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#rockbox log for 2024-05-08

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10:42:41rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 0a89d1d4df, 304 builds, 10 clients.
10:42:41rb-bluebotFix a typo in English by Solomon Peachy
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10:50:54speachyhuh. running the sim I see this:
10:50:59speachyread_bmp_file: can't open '/.rockbox/icons/viewers.bmp', rc: -3
10:51:15speachywhat _is_ present is viewers.6x8x1.bmp
10:53:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 661 seconds.
10:53:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 0a89d1d4df result: All green
10:58:52jssfrso sandisk support says the troublesome card is genuine.
11:03:17jssfrany "easy way" (i.e.: maybe a constant or two to change in the rockbox source) to increase read timeouts or something in the bootloader?
11:13:23_bilgus_nothing in the bootloader is easy since we don't update them very often
11:13:25speachyI'm still suspecting GPT.
11:13:51speachyit's common to have an "compatibillity MBR" in place
11:14:05_bilgus_Ive had some weird stuff where the drive showed as FAT32 on computers but wouldn't work in device
11:14:23speachywhat does rockbox's debuginfo say about the actual partitions?
11:14:56_bilgus_when I looked with a disk hex editor it had like pasted over the previous and once I erased the disk and reformatted it was fine
11:15:24speachydepending on exactly when those bootloaders were built, I know I made robustness improvements to the partition parsing and FAT code.
11:16:07_bilgus_yes the difference being that the older bootloaders are more permissive than the FW
11:16:23speachyheh, we know all of our bootloaders _compile_ cleanly with current git master but that's not to say that they actually _work_.
11:16:25_bilgus_that should be in those bootloaders I linked
11:16:59_bilgus_jssfr I'll cut a new bootloader tonight for you just to be sure we are using the very latest
11:17:25jssfr_bilgus_, <3
11:17:50_bilgus_yeah till tested I don't want to update any of the bootloaders
11:17:52jssfrspeachy, you mean, the boot info debug menu? or is there something else to look at?
11:18:02_bilgus_I've got the sansas pretty well covered
11:18:20speachysystem/debug/view partitions
11:18:46jssfr(note that the card seems to work fine post bootloader)
11:20:36jssfrspeachy, if I typed this correctly
11:20:40_bilgus_my (clipzip) partition info reads 0 for P0-P3 and p5-p7 p4 reads S:800 T:b 121941 MB
11:20:51jssfr(I changed the partition size of the SD card to ~60 GB the other day to see if it's about that)
11:20:56jssfr*it's about the size)
11:21:37_bilgus_wonder why my start is 800 vs yours at 8000
11:23:06speachy~400K vs 4MB, huh. Not that this should matter.
11:23:07_bilgus_IDK let me check another card
11:23:29jssfrodd is that fdisk says start is 32768
11:23:36speachythat's just where the partitioner set up the first partiton. @1MB is typical these days.
11:24:13speachy0x8000 places the first partition at 16MB.
11:24:33speachynothing wrong with that either
11:24:40_bilgus_hmm my other clipzip has all the P entries filled and totally different
11:24:46jssfrwhat were marker bytes of GPT again? I only know MBR :)
11:25:21_bilgus_sorry I gtg will check back
11:25:27speachyP0-3 would be the internal storage.
11:25:31speachyP4-7 are the SD card
11:25:44jssfr_bilgus_, no worries! I have to leave soon-ish for the day, too.
11:26:05_bilgus_Id say this card has lots of partitions and junk its v. old
11:26:23jssfraccording to hexdump, there's nothing between 0x200 and 0x01000000
11:26:28_bilgus_8 gb
11:26:35_bilgus_if that says anything
11:26:39jssfrwhich means there's no GPT, I think?
11:27:53speachyGPT would be mirrored after the MBR and at the end, yteah.
11:29:05speachywell, sector 1 (ie offset 0x100) would have the GPT.
11:30:10_bilgus_I'd really try wiping the damn thing and formatting it with something different or at least wiping it with dd first
11:30:19speachyif sector 1 starts with 0x5452415020494645 it has a GPT.
11:30:43speachywe don't checksum the GPT fwiw.
11:31:00speachyit's possible there is a garbled GPT there that we're tripping over
11:31:42_bilgus_I swear I'm going to make a disk format plugin one of these days
11:32:35speachydd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdX bs=512 count=1 seek=1
11:34:01_bilgus_thats what I did when I had this issue
11:34:33_bilgus_first time I took it to a windows pc and did a ll format which is on the forum
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11:35:22_bilgus_second time dd'd the entire thing in linux that worked too and was faster than finding windows
11:35:50speachyhmm, we only try to do a GPT parse if there is a MBR that includes a GPT_GUARD partition type.
11:36:16speachybut the debuginfo doesn't include that so this isn't the problem.
11:36:33jssfrspeachy, this is in bytes, so 0x200 is actually the end of sector 1
11:36:49speachyof course.
11:36:54speachysorry, brain being really special today
11:36:56jssfrand from there on it's all zeroes
11:36:58jssfrit's ok:)
11:38:35jssfrI can wipe sector one tomorrow and see what that does, though fdisk doesn't see anything suspicious
11:38:39jssfrgotta go now though
11:38:41jssfrsee you
11:38:46jssfrand thanks a lot so far!
