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#rockbox log for 2024-04-26

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07:22:23rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8fb2cedc8e, 304 builds, 10 clients.
07:22:23rb-bluebotcoldfire: Fix bootloader builds on GCC8 by Solomon Peachy
07:31:39rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 558 seconds.
07:31:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 8fb2cedc8e result: All green
07:31:44rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 9a17185e63, 304 builds, 10 clients.
07:31:45rb-bluebotata: Enable volatile write cache (if device supports it) by Solomon Peachy
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07:40:15rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 9a17185e63 result: All green
07:40:18rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision aa7357861a, 304 builds, 10 clients.
07:40:18rb-bluebotipod6g: Issue a FLUSH_CACHE[_EXT] command if device can't sleep. by Solomon Peachy
07:49:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 554 seconds.
07:49:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision aa7357861a result: All green
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08:13:56speachyAlHaz: If you're willing, I'd love to see the current ATA code tested on the H1xx/H3xx family. With traditional spinning rust, true CF, SD, and mSATA alike.
08:15:35speachythe SD adapters are all crap and violate the ATA spec in numerous ways, though the official iflash ones seem to anectdotally work more reliably.
08:28:48speachythat said, given how crappy SD cards tend to be (even before the very real problem of fakes are taken into account) many of those issues probably aren't due to the adapters themselves.
08:29:45gevaertsSome of them are good! I mean, the one next to me is over 99% readable! :)
08:30:27speachyYeah, I had some 256GB ones that crapped out if you tried to use the last couple of GB.
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08:36:59speachyI'm pretty sure many "CF" cards today are actually a CF->SD/MMC adapter internally. I have an identify_info dump from one CF card that doesn't claim to be CFA-compatible.
08:38:29gevaertsThis one was in a raspberry pi which was subjected to a weird power cut (as in, I woke up by the LEDs in my alarm clock flickering and my android tablet making "power connected" noises every second for about half a minute)
08:39:13speachyugh, my RPis have cooked a _lot_ of SD cards.
08:39:31speachyeven with stable power, and being mostly idle.
08:57:19gevaertsThe fun bit was of course that I didn't have a proper backup (I planned to do more work on the setup back in the day, so no backup *yet*...) and it's the thing that controls lighting in my house, so no working light switches that day :)
08:58:11speachyso crap like that is why I insist on nothing "smart" in my house.
08:58:48speachy(went through a full gut-to-frame remodel)
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08:59:32gevaertsYou're not wrong, but I also like having this when it works :)
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10:09:52jssfrI forget which, if any, parts of SD card capacity are bound to hardware so I need to ask. Can I use a 128 GB micro card in Sansa Clip family of players with Rockbox?
10:10:46speachyshort answer: yes.
10:12:37speachylonger answer: IIRC, other the original SD->SDHC step, it's been purely software-level changes to enable higher capacity.
10:18:17speachy...apparently it's purely software.
10:19:26speachy(nearly universally, SDXC cards can be used by SDHC hosts once reformetted in fat32. all of the incompatible changes relate to higher speed operation)
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11:07:48_bilgus_well up till it got stuck at half capacity like a month ago i've had a 128 g in a clipzip for at least 3 years daily, in the fuze+ and clip+ too and a 256G sandisk in the clip+ but I can't say for the other AMS devices with sd c200 e200 m200 etc
11:08:02_bilgus_oh and 128 has been in the fuze v2
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12:05:29speachyI had a pair of 256G cards in my X3 when I was mucking with the GPT stuff; now I'm back to a single 64G
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14:24:45rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 26c612f6c0, 304 builds, 9 clients.
14:24:46rb-bluebotFS #13348: Don't voice/spell out the file extension if it's not displayed by Solomon Peachy
14:33:21rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 516 seconds.
14:33:22rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 26c612f6c0 result: All green
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15:09:18sporkwould there be any advantages of having a hosted version of a native x1000 port like the shanling q1 ?
15:09:36sporkbattery life or audio quality for example ?
15:10:12speachythe x1000e variants get a usable amount of memory
15:10:21speachyhosted, I mean
15:10:42speachythe (current) big advantage of hosted is that you get exFAT support for your SD cards
15:10:58sporki have only ever run native x1000's
15:10:59speachyI added the ability to plug in an external USB drive
15:11:19sporki know the OF for the q1 has a decent 'sleep' mode
15:11:20speachyone also has the theoetical ability to use bluetooth too.
15:12:10speachythe x1000 only has 32MB RAM, x1000e has 64MB. on the hosted port on those 32MB versions we only get ~6ish MB of usable RAM for Rockbox
15:12:50speachynative we get full access to all the RAM, and we're able to effectively utilize it better
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15:13:27speachydisplay performance is better too.
15:13:37sporkboth fiio m3k and shanling q1 are x1000e
15:13:59speachyoh, on the hosted port you're insulated from those endless hardware variations of (eg) the erosq/k family.
15:14:21speachybut the shanling q1 doesn't have that problem.
