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#rockbox log for 2024-05-02

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08:46:29_bilgus_following up with user on FS clean build works
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09:21:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f2f5543856, 304 builds, 9 clients.
09:21:37rb-bluebotMinor mechanical corrections to the Serbian translation by Solomon Peachy
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09:38:45_bilgus_after building a 40000 song database multiple times I can say the ft_load version is also quite a bit slower likely just the extra copying to and from buffers I'd suspect as they are using the same underlying mechanism
09:40:42EverythingHi all. Fiio m3k. Battery drains too quickly. Known issue? What can I do? Rebooted several times.
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09:48:59speachy_bilgus_: that's in the background or the foreground?
09:49:24speachyEverything: "too quickly" means what?
09:49:55speachy(not aware of any issues offhand; I know multiple people using the M3K as their daily driver)
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10:05:27Everythingspeachy: one day... it was better with original firmware - maybe 2 days
10:07:34Everythingspeachy: is it possible to drain battery even if it turned off? if 'idle timeout' is set?
10:09:34_bilgus_combo of both
10:10:21_bilgus_mainly in the fg though as its easier to tell when its finished
10:11:24EverythingDo i need to calibrate battery for Fiio m3k?
10:12:31speachycould (at least some of) that be due to battery age?
10:12:58speachyI suppose it's conceivable that the m3k stock firmware has some optimized codecs.
10:13:24_bilgus_using readdir_r added about 500 bytes to all the native targets and quite a bit more to hosted and sims most of that is that static dirent in tagcache.check_dir
10:14:44_bilgus_I combined readdir and readdir_r for the native targets saving about 300 bytes for them didn't bother with the sim and hosted as we should have room to spare there
10:15:39_bilgus_I still haven't tested hosted targets and as I wrote that function it'd be prudent :)
10:16:41_bilgus_working file browser should indicate success
10:16:46speachywkn't be able to do that until tomorrow evening at the earliest
10:17:22speachy(hitting the road in the morning, all of my hosted targets are packed up as part of that)
10:17:59_bilgus_safe travels i'll be making a trip down around end of may/june
10:22:14speachyI expect to have a lot of time on my hands since I won't have house/groundskeeping projects that HAVE TO BE DONE!!!!1
10:22:36speachyso I'll be working on the patch/ticket backlog and otherwise trying to get things closer to releaseable state
10:25:06speachyso how does FS #9260 stand now with your changes landed?
10:25:07rb-bluebot r18234 - core + plugins shouldnt be calling opendir() directly... (bugs, new)
10:27:54speachyopendir() calls have definitely proliferated further since... 2008. :D
10:35:53speachychris_s: Any movement on your port of the simulator to SDL2?
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10:47:09speachyyou did it as part of that WIP MacOS work but IMO we should just switch across the board.
10:59:18_bilgus_I really didn't see anything that did it recursively or yielded before copying the buffer
10:59:46_bilgus_a few plugins iap_lingo or other caught my eye
11:01:41_bilgus_but still I doubt it is much of an issue but we can always switch others over to carrying their own buffer or to ft_load but the latter needs more work if we want to use it in core
11:02:36_bilgus_most of which is in that abandoned patch g#5680
11:02:39rb-bluebotGerrit review #5680 at : [BugFix] tagcache.c use ft_load instead of opendir WIP by William Wilgus
11:06:15_bilgus_an idea I toyed with was using the callback_show_item in ft_load to emulate the readdir interface
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11:07:06_bilgus_but again we can't do anything tying up the buffer without swapping buffers or locking till done
11:08:49_bilgus_an idea would be expanding ft_load to be intelligent with the buffer and allow concurrent users on a stack or something but for what real benefit, not codesize, not speed
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11:11:06_bilgus_I think before I went down that road I'd put the effort to the backend of readdir to be safer
11:13:19_bilgus_probably just adding a lock on readdir's entry struct would go a long way
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11:38:54_bilgus_uh you know what it looks like each dir stream carries its own entry struct anyway so this was probably not even a concern ultimately
11:51:21speachyso does that mean we can close that ticket as "notabug" ?
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13:36:02_bilgus_I think so, yes
13:39:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision efcea66280, 304 builds, 9 clients.
13:39:39rb-bluebotRevert "readdir_r use in tagcache.check_dir, ft_load" by William Wilgus
13:47:34rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 476 seconds.
13:47:35rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision efcea66280 result: All green
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19:43:20dconraddo we have an easy way to compile the manual? a script I can run perhaps? I'm having some trouble compiling latex
19:55:37dconradI remember doing this before, but can't for the life of me remember how to do it
20:02:23speachy'make manual' ?
20:02:38speachyoh heh nm
20:03:02speachyactually building latex is a bit beyond the call of duty
20:03:24speachydo you have a specific manual target you're wanting built?
20:03:33dconradah, I was just trying to verify I wrote a valid section for the manual
20:04:02dconradI swear I found a way to do it easily before but I don't see anything, ah well
20:07:19dconradwell in any case, g#5681 is working well on my player
20:07:22rb-bluebotGerrit review #5681 at : Eros Q Native: Add Stereo SW behavior setting by Dana Conrad
20:07:56dconradhopefully it gives us more flexibility
20:12:33dconradsorry, didn't see you asked which manual.... I was trying to build the erosq native manual
20:19:40dconradwait, no its not... it doesn't save the setting across reboots
20:23:16speachyIdeally we'd be able to detect this at runtime
20:23:21speachy... and the LCD type too
20:25:11dconradtrue, but I don't know what they've changed, if anything, on the new hardware, and this is easy in any case
20:25:22dconradhas the LCD changed?
20:27:25speachyyeah, reports of inverted colors and stuff
20:27:42dconradoh jeez
20:28:45dconradI know there was an error in the LCD setup commands that was found a while ago, but hadn't heard that there was different hardware
20:32:33speachyperhaps? all I know is what I saw in the forums
20:32:42speachyand it's still presumably broken in master
20:36:00dconradoh, from like yesterday. I hadn't seen that
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20:55:02dconradok, seems to work now that I removed the spaces from the settings values
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21:54:34dconradI do really wish we had something to key off of to determine hardware version on the eros q.... or I wonder if there may come a point where we could have a hardware config text file of some sort
21:59:33dconrador just straight up have multiple builds, but that's.... less than ideal
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