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16:01:56_bilgus_so I want to extend openplugin to basically be a way to load plugins by hash for the shortcut plugin and really anywhere someone needs to store a path. currently it just makes hashes from the filename and stores the records to disk for later lookup
16:03:05_bilgus_I'm a bit worried about collisions with the current code though running on my device all paths generate a unique hash but thats just luck
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16:04:40_bilgus_so my idea is to store the hashes in the header as a lookup table into the record offsets and as a way to check collisions if a hash matches something in the db then we need to check if it has the same path and if not add 1 and try again
16:04:58speachywhat's the hash algorithm?
16:06:11speachyare you hashing the file you're trying to open basically?
16:06:20_bilgus_well the path
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16:06:51_bilgus_its not really a hash table its more like a uuid
16:07:37speachyto save the user from having to re-select the plugin they selected?
16:08:36_bilgus_it is really a database so you can recall a file path by the hash
16:09:11speachyin-ram? on disk? what are its bounds? how does stuff get expired or dropped>?
16:09:24_bilgus_currently its on disk
16:09:26speachy(what if you select the wrong plugin?)_
16:09:39_bilgus_I figure you want to run a plugin you are hitting the disk anyway
16:10:21_bilgus_well then you run the wrong plugin till you select another
16:10:44_bilgus_the stuff for the start screen (core) keys off lang id which sucks a bit
16:12:08speachyI mean if the system remembers the (wrong) plugin how will the suers elect a different one next time? Or is this just an optimization to push the last used plugin to the top of the list or something like that?
16:13:27_bilgus_the system won't remember the wrong one it checks if the lang ids are wrong and dumps those core ones, the ones by file path hash should always be good
16:13:56_bilgus_there is also a plugin if you want to look at the dat file and edit them
16:14:34speachyI just wonder if this is a lot of extra complexity for not much benefit
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16:15:46_bilgus_it works as is but I think with some robustness for the generated hashes it should allow some code savings esp in regards to the shortcut plugin
16:16:11_bilgus_currently it makes a big old link list for every shortcut with a path or not
16:16:34_bilgus_think like 600bytes a pop
16:17:01_bilgus_pretty sure I can get my hash table in there with a single entry
16:17:20_bilgus_(the look up one)
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16:22:32_bilgus_tbh it'd probably just work but I worry if its moe than a few core plugins that a hash colliding would make for a very confused user
16:23:24_bilgus_and currently theres no way to rectify or even know (in the code)
16:25:35_bilgus_again the core stuff is keyd on lang_ids so no worries there but if I expand it to general use..
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20:20:57speachywinrat: My mini2g: p1 @63, len 80262. p2@80325, filling the rest of the disk.
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21:45:54rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8c86fb6da0, 304 builds, 9 clients.
21:45:55rb-bluebotarm: Use -masm-syntax-unified when compiling with gcc8 or newer by Solomon Peachy
21:55:41rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 587 seconds.
21:55:42rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 8c86fb6da0 result: 32 errors 0 warnings
22:00:48speachymissed one, d'oh.
22:04:18rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 1957237a46, 304 builds, 9 clients.
22:04:18rb-bluebotFix red in 8c86fb6da0 (ipod5g only) by Solomon Peachy
22:13:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 555 seconds.
22:13:33rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 1957237a46 result: All green
22:14:12rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e37cd0f2f5, 304 builds, 9 clients.
22:14:12rb-bluebotx1000: Enable NOCROSSREFS_TO() by Aidan MacDonald
22:21:26speachytrying to flush out some of these patches that are enabled by the new toolchain
22:23:17rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 546 seconds.
22:23:19rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e37cd0f2f5 result: 20 errors 0 warnings
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22:25:33speachythat's odd. I just built this.
22:27:17mendel_munkisSorry about the errors, I am bringing up uzziyah on a new box after moving and forgotto install sdl-dev
22:27:23speachyno that's not you
22:27:42speachywell, not all yopu
22:29:58mendel_munkisIs there any way for me to trigger a full build round locally?
22:30:15mendel_munkisI.E make sure I am not missing any other dependencies
22:31:32speachyjust execute a build yourself
22:31:58speachyie run configure, pick an appropriate target+options, make
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22:40:30rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 54389dcf2f, 304 builds, 9 clients.
22:40:31rb-bluebotconfigure: fix test for LD version on non-macos systems by Solomon Peachy
22:42:31***Saving seen data "./dancer.seen"
22:45:09speachymendel_munkis: the buildclient should have bailed if sdl-config wasn't working
22:46:32mendel_munkisnope, it just wrote a no upload message and then went on to the next build
22:49:12rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 523 seconds.
22:49:13rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 54389dcf2f result: All green
22:49:16rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 6e82897bfc, 304 builds, 10 clients.
22:49:16rb-bluebotmake: Update help text by Solomon Peachy
22:57:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 511 seconds.
22:57:47rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 6e82897bfc result: All green
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