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#rockbox log for 2024-04-23

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10:21:24speachy_bilgus_: between the two of us, 30% of the outstanding tickets have been closed.
10:27:02speachyI've also done a bunch of patch tickets (and gerrit) as well, being very conservative though.
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11:11:44rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1a60255633, 304 builds, 9 clients.
11:11:44rb-bluebotRemove obsolute '' script, does it all and more by Solomon Peachy
11:20:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 543 seconds.
11:20:48rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1a60255633 result: All green
11:20:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a5d75a5743, 304 builds, 9 clients.
11:20:52rb-bluebotRussian translations update by Igor B. Poretsky
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11:28:09speachyanyone have an opinion on adding the erosqnative build to the daily page? Not sure how much confusion it'll cause.
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11:30:07rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 556 seconds.
11:30:08rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a5d75a5743 result: All green
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11:35:03MarcAndersenHi. When I run the genlang tool like this as in the wiki: ../../tools/genlang -u -e=english.lang yourlang.lang > yournewlang.lang it says Please use at least one of -p, -o, -c, -e and -s. Has something changed there and what is the new way to do it?
11:37:17speachyah, it's the '-u' option. use 'tools/updatelang' instead
11:38:22MarcAndersenOh. Didn't see that, sorry. I would like to work on the danish translation if that's ok with you. All the play next stuff and a lot more is not translated.
11:39:04speachyguess I should update the wiki, heh.
11:39:35MarcAndersenHey, why are so many pages edited in april 2021 by unnown user I wonder?
11:40:33speachyI forget the exact reason, but it was likely one of the mass cleanup passes that unfortunately triggered a page update.
11:41:27MarcAndersenThat's ok. Thanks by the way for the piper tts thing. I am thinking about learning to make a voice for it.
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11:45:20speachyMost of these newer TTS engines are designed to work via some sort of webservice or are deployed in a completly unstable/nonrepeatable manner, piper was the first I found that made it easy.
11:46:06speachyand teh quality is vastly better than espeak. I intend to switch the nightly voices over to it soon.
11:46:21speachyMarcAndersen: what was the wiki page that referenced that cmdline?
11:47:01speachythanks, I'll correct that now
11:47:25MarcAndersenIt is linked to on the main translations page found in the navigation bar on the homepage
11:58:56MarcAndersenIf I replace dansk.lang with my update will it then automatically be built as binary when I make a normal build of rockbox?
12:09:06dconradSounds like they may have messed with the audio path again on the hifi walker v1.6 🤦
12:09:26dconradthey just can't leave well enough alone
12:09:28speachyhmm, bug on the translate site. need to investigate that.
12:09:46MarcAndersenOk. I'll go ahead and try. A long time ago I tried to use the online version but my browser crashed in the middle of it, maybe I'll have better luck with the lang file.
12:12:47speachythank you
12:13:13speachyI'll enable that in the nightly voice generation too
12:13:21speachy(once the update is in)
12:13:28MarcAndersenEnable what?
12:14:21speachyvoice generation for the Dansk language
12:14:34speachy(the cutoff is 90% string coverage)
12:15:22MarcAndersenWhat would be the best way for me to send the lang file to you?
12:16:11speachyOfficial(tm) channels are the bug tracker or gerrit, but I'll accept it via carrier pigeon if that's what it will take
12:17:41speachyI'm just grateful to see improved coverage.
12:18:24MarcAndersenWhat is carrier pigeon?
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12:20:10MarcAndersenI still don't quite get it
12:20:35speachybasically, use whatever mechanism you see fit
12:20:56MarcAndersenOh, I see.
12:24:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0909c4fe3a, 304 builds, 10 clients.
12:24:04rb-bluebotFS #13413: Updated Polish translation (Adam Rak) by Solomon Peachy
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12:28:39MarcAndersenHow much is a language file allowed to change before it's created voice file gets invalid?
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12:31:31speachyvery little, unfortunately.
12:31:47MarcAndersenIs there a fixed amount?
12:31:53speachyused to be a lot less strict but it resulted in all sorts of wonkiness.
12:32:11speachyany change to the list of strings will invalidate the voice file.
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12:32:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 514 seconds.
12:32:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0909c4fe3a result: All green
12:33:21speachythat's a big part of why I've put a lot of work into improving the voice generation infrastructure (plus daily voicefile generation)
12:34:00MarcAndersenOh. I remember back in the days where voice files were valid forever and over time played completely wrong things. I was not happy with that invalid voice stuff in the beginning but it makes sense now.
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12:34:42speachytalk clips (ie voiced filenames) remain valid forever
12:35:00MarcAndersenI think somewhere in the irc logs there is a message from me where I'm angry with it.
12:36:23speachyThere's over 23 years of history and drama in the IRC logs. :)
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12:38:50MarcAndersenA fun one was the day where gevaerts helped me to unbrick my sansa c250 which now has got that problem with the left headphone channel.
12:39:39MarcAndersenSorry, I'm off topic. That's it.
