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#rockbox log for 2024-05-04

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10:07:14speachyspork: Disappointing how _all_ of Shadling's current models are touch-based.
10:07:51speachybut yeah, they are based on Shanling's "mTouch OS" instead of hibyos.
10:08:20speachy(And I suspect the 5.10 kernel is what Ingenic's reference platform uses...)
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10:51:05sporkjust about the only thing Shanling contributed is the player app, the rest looks very similar
10:51:18sporkand the player app is poor
10:52:15sporktoo bad the M5 ultra is almost $600, otherwise i could donate one to amachronic to turn it into rockbox
10:53:11speachyyeah. too bad we have no way of convincing the actual ODM to crank out a ocuple hundred units of one of these for us. :D
10:53:12sporkthe touchscreen is not too bad actually, though buttons are easier to use
10:53:29speachytouchscreen is unusable without looking at it.
10:53:38sporkand without touching it
10:54:08speachyI have no vision issues, but I consider that a massive safety issue
10:54:21sporkthere are probably better devices to wish for one more production run for
10:54:31speachyyes indeedy
10:54:46sporkif i could some new sansa clip+'s at msrp, i would get a box of them
10:54:48speachyI'd condition any order on a set of schematics. Not sources, just scmehatics.
10:56:35sporkyour lost scripts for x1000(e) firmwares could rebuild working update files ?
10:56:56speachyI'm actually trying to re-assemble my archive of the various upt files
10:57:07speachyand yeah, gonna redo that script.
10:57:58sporkwas extracting shanling firmwares last night
10:58:05sporkthey are just different enough
10:58:14speachywhat makes it harder is that all of these newer USB-C variations of the ErosQ family (Surfans F20, Hifiwalker H2, etc) don't usually have downloadable update files.
10:58:16sporkcompared to aigo/fiio
10:58:40sporkonly 'ota' updates ?
10:58:57speachyas in no updates at all.
10:59:04speachypresumably due to hardware variations
10:59:05sporknone is not much
10:59:23speachythe actual patcher script is in the rockbox git repo
10:59:56speachywhat I nuked was my firmware archive and the script that builds the appropriate bootloader binaries and patches all the individual file with the correct stuff.
11:00:33sporkyes, took the erosq script as inspiration
11:01:02sporkextracting is the easy part, getting it back in workable form is harder
11:04:31sporknpmania's ideas for the m0 pro made me want to try a hosted version for the regular m0
11:04:53sporkit should be mostly the same as the q1, just smaller
11:05:04sporkand less button-y
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11:43:31speachyok, other than the hifiwalker h2 v1.2 firmware I have everything I need to recreate what's already on the download site.
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18:32:35dookThe skin engine feature for drawing a menu scrollbar using the progressbar tag seems to have some kind of strange lag compared to the default scrollbar
18:33:27dookIt's a lot more noticeable when scrolling on short lists. The conditional form has a pretty noticeable delay too
18:35:43dookI had a look at the code and there really isn't anything standing out as an obvious cause to it. It feels like it may have something to do with how often rockbox checks for the values, though I haven't been able to prove that
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19:10:07speachyH2 v1.2, v1.6, v1.7, and anything later. F20 v2.2 and v3.0 too.
19:10:23speachyit looks like it's generally ill-advised to flash different firmware revisions.
19:10:30speachydue to hardware variations.
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19:42:09speachydconrad: there's also at least two hardware variations in the pre-usb-c models too. some sort of modification in the power supply circuit if one believe hifiwalker.
19:43:25speachyhw v1: microusb, accepts firmware up to v1.3. v2: microusb, v1.4 only.
19:45:50speachyv3 is usb-c with v1.5 firmware. and we know there's at least two variations there now..
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