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#rockbox log for 2024-05-09

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01:02:13_bilgus_btw I didn't test it as I normally would as I know this is what I currently have that said if something does go awry don't turn off the device it should turn its self off
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04:05:59jssfr_bilgus_, thanks! the bootloader works in general, but fails to boot into the 128GB card :(
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08:06:44speachyjssfr: I guess the next step is to see if it's that card, or the size.
08:11:40speachyone buggaboo I've noticed in the voiced stuff is that the 'rockbox info' debug menu doesn't voice the drive id.
08:12:17speachyeg '/<microSD0>/' gets voiced as "slash slash"
08:15:02speachyincidently, microSD0 doesn't match the language strings for that target either.
08:16:14speachy'microSD0' is actually 'mSD2'
08:40:30speachyI don't see a good way to fix this yet.
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08:48:55jssfrspeachy, I have a 400 GB card I can put .rockbox on to see what happens then.
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09:39:27_bilgus_its not the size but I don't know of anyone trying it but go for it
09:47:10speachyjust trying to make sure it's the actual card, then we can try to figure out what makes that card special.
09:47:34speachy(and, heh, why bootloader fails but main firmware works. bad #ifdef somewhere possibly?)
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09:51:32_bilgus_bootloader doesn't have support for any special unicode
09:51:59_bilgus_would the volume nme being utf16 mess it up?
09:53:06speachyI wouldn't think volume name would matter for anything beyond purely informational purposes on the debug screens
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09:55:18_bilgus_jssfr, I got one for you, what if you image the card to another and see if the issue follows
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09:56:47speachycould bootdata be playing a factor here?
09:57:54_bilgus_the bootloader searches the fw for the bootdata if it was not a dev version on the sd card it would not use it
09:58:28_bilgus_jssfr, you are using a dev version on the sd card?
10:00:57_bilgus_the other possibility would be if bootdata got moved past its expected range but we'd all see that
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10:16:44speachyI _think_ they are using a recent-ish build on the card.
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10:52:03speachyif that works then...
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11:12:49jssfr_bilgus_, I'm mostly AFK today. I'm on ee039c30d5d5b824881a3df02ce7c6e60f3765fd (which is Sansa AMS increase DCDC3 and CVDD1 on top of 161c861153f67c2436affc11860ed932a0d21c30 from master), plus minor patches for key remapping I made because one of the buttons is borked on this one.
11:13:04jssfr_bilgus_, I like the idea of imaging, I'll try that this weekend.
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12:31:25chris_s_bilgus_: g5707 seems to cause files added to the Shortcuts menu to be opened with some random plugin instead of being run or browsed to, e.g. mp3s open with vbrfix and .cfg files with the theme removal plugin
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12:44:40speachyooo, that's bad.
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13:51:58_bilgus_oh its whatever the default plugin is
13:53:25_bilgus_so maybe a better idea would be to ask the user what plugin to open with but it should be the same if you run those files from the browser..
13:53:58_bilgus_so not random just what the files default plugin
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14:05:36_bilgus_the mp3 file one is a bit more annoying I'll probably just make a default plugin that allows it to play a single mp3
14:06:43_bilgus_for the theme one we can make a default plugin that adds it instead and pop the open_with menu when you supply a file instead of a plugin
14:07:42_bilgus_pretty sure we don't have a way on device of changing the defaults either
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15:59:46_bilgus_Oh I just tried that and uh yeah thats gonna need to be dialed back a bit for the shortcut plugin till I'm ready
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16:16:24rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4128a1fe48, 304 builds, 11 clients.
16:16:25rb-bluebot[Bugfix/Feature] OpenPlugin and default plugins by William Wilgus
16:21:23_bilgus_chris_s sorry I didn't even think about how shortcuts were using that same add_path fn that should do it for now, Eventually it'll work something like that when you select a file initially as a shortcut youll choose to open it like it does now or open with a plugin etc. My plan which is not complete, is to get back a unique id that refers to that plugin and path combination and only store those for the shortcut to later recall
16:27:40rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 676 seconds.
16:27:41rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4128a1fe48 result: All green
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