12:40:09speachyeh, it's at least rockbox related
12:40:31speachywe gotta keep the dream alive.
12:40:46MarcAndersenIt is.
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12:45:57BubblegumdropThis is the closest thing to AnythingButIpod :')
12:49:48speachyI've been trolling ebay to find more old players so I can at least _test_ some of these less-common devices.
12:59:54MarcAndersenI just found it in the logs, my username apperrantly was MarcroSoft at that time, and I was not as angry as I remember
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13:20:59MarcAndersenWe have some build errors (or at least I have) with tmikmod in the win32 simulator build.
13:26:45MarcAndersenAlso the gmtime error in apps/plugins/lua/rockaux.c
13:29:44speachypatches welcome...
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13:30:36MarcAndersenI'm not a good C coder, but I think gmtime should be filtered out if it is a win32 build because it is in time.h
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14:43:05gevaertsMarcAndersen: fun times :) Walking people through recovering c2x0s was a bit of a specialty of mine back then!
14:43:32*gevaerts is still upset at Sandisk for having a buggy recovery mode on those!
14:44:58MarcAndersenI remember someone called timetraveler who asked all kinds of stupid questions while we were recovering it.
14:46:52MarcAndersenThat reminds me of the old irc stats over at, something like: Is MarcAndersen just stupid or asking questions, more than x lines contains a question!
14:47:27MarcAndersenWhy is that not updated after 2014?
14:49:04speachyyou'd have to ask rasher that. When I took over hosting everything from haxx, I pulled in everything else I was given
14:49:42MarcAndersenOh, haxx' big thing now is curl!
14:50:09MarcAndersenI wish rockbox was as popular as curl
14:50:51speachy__builtin: I updated the amaze port; it now builds on HEAD and is fully i18n'd
14:51:00npmaniaHi all, had been working on Shanling M0 Pro for the last few days.
14:51:12speachyseems to run ok on the xduoox3 and ipod5g
14:52:45npmaniaI have succeeded in sideloading binary executable and seems to be working well. It doesn't seem to have recovery like any other X1000 devices, though.
14:53:08speachyMarcAndersen: well, curl is probably used by a sizeable portion of the population (due to various embedded uses) but rockbox's niche was largely obliterated by smartphones
14:53:49MarcAndersenI know, it was mostly a stupid joke
14:54:07speachyhey, I'd love for it to have more of a (developer) mindshare
14:54:34MarcAndersenwhat is mindshare?
14:54:47speachybut alas bare-metal embedded hackery is a smaller niche than ever
14:55:49speachymindshare is... sort of like awareness or attention.
14:56:05speachyit's a play on "market share"
14:56:48MarcAndersenI get it. Rockbox is smaller than it once was.
14:57:42speachythe middle of the DAP market was gutted by smarphones, leaving only the barely-capable shovelware junk and the "tube amp and oxygen-depleted cables" audiophile stuff on the high end.
14:58:13MarcAndersenDo you have an idea of how many percent of users that use release and how many use dev builds?
14:58:15speachyoccasionally some decent stuff makes it out of China.
14:58:40speachyno idea.
14:58:57speachyonce installed, there's no longer any reason to check in
14:59:13MarcAndersenI would think that more and more use dev builds because of all these changes.
14:59:17npmania'smart' phone killed so much enjoyable hardwares
14:59:33speachyI could probably filter out rbutil from the webstats and keep that info longer but that of course doesn't count manual installs.
15:00:07speachyit's been an unusually long period since the last release. I'm trying to change that.
15:00:51MarcAndersenI also asked about it earlier but i completely understand the situation.
15:01:24lebelliumspeachy: how dared you close my 2012 bug report for a "out of date" reason :)
15:02:09 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
15:02:17speachyI've had a _lot_ of upheaval in RealLife(tm) in the past couple of years; haven't had the time for much beyond keeping the lights on
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15:03:02speachylebellium: you're welcome! if it makes you feel better out of the >200 tickets bilgus and I have closed so far, you're the first followup. :D
15:10:42lebelliumI'm surprised you even took some time to really justify the closure. Must have been painful for 200 tickets
15:13:20speachygiven that the alternative is declaring bankruptcy and nuking everything.. :(
15:15:48sporknpmania: there are several x1000 devices with 'hosted' rockbox ports
15:16:16sporkthat might be an option for what you are doing
15:17:13speachylebellium: what's left is going to take more work to sort through; I think about 2/3rds are patches of various quality/completeness.
15:17:16sporkfor some of those, patched firmware files are offered
15:17:47speachystill irked that I accidently nuked my stash of x1000 firmware files and the script I used to mass-patch them.
15:19:02MarcAndersenI removed my entire rockbox dir by doing rm -r * some time ago and lost some of my changes
15:19:50sporki have the older shanling m0 (not the pro), would love a (hosted) rockbox for that
15:20:14sporkthe hardware is very nice, the shanling music player app is not
15:25:47speachyis that a hibyos player?
