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#rockbox log for 2024-05-11

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04:32:05user890104did anyone play with STORAGE_RAMDISK recently? i can't get it to show as "media present" on the usb host for some reason
04:33:22user890104the drive itself is recognised, and for some reason smartctl was able to show the size, while stating that there is no media
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06:11:52user890104uhm..... seems like there are two ramdisk implementations in rockbox, one is using STORAGE_RAMDISK and the other is USB_USE_RAMDISK
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06:24:16user890104ok so USB_USE_RAMDISK is to expose a ramdisk to the USB host, and STORAGE_RAMDISK is when
06:24:38user890104the device itself is configured so that its storage is a ramdisk, and not any other media
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06:59:18dookchris_s: I see you use %x to load images in interpod, is it more performant compared to preloading with %xl?
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09:09:07chris_sdook: It may be *marginally* faster when loading the theme, but I doubt that would be in any way perceptible. Iirc, I originally used %x for images drawn for the backdrop to ensure they would get dithered when I hadn't I pre-dithered them. In other instances, I probably just liked the idea of eliminating an additional tag whenever an image was
09:09:08chris_sunconditionally displayed in a single place.
09:10:38chris_son* the backdrop
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09:21:36chris_s_bilgus_: Incidentally, it doesn't seem like the worst idea, to make *running* a file the default for the Shortcuts menu instead of browsing to it, i.e. have shortcuts be of type "file" instead of "browse" by default, when you add one
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10:50:15_bilgus_chris_s I think I have a method worked out, I'm working on implementing some special targets so far I have :browser, and plan on a few more
10:52:38_bilgus_basically you use the pluginload with the special targets and instead of starting a plugin it loads core fns and processes the param as the file path its running
10:54:40_bilgus_atm I ws thinking you could choose when you add a file/plugin to the shortcuts menu but we could just make it use the default initially and allow the user to edit the action
10:58:37_bilgus_my little hash lookup appears to work very well just as an on disk store but I think with larger ram targets I should probably just lod the whole thing in ram but IDK thats even needed so I might wait for that
11:01:54_bilgus_I thought about trying to just 'genericize' the whole thing into a kv database but I can't find a good implementation with proper licensing that doesn't use linux or windows APIs for most of the heavy lifting
11:05:02_bilgus_as far as the shortcuts getting stored I intend to save the shortcut file as it always does (ie the full path) but will add a u32 to store the hash it was stored as then on startup the hashes could be rebuilt if the dat file no longer existed or was taken to a different device
11:07:33_bilgus_I already have a way to export the dat file and import it so I think endianess conversion won't need to be done on load
11:16:09_bilgus_my only issue with that :browser target is getting it to actually start the browser if its not already loaded but i'll eventually figure it out set_current_file just runs the plugin if the browser isn't loaded or wipes out the path with the rootpath if I do load it after
11:22:25_bilgus_as far as targets maybe?? :Browser, :Playlist, :Shortcut and the viewer.config file will filter them for our desired file types automagically
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11:22:59_bilgus_oh and :Playnow
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11:25:00_bilgus_I envision this as a way to centralize most of that code for handling that stuff atm its spread far and wide with lots of partial reimplementations lying around
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14:49:06_bilgus_well damn I always thought the open with viewer used the extension to decide what plugin to show the user but not really its only in effect to do the default plugin and I guess
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16:20:45dookchris_s: Yeah, that makes sense. I might try and do some tests using a really big image array files or something to measure the difference
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19:34:16user890104i am trying to get ipod6g to work with STORAGE_RAMDISK, which does not appear to be used anywhere currently. this is my current patch:
19:35:26user890104the changes in main.c are logical bugs, which i'm going to submit as a patch. for some reason usb_exclusive_storage() returns false, so i'm not sure how to fix it and just skip it for ramdisk targets
19:36:12user890104what's strange is that the usb host (ubuntu 24.04) cannot read the sectors via UMS. here's a kernel log:
19:36:48user890104can someone help me diagnose the issue?
19:38:04user890104and just for context, i'm trying to get STORAGE_RAMDISK working because i'm working on new device ports, which don't currently have a storage driver, and want to make some use of them until a driver is ready
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