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#rockbox log for 2024-04-13

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01:30:26_bilgus_ speachy re these disks and their capabilities would it be a good idea to allow the user to just set their drive type?
01:31:38_bilgus_or maybe do some tests to see if they respond to the commands but i'm sure that gets deep
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08:04:13speachy_bilgus_: It's not a matter of "responding", it's "is it even safe to issue the command?"
08:04:50speachyas far as I can tell, they're not actually _lying_ about their capabilities. Problem was our code used to not check before issuing those commands.
08:06:19speachyBubblegumdrop: the patch referenced there has a lot of stuff in it, and its comments often contradict the code it's patching.
08:07:29speachyany success it has is purely accidental, and it also makes changes that potentially break other targets (and/or real hard drives) too.
08:08:40speachyfor example, with all the timing changes they made, none of it technically matters since the patch also enables DMA write support so none of the timing cangesactually affect wries at all..
08:10:11speachythe root cause here is that removing power to these devices isn't safe, and the commands to put the device into a safe state either don't work (standby_immediate) or actually make things worse (sleep).
08:11:37speachythat's with respect to the common SD adapters. The SATA SSDs are an entirely different matter as they're native ATA instead of emulated
08:12:09speachyso we'll see.
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08:24:27chris_sspeachy: Do we know whether calling STANDBY_IMMEDIATE (but not SLEEP) has any (positive) effect on power consumption for SD adapters ?
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08:36:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 05b070b0b8, 304 builds, 10 clients.
08:36:52rb-bluebotplaylist viewer: get Info for playing track from RAM by Christian Soffke
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10:24:29rb-bluebotbuffering: ensure sufficient buffer size loading bitmaps by Christian Soffke
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21:34:45Bubblegumdropspeachy thank you, I figured as much. I will update the post
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