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#rockbox log for 2024-04-12

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09:15:52speachychris_s: let me know what target you are willing to sacrifice to my experimental builds. IMO it'll probably be immediately obvious.
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10:36:49chris_sspeachy: either one is fine (ipod4g,22 or ipodvideo,24); maybe preferably the 5g, since that one seemed slightly more picky in the past when it comes to SD/iFlash compatibility. If necessary or useful I can confirm with the other one at a later point.
10:37:59chris_soops, mixed up the numbers: ipod4g,24. / ipodvideo,22
10:40:32chris_sgetting 403
10:41:11chris_syup, thx
10:49:44speachythis changes the powerdown behavior (turns it on, increases delay for SSDs), turns on write dma for SSDs, simplifies the sleep logic a bit...
10:52:24speachyseems to work on the mini2g (with the og microdrive) so far
10:53:07chris_splaying some music and letting the db build now
10:54:20chris_swasn't write dma turned off because it didn't actually increase performance, or am I remembering that wrong from a comment somwhere in the code?
10:54:53speachyso claimed the comment
10:55:23speachyI have a forum-sourced patch that claims to make things work better for tehse things; one of the changes it made was turn DMA writes on.
10:55:51speachythere's a lot of question about PIO timings so I figured DMA might be safer, even if it's not necessarily faster.
10:55:58chris_sah ok
10:57:50chris_slooks like it's hanging now while building the db and doesn't react to input anymore, although the music is still playing at this point
10:57:57chris_sah no false alarm
10:57:59speachyplus let's face it, these things are all far faster than the OG drives could ever hope of being.
10:58:01chris_scontinued now
10:58:45speachylogf is enabled but I didn't turn on any specifics in this build.
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11:53:02chris_sso far so good. I'll test some more, but nothing that immediately turns up
12:01:39chris_sseeing some image corruption in theme elements now
12:02:55chris_sand buflib *PANIC* "block len wacky"
12:03:25chris_snever seen that before
12:06:25chris_sdatabase is corrupted
12:07:16speachyso much to that.
12:13:59speachyHmm. it's probably the poweroff that's causing the problems.
12:30:51speachychris_s: I have a new build up,
12:38:30chris_schecking it out now. I'm stepping  away from the keyboard for an hour or two, but taking the iPod with me and will report back later
12:44:57speachyok. I will have a third one shortly.
13:07:04speachy3rd build up now. This is one I feel much more confident with.
13:08:02speachyshort version: if device doesn't claim to support APM, _never_ kill power or even issue a standby_immediate command.
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13:08:28speachynone of the SD/CF adapters seem to claim support for this
13:08:53speachythe one dump I have of a SATA SSD claims to support it, so we'll see how that shakes out
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13:51:28speachyI do have a 5.5g and the iflash-sata adapter that I need to assemble still
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14:01:41chris_sspeachy: I wonder how the OF deals with this? Still testing the 2nd one. An initial database build didn't "take" which didn't inspire confidence but I can't rule out that this was caused by interacting with the player during the build in some way. Other than that, it's behaving like the first build at this point, so probably too early to tell
14:02:15speachythe OF barely writes anything at all
14:02:42speachyand the OF might also properly respect the APM flags and not try to put the drive to sleep or yank power
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14:09:10speachythe only possible regression I see here is for really old ipods (<4g) or the irivers with their original drives
14:09:17chris_s" if device doesn't claim to support APM, _never_ kill power or even issue a standby_immediate command." <- is that how it works in the current dev builds for iFlash ?
14:09:37speachyno, the current dev builds issue the standby_immediate command
14:09:50speachyand but never disable power due to an inverted test
14:10:43speachythe potential regression is if those ancient drives don't support APM either.
14:11:27speachythe 2nd iteration of that patch still potentially yanks power.
14:11:40speachythe 3rd iteration disables all of that altogether
14:12:52speachyI'd prefer to prevent our internal state from ever entering "sleep" (for hardwar that doesn't support it) but I've seen notes that the hardware goes to sleep when idle no matter what, so we'd need to "wake it up" safely after long idle periods anyway.
14:14:25chris_si see
14:15:06speachybasically those CF->SD adapters leave a lot to be desired
14:16:04speachy...the SATA-based ones are at least properly ATA-compliant. the standby_immediate command is supposed to put the device into a state where it's safe to remove power.
14:16:49speachy(the SD stuff _breaks_ when you send it the SLEEP command, but it accepts STANDBY_IMMEDIATE)
14:17:51speachyso if old drives don't handle the latter, I'd have to put SLEEP back in, which means some sort of ssd-detection heuristics have to go back in...)
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15:29:48dookchris_s apologies, only got back online now. Saw on reddit you managed to sort the issue out :)
15:34:06chris_sdook: np, thanks for directing me to it :)
15:34:13chris_sspeachy: 2nd one (ee1f67) still chugging along nicely. Haven't been able to trip it up so far.
15:35:07speachyoh nice.
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16:38:12speachyit's now g#5648 btw
16:38:15rb-bluebotGerrit review #5648 at : pp5020: Use DMA Writes by default for SSDs by Solomon Peachy
16:38:24speachyer, g#5647
16:38:27rb-bluebotGerrit review #5647 at : ata: Heavily rework sleep and poweroff logic by Solomon Peachy
17:37:46chris_sok great, i'll be putting it on the 4g as well
17:41:28speachythat third build I uploaded is master + those two patches
17:42:06speachyjust put rockbox on the ipod5.5g I got a while back, still need to swap out the drive though
17:43:03speachyfrustratingly, no sound out of the headphone jack. I wonder if the ebay refurbisher didn't hook it up properly ... (IIRC it's on a separate board connected via a ribbon cable..
17:45:21chris_s:/  ugh, does the hold switch work?
17:46:32speachyI also have real CF cards and the 1st-gen iFlash CF->SD adapter I can swap into the mini2g
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17:49:27speachybut I won't have the bandwidth to tackle either until next week at the earliest.
17:49:32speachyhmm, no audio in this dock either
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18:05:06speachyreally should have tested this thing when I bought it... 16 months ago
18:05:39chris_s:D no audio kind of takes the fun out of it
18:07:27chris_sweird that neither line out nor headphone jack work
18:07:51speachyyeah.. hopefully it's something obvious on the PCB.
18:08:46speachybut at least that won't matter for purposes of trying to test for (a lack of) disk corruption with sata adapters
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20:14:42Bubblegumdropspeachy thanks!
20:15:02Bubblegumdrop fwiw
20:17:04BubblegumdropI will try the latest builds
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