15:14:44sporknpmania's plans to try rockbox for the shanling m0 pro got me thinking
15:15:09speachyIMO the main downside of the native port is the more involved installation process. (and lack of exFAT, but that's solveable with a quick reformat)
15:15:41sporkthe native port for both my m3k and q1 is amazing
15:15:53sporkdefinitely no complaints
15:16:22speachythe linux userspace on the hibyos x1000 devices is also quite ancient, which is the main reason I didn't bother to try and get bluetooth working since I couldn't co-develop it on the desktop in the simulator
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15:16:39speachy(bluez4 vs bluez5, very different APIs)
15:16:54sporkyou need a time machine, for various reasons
15:17:46speachyupstream Linux's X1000 support is decent, a case could be made for just rolling our own OS image, but those hardare variations are... challenging.
15:19:23sporksome of the more obtainable devices theoretically capable of running rockbox are x1000e based
15:20:57speachythe only "modern production" devices available are all x1000[e] based.
15:21:46speachyand the prior generation was jz47xx-based. Maybe rk47xx too.
15:22:12speachybut the jz47xx/x1000 series are practically the perfect DAP SoC.
15:22:19speachywith their on-package DRAM.
15:23:08speachyonly misfeature of the JZ4740/4760 was the inability to do double-buffered DMA in the audio engine. x1000 fixed that.
15:24:22speachy(combined with the high overhead of IRQ context switches, could lead to audio dropouts at very high audio data rates)
15:26:02sporkdo the recent hiby players still use that old linux ?
15:26:14speachyAFAIK, yes.
15:26:27sporkthey still seem to produce hibyos daps
15:26:34speachythe hibyos is much better than the stock ingenic base platform (that the M3K used)
15:27:31sporkthe only time i used the m3k of was to install the native port patched firmware
15:27:36speachyyeah, they seem to still be actively produced, which is good for us.
15:27:47speachythe m3k's stock firmware is a dumpster fire.
15:28:00sporkway too much logging, right ?
15:29:13sporkthe shanling player is semi decent
15:29:44sporki do not get why their 'database' is on the internal storage though, it belongs with the sd card that has the music
15:30:33speachythat's common
15:30:52sporkcommon and annoying
15:31:21sporkit does not even make sense if you only one sd card
15:31:39speachyit means the player "works" without an SD card.
15:31:47speachysimpler to code
15:31:59speachyand the internal flash won't wear out before the hardware is expected to die anyway.
15:32:42speachygranted, these more modern DAPs with solid metal cases are pretty tough.
15:33:30sporkq1 is quite heavy. m3k and m0 are very portable
15:33:39sporknot sansa clip level, but still
15:33:56speachymy "daily" player is the xDuoo X3. I've literally run it over a couple of times.
15:34:43sporkmy sansa fuze survived two washing machine cycles
15:35:14speachyI've destroyed multiple fuzes.
15:35:29speachywell, trying to repair them finished 'em off
15:35:39sporkthe ribbon cables ?
15:35:49sporkor is that just your ipod luck
15:36:28speachyribbon cables, yeah. but expanding batteries destroyed the cases, or the wheels broke, or both
15:36:48speachy(or the connector broke...(
15:37:17speachyI have a clip+ with a dead flash, another one with a flaky screen, might try to swap parts but my hands aren't the steadiest...
15:37:35speachyall that and much more in my [rock]box of broken dreams
15:39:51sporkclip+ is my daily audiobook player
15:40:51sporkthe rockbox approach to playlists and bookmarking is perfect
16:03:26speachyI think so
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20:01:43_bilgus_I expanded picross g#134 a bit it now has zoom and when the puzzle is complete it lets you freedraw so maybe people will make more puzzles
20:01:46rb-bluebotGerrit review #134 at : New plugin: Picross by Nathan Korth
20:35:43AlHazspeachy: I can probably help you out with ATA code testing
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20:36:36AlHazfwiw the m.2 SSD adapter "for ipod classic" is working great in the ebay h140 i bought
20:36:59AlHazwith rockbox in the onboard flash anyway
20:37:39AlHazI was dismayed that the sd-to-cf adapters i tried would only see 128gb, and were flaky
21:14:58AlHazthe one problem with my collection of mp3 players is that a lot of them are packed away god knows where, and some of them are partially disassembled, like the gigabeat F20 in front of me right now
21:15:17AlHazidk where the back of this player went.
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21:19:25AlHazanyway, the cheap chinese ssd device i bought on aliexpress just takes an m.2 sata (two notches) 2242 ssd, and is based on the same jmicron chip as many other sata-ide bridges
21:19:58AlHazI'm a little tempted to throw a 1tb on it just to see, but then I'd have a usb-2 1tb drive and no idea what to do with much of it
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21:38:39AlHazI vaguely recall that the ATA cable for my iAudio X5 or M3 is torn. but i wonder if pcbway or one of the other services offers custom flex pcbs . . .
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