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#rockbox log for 2024-04-11

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10:19:38chris_sspeachy: Is the 8.5.0 toolchain known to cause problems booting on an iPod classic? I'm seeing someone report that back for a test build for which I forgot to revert back to the current toolchain first.
10:20:07speachyno idea
10:20:13speachyclassic meaning 6g?
10:20:59chris_sbeen using it succesfully for so long on an iPod video and 4g that I expected it to "just work"
10:21:00speachy99% sure I did a mini2g (==4g mono) test with 8.5 but that was the only ipod I had access to at the time
10:40:46speachydoes it fail to boot? or something else go wrong?
10:49:16chris_s"They both hang on the boot screen. When I do a manual restart iPod_C still hangs and iPod_D can't load rockbox.ipod: File not found."
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10:56:25speachystrange how they'd behave differently.
10:56:33speachygiven they're the same binary
10:56:54speachywell, I supposed D could be corruption on the drive.
10:57:46chris_sOne is apparently using a hard drive, too . The other some SD adapter
10:58:19speachythe file not found is from teh bootloader, which is presumably the same for boht?
10:59:09speachythe SD mod hackery I put in for the older models didn't apply to the 6g as those use a CE-ATA controller
11:01:48speachyI suppose with the modern mSATA adapters I can probably re-enable power management as those are real ATA devices.
11:01:57speachy(on the <= 5g I mean)
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13:40:25speachyanyone here with a flash-modded ipod 4/5g (or mini?)
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13:43:35chris_s*raises hand
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13:51:34speachy...if you're willing to risk some disk corruption I have a build for you.
13:53:16chris_sheh, i guess so, one of them can serve as my backup (if either 4g *or* 5g is ok)
13:53:53speachyiflash SD, CF, mSATA/m2, or what?
13:54:10chris_siflash solo in both
13:54:33speachyI have a mini2g I can try with a real CF card as well.
13:55:05chris_sare you trying to re-enable pm features? otherwise it works perfectly in my case
13:55:14speachyI discovered I *inverted* the result of ata_disk_can_poweroff()
13:56:01speachy... which means it powers off the mSATA/etc stuff but leaves on the rest.
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