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#rockbox log for 2024-05-05

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07:52:08jssfrI got a 128 GB micro SD, formatted it to fat32 (using mkfs.vfat) and rsync'd (with -raHEAXSP −−delete) all data from the old (64 GB) μSD to the new one.
07:52:35jssfrhowever, the multiboot bootloader won't boot from that new micro SD. i verified that the rockbox_main.clipzip file as well as the .rockbox folder is there
07:53:01jssfrthe rockbox firmware on the player will boot and can then also list the contents of <microSD1> and they look correct (I can see .rockbox and rockbox_main.clipzip there, too)
07:53:09jssfrcan the multiboot bootloader not deal with 128 GB μSD cards?
07:53:57amachronicit can, maybe your new card has a GPT partition table?
07:54:19amachronicsupport for that got added recently so it would work in RB but not in the bootloader (unless there has been a new release)
07:54:25jssfrnoooo, but the partition type in mbr is set to exfat
07:54:32jssfrmaybe I should fix that :)
07:54:42amachronicit shouldn't matter iirc
07:55:25jssfryup, you're right, it didn't matter (still won't boot from the SD card)
07:55:44jssfrbut fdisk lists disklabel type "dos"
07:55:58amachronicit should be ok then, just checking for the easy fix first :)
07:56:39amachronicthere should be some info in the debug menu about boot data
07:57:05amachronicnot sure it will help but maybe it has some clue
07:57:33jssfrBoot Volume: <0> (as expected)
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07:57:51jssfrBootdata RAW: Length 4. CRC: 384cb609, CRC: OK!, 00: 00 00 ff ff
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07:58:34jssfrit feels a bit as if it runs in some kind of timeout
07:58:49jssfr(it hangs a bit longer in the boot screen before switching to the main boot device)
07:59:48jssfrre-rsync'd .rockbox with -c (checksum verification), and that didn't do anything :|
08:04:12amachronicI think that boot volume <0> means it's having a problem, if the SD shows as microSD1 the boot volume should be <1> if it was successful
08:04:51jssfrthe question is what kind of problem :-)
08:06:06amachronicis your rockbox_main.clipzip an empty 0-byte file?
08:08:10jssfrlet me try this card in another player...
08:08:19amachronicso it's either having an issue loading the RB binary or can't write the boot data after loading it
08:08:50jssfrother player fails to boot from it, too...
08:09:17amachronicjust to rule out card issues, can you checksum the RB binary on your computer and then plug in the card and checksum it there?
08:09:36amachronic(I suppose rsync -c may have checked this already though)
08:09:53jssfrrsync -c should at least have ensured that working card and non-working card have the same bits
08:10:04jssfr(in particular as I unplugged and re-plugged the card inbetween)
08:10:06jssfrbut I'll double check
08:10:35jssfr82a235833210e7a0335daf848e11cded5b5ed9ecaf38a6618a566cc12b77e593 /media/horazont/89A9-261D/.rockbox/rockbox.sansa
08:10:35jssfr82a235833210e7a0335daf848e11cded5b5ed9ecaf38a6618a566cc12b77e593 /media/horazont/DD96-CBB0/.rockbox/rockbox.sansa
08:10:38jssfrboth the same
08:14:29amachronicwell if you were using this exact build with multiboot on the old card without issues this is a bit puzzling
08:14:57jssfronly explanation that makes sense to me is if the bootloader fails to deal with 128 GB volumes.
08:15:12jssfrhm, I could try a smaller partition size, but that'd mean rewriting all the data I guess
08:15:16jssfr(or can you offline-shrink vfat…)
08:15:48amachronicyou can offline shrink but if there is significant amount of data you might wish you didh't :)
08:16:07jssfrI mean, how might I wish I didn't? :)
08:16:18amachronicit's very slow to reshuffle the data around an SD card
08:16:37jssfris FAT32 "smart" enough to distribute data across the volume instead of just starting from the beginning?
08:16:39amachronicso it might end up being faster to transfer it over again
08:17:42amachronicdepends on the OS I think, if you are sure the data is at the beginning it's probably fine
08:18:06amachronicI don't think FAT inherently relies on any particular allocation strategy.
08:18:50jssfrthat was quick
08:19:25amachronicAnyhow, the disk code is the same for bootloader vs. main rockbox so I can't see how the card/partition size should affect it
08:19:59amachronicif it's readable to RB all, the bootloader should see the same thing
08:20:38jssfrreally really weird
08:20:44amachronica possible explanation is that the card isn't powering up fast enough at boot so it appears to be failed/unplugged
08:20:53amachronicbut once RB is running and power is more stable it can be accessed fine
08:21:00jssfr(reduced the partition size to 60GiB, no change)
08:21:11amachronicmaybe due to an old weak battery
08:21:13jssframachronic, that would fit the "it feels like something is timeouting there" observation.