15:25:55speachy(most of those x1000s are)
15:26:58sporkit is the same linux base
15:27:28sporkm0 is very similar to q1 except smaller and only the scroll wheel as button
15:28:46sporkso no way convenient way to get into the recovery if it has one
15:30:29sporkthe m0 pro is very similar again
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16:29:41npmaniaspork: thanks a lot :D i'll look more into what you've mentioned
16:30:05npmaniaso far i wasn't able to find any routes to usb boot, so guess i'll just have to be careful.
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17:44:52_bilgus_speachy, I'd estimate you wer 2/3 of that I think I made it throught 30 or so before my eyes glossed over
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18:00:20speachy_bilgus_: the next best thing to Ben Stein's voice?
18:05:15 Quit baltazar (Ping timeout: 255 seconds)
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18:26:21_bilgus_might be better, I do have a few I need to test to see if they are still relevant it's nice to see a few that were fixed independent of flyspray
18:26:45_bilgus_I did see we had an espeak plugin in one of those patches
18:27:00 Join baltazar [0] (~baltazar@user/baltazar)
18:27:28_bilgus_I would really like to let users gen their voice files on device
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18:35:54rb-bluebot Snake2 food generation error (bugs, closed)
18:36:09rb-bluebot Plugin espeak TTS engine for rockbox (patches, unconfirmed)
18:37:09_bilgus_looks like there was concern asbout it being GPL3 but later was decided it could be added as log as there was a way to disable it to make rb v@ compliant but by then the author moved on
18:37:25_bilgus_as long as* sorry
18:37:43_bilgus_v2 compliant
18:40:12_bilgus_npmania, the nice thing is most of the x1000 stuff already works thanks to the other devices using it
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20:00:22speachy_bilgus_: I agree it's ideal to have TTS on-device but I'm not sure how practical it'll be, especially if we have to go to an ancient engine due to licensing reasons.
20:01:26speachy(and/or resource limitations...)
20:03:20speachythe piper engine I'm intending to switch our pre-generated stuff over to using.. the _low quality_ models are still ~30MB, and the HQ ones are over 100. :D
20:03:32MarcAndersenI think we should have a real tts available at least on targets which can handle it.
20:04:30MarcAndersenThen the text viewer and maybe even frotz could be used, that would be fantastic!
20:04:34speachyfolks are really spoiled by the sheer oomph of a typical smartphone these days. :D
20:04:41MarcAndersenNot me
20:05:09MarcAndersenI use symbian as long as I can get away with it
20:06:38speachyThe main advantage of runtime TTS is filenames.
20:06:48speachy(vs pre-generated stuff)
20:06:55MarcAndersenCompletely agree on that!
20:07:40MarcAndersenBut I don't know if for example the c200 can do it fast enough for real use.
20:07:56speachybut there are some thorny problems still −− namely how do you determine the correct language for a given filename? (And then there ar situatuations where multiple languages are used in a single string)
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20:08:49MarcAndersenI always use one voice on all my devices and I know other blind people does that too, so I don't think that is relevant.
20:09:20 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
20:09:34MarcAndersenI for example always use eloquence american to read danish for example
20:10:05 Join CH23[m] [0] (~CH23@revspace/participant/ch23)
20:12:39speachyI doubt even the newer sansas could pull off TTS in realtime, but should be able to do it in a plugin.
20:13:05speachy(using the espeak engine, anyway. there are less resource-intensive ones)
20:13:56 Quit dconrad (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
20:13:57speachyrockbox's "spell out words" is IMO useless for non-english as it doesn't have coverage of the "standard" Latin charset, much less more "exotic" stuff.
20:14:23MarcAndersenI think espeak would be fine, I use it a lot on linux with espeakup
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20:16:02speachybut anyway. not to say I wouldn't love to see on-device TTS. have a ways to go before that will be feasible (both in rockbox itself and the offline infrastructure)
20:16:41MarcAndersenI understand that. I'm going to bed now.
20:16:54speachyrest well!
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22:12:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4a52147122, 304 builds, 9 clients.
22:12:37rb-bluebotconfigure: strip '−−voice' from the 'make reconf' option list to avoid dupes by Solomon Peachy
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22:21:11rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 515 seconds.
22:21:12rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4a52147122 result: All green
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23:02:48rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 3ce3b102dd, 304 builds, 9 clients.
23:02:49rb-bluebotProvide "quick" option for loading database into RAM by Christian Soffke
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23:15:11rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 743 seconds.
23:15:12rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 3ce3b102dd result: All green
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23:19:57rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e8816552f6, 304 builds, 9 clients.
23:19:58rb-bluebotOffer choice of default browsers by Christian Soffke
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23:33:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 826 seconds.
23:33:44rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e8816552f6 result: All green
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23:54:05rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b501788629, 304 builds, 9 clients.
23:54:06rb-bluebotmanual: update browsing, playlists, bookmarking, ipod keymap by Christian Soffke

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