that other build say db not ready as well?
16:33:56bonswouarYes that might be a much older bug
16:34:17_bilgusI mean it should have you did a fresh install so you need to build and save it, does that work to remove the message?
16:35:22_bilgusin ref to the prior thank you for testing i'll commit this
16:36:16_bilgusand just to be sure you did a clean install with both of those build correct?
16:36:17bonswouarWhat do you mean save it? But if I do the database update it does appear again the next time I boot
16:36:31bonswouarYou're welcome, glad you were active on irc to help
16:36:35_bilgusjust making sure we didn't get it right with speachys patch then
16:36:47bonswouarI didn't do a clean install the last build, let me do it now
16:36:48_bilgusskip over it with the second
16:37:32_bilgusso when you click on the db it builds then commits it
16:37:47_bilgusdoes it go thru the steps and want t rebuild it next boot too?
16:38:25_bilgusand to be sure you don't have autoupdate set to 'Yes'
16:38:45_bilguslong press database and in the menu choose 'Autoupdate' set to No
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16:45:07bonswouarAlright after a clean clean install the database update is shown only once :)
16:47:24rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b57536db8d, 304 builds, 9 clients.
16:47:24rb-bluebot[BugFix] Hosted incoming directory component leading slashes #2 by William Wilgus
16:48:33_bilgusthing is each of these had a slash already it was just annoying before now it breaks stuff so IDK, I guess at least they are correct :p
16:50:14_bilgussad part is its hard to find where something might want the absolute paths to be sure we could remove the 'feature' without just testing devices
16:52:21_bilguswhat I should probably do is find where that is actually intended behavior and just give it a way to wipe the basepath if desired its been a mis feature everytime I've run into it ( leading slash on component erasing basepath)
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16:55:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 500 seconds.
16:55:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b57536db8d result: All green
17:01:03bonswouarWhen you need to mess with paths it's not really a good sign :')
17:05:38_bilgusI feel like theres a 3 lefts joke in there too
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18:48:35speachy_bilgus: worked btw
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20:30:14_bilgusthanks :)
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