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#rockbox log for 2024-05-28

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00:10:14__builtinIncidentally, has anyone run any of the SDL plugins lately (duke3d, quake, wolf3d)? I have no idea if they're still working or bitrotted by now.
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04:12:18user890104i can try on ipod6g later today
04:14:38user890104also, hi __builtin !
04:17:20sporkduke3d starts and runs fine on my shanling q1, just no idea how to exit it other than shutting down
04:17:31sporkquake crashes on start
04:18:48sporkwolf3d starts and runs fine too, but also 'hangs' on quitting
04:19:22sporksomewhat old build of rockbox though, 231103
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08:32:53speachy__builtin: Just trying to clean out some of the old patch backlog. Got xrick building on current master but haven't actually tried to _run_ it yet.
08:33:37speachyI'm also using this as an "properly i18n a plugin" exercise as well
08:34:25speachyyou have a bunch of old fixes-to-games patches in gerrit, I'd like to see those get in if they're still relevant.
08:35:58speachydconrad: did those changes show up on the front page? that's directly lifted from the realwiki changelog IIRC.
08:36:48speachyAlso IIRC I put in that auto-update aroudn the time of that may 4 edit.
08:37:30speachy__builtin: and welcome back. :D
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09:20:09dconrad_phoneThe wiki changes showed up on the main page, but they never seemed to get to the actual wiki page
09:24:14dconrad_phonealso, amachronic (logs) is there an updated erosq bootloader I can recommend on the wiki with the additional flash chipsets?
09:24:44dconrad_phoneI know an official one still needs to be built
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09:35:00speachyI need to finish regenerating a pile of pre-patched firmwares for every intermediate version of the erosq/k clones.
09:38:48speachyaha heh it owuld be a good idea to do a general bootloader refresh of everything to pick up GPT support
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10:57:53user890104speachy: can you please reopen FS #12695 so I can upload better screenshots?
10:57:54rb-bluebot Drawing some of the WPS UI over lists on iPod Classic/CabbieV2 (bugs, closed)
10:59:55speachyso it's still affecting master? I know bilgus did a _lot_ of work on viewports that made a lot of these problems go away
11:02:11user890104there's some partial WPS redraw on headphone status change that needs to happen only if the WPS itself is the active view
11:11:13user890104thanks, uploaded
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11:31:18bilgusphoneIt looks like the headphone plug thing goes right with that last WIP patch i posted
11:37:10bilgusphonePretty sure whats happening is the event passes back control to the root menu but the menus stay up and redraw over the new screen. With the patch by broadcasting SYS_EXIT_MENUS it cedes control back to root but I'm not sure its the best way to go yet, i was exploring a way to make next_screen a function pointer like the other root menu FNS so it
11:37:10bilgusphonecan be changed  on the fly
11:37:53bilgusphoneBut it sounds like exiting the menus on screen change should just fix most of it
11:41:12bilgusphoneIM AFK but ill get some builds in the next week to test the theory and fix
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16:17:03speachyhuh... the database menu isn't voiced at all.
16:17:56speachybecause it's pulled from tagnavi.config
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20:14:39__builtinspeachy: Sounds good. Do be careful about my old patches - I'm not sure they all do what they intend.
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