08:21:23jssfrlet me try booting with USB power attached
08:22:03jssfrdoesn't change the behaviour, but the battery is also almost fully charged
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08:40:49amachronictbh it seems likely to be a hardware problem, either a bad card or something fishy with the players.
08:41:06amachronicyou could possibly try building the clipzip bootloader from git and see if it changes anything
08:44:43jssfr*insert unhappy noises*
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11:36:10_bilgus_jssfr I already have a few of the sansa bootloaders from head compiled and tested
11:36:49_bilgus_should be the 2023 ones that have amachronics v2 bootloader
11:37:29_bilgus_256 has no issue with multiboot on clip+ or zip
11:38:15_bilgus_I daily a 128G on the zip though a few weeks ago it got corrupted and its only like 75G now
11:39:10_bilgus_pretty sure that was not rb related just a 3 year old card dying
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12:37:13speachywiki snapshot regen is now automated
12:37:31speachytakes 30 minutes, and kicks off daily
12:38:30_bilgus_I think maybe weird nvram setting might be the cause of that FM radio issue and a few other weird ones we have encountered
12:38:56_bilgus_oh nice so it will stay up to date now :)
12:39:17speachynot like there are many changes; two in the past 30 days
12:39:25_bilgus_haven't had many infra issues since you did it static
12:40:00speachyand even if a bot hits the real wiki, it gets 401'd unless you enter credentials.
12:40:24speachyso the engine won't get hit unless you present valid credentials.
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12:44:19_bilgus_So I have a patch that allows 1st level directories in the plugin browser to allow a bit more organization any thoughts on if its a bad idea or should I let it show sub-sub dirs too?
12:45:11_bilgus_I figured that le you place a plugin in a dir and list its save files etc but not expose a whole file browser
12:45:35_bilgus_I also have the folders sort as files in the file list
12:45:47speachysounds reasonable; it's not soething I personally do though
12:47:04_bilgus_my main reason is so I don't need a plugin to display lua scripts and those sgt- puzzles taking up half the games dir
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13:16:57speachyI'm now trying to get g#1005 up to date (incorporating g#3026 too)
13:17:02rb-bluebotGerrit review #1005 at : added xrick game by Sebastian Leonhardt
13:17:03rb-bluebotGerrit review #3026 at : Bring xrick up to date by Moshe Piekarski
13:26:39_bilgus_nice, I still planned on looking at it I just got distracted :)
13:37:04speachyhmm. the theme editor doesn't build any more
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13:58:53_bilgus_I'm pretty sure it didn't work well even when it did
13:59:51speachyyeah, but it's part of the default set of stuff when you run cmake under utils/
14:03:12rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d7c541742f, 304 builds, 10 clients.
14:03:12rb-bluebotAllow first level folders in plugin menu by William Wilgus
14:04:49_bilgus_I must have made the makefile for lua before I figured out how to get lists of files in make
14:05:50speachy"those that do not understand make are doomed to re-implement it... poorly."
14:06:42_bilgus_well when you try 5 different ways per the manual and nothing works then you do whatever I guess lol
14:06:48speachypushed my fixes to get the theme editor building. basically 64-bit-isms.
14:07:30_bilgus_like listing out your source files in the make file
14:08:27_bilgus_at least its not as terse as our tagnav or themes :)
14:10:13_bilgus_ah crap I didn't delete the old include fields in that commit
14:14:01_bilgus_luckily they just splash a message since they will probably be in copy upgrade installs
14:15:23_bilgus_also something else I discovered perl glob_copy ignores hidden files
14:15:54rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 762 seconds.
14:15:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d7c541742f result: All green
14:15:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c34076b2a5, 304 builds, 10 clients.
14:15:59rb-bluebotTheme Editor: Make it compile with modern toolchains by Solomon Peachy
14:26:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 654 seconds.
14:26:53rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c34076b2a5 result: All green
14:26:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision f55483a966, 304 builds, 10 clients.
14:26:56rb-bluebotlua −−remove files moved to include directory by William Wilgus
14:34:22speachywell, it's one way to boost our commit stats
14:34:40speachycompeting for most trivial (but necessary) commits
14:35:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 537 seconds.
14:35:52rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision f55483a966 result: All green
14:35:56rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1189006a4b, 304 builds, 10 clients.
14:35:56rb-bluebotUpdate .gitignore by Solomon Peachy
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14:44:54rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 538 seconds.
14:44:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1189006a4b result: All green
14:48:27_bilgus_oddly github doesn't recognize me when I do commits thru gerrit so no stats to worry about :)
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16:16:05speachygonn ahve to bite the bullet soon and do the forum upgrade; that's going o require rebuilding the theme and any other customizaitons
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