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#rockbox log for 2024-05-31

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08:15:11user890104_bilgus: thanks, i'm waiting for a friend to bring the box of ipods, so i can test it on the target
08:15:51_bilgusin tests on the sim it works fine but always good to check the real thing
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10:24:19speachyothello8: It seems silly to point out that the ipodmini and ipod4g are _different devices_ and as such have different hardware features.
10:25:54speachyas for the behavioral differences at startup, that is due to different user settings.
10:34:17speachy g#5753 Any thoughts?
10:34:20rb-bluebotGerrit review #5753 at : FS #13429: Add a freeform "player name" configuration setting by Solomon Peachy
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10:44:00sporkis there a way to disable/remove the music database from within rockbox ?
10:44:28sporki accidentally turned it on and now it keeps asking to update on start, but i do not want to use it
10:44:47speachyturn it off in the settings, and delete the db files from the rockbox dir
10:44:54sporki know i can delete the database files from usb storage
10:45:02sporki could not find this 'off"
10:45:57speachyif it's not there then it's not going to be used.
10:46:06speachy(As long as you don't have it set to update at start)
10:46:11sporkstill prompts to update
10:46:17sporkhmm, is that a setting too
10:46:35speachylook at your .cfg file, it only shows stuff chagned from default.
10:48:17sporkyes, but the question was to turn it off from within rockbox
10:48:28sporki understand how to delete the files, that fixes it
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11:04:11chris_sspeachy: Would it make sense to revive FS #11689? I haven't checked whether it (still) works, but displaying the player name in a theme kind of feels like a special case of the more general idea proposed in that patch.
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11:06:35speachyI guess I'd like to see a concrete example for how 11689 would be used. And then there's the problem of (1) discoverability and (2) making changes
11:07:13speachyI suppose we could eliminate many themes that are just minor tweaks/variations of each other
11:12:36speachyI'd want to have a way to enumerate the list of settings for a given theme, and be able to present some sort of UI to allow them to be viewed or customized. (And then there's i18n concerns..)
11:12:54speachyhaving a parallel settings infrastructure feels ... wrong
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11:13:40speachyI'm not fundamentally opposed to revicing that ticket but I'm not enough of a believer in it to undertake it myself
11:13:54chris_syeah, i get that
11:14:37speachyThat said I am still intending to extend checkwps so it can validate the settings referenced in a given theme
11:15:05speachyreally want to try and capture that data somehow.
11:15:56speachywould also love to have a way to flag themes that have non-translated strings in 'em.
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11:23:06chris_sbtw, took another look at my SDL2 patch. It compiles and runs on Linux, but somehow only when using −−sdl-threads instead of sigaltstack. It also requires adding D_GNU_SOURCE=1 as a compiler option, which sdl-config used to do automatically but sdl2-config doesn't anymore...
11:24:27speachywe can add more flags to configure, and I'd have thought we'd be using sdl threads with all sdl targets anyway?
11:25:45chris_s6d85de3 added native threads
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11:27:37speachywell, that was some time ago
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11:28:00speachyhonestly, cooperative threads on hosted targets is actually a bad thing
11:28:39speachysince any I/O blocks the entire application instead of a thread −− this is why the UI hiccups and tears on the hibyos targets
11:29:42speachyI'd intended to write a native pthread backend
11:31:42speachynow it's certianly more RAM efficient to use cooperative threads (and it more closely aligns with how our native targes work) but I'm not sure that it's actually less CPU in the end. At least not if we are using proper signals/blocking instead of busywaiting.
11:32:43speachy(but while our native stuff is mostly cooperative, we do have hardware interrupts that can trigger thread switching, which we don't really get with the sigalthreads.
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12:10:54speachy...blocked a few more IPs that slurped down >80GB of bandwidth by scraping our gitweb instance.
12:14:08speachy(each, over about 2 days)
12:16:49speachythat was one of the reasons for the sluggisn www performance; literally millions of requests.
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13:08:55othello7speachy: interesting, I suppose I'll have to look at those settings. and that makes sense yeah about the brightness just wanted to confirm
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13:47:00dookRe: FS #11689, I've implemented behaviour like this in my themes by hijacking settings I dont use (like "volume display" or "status bar").
13:47:18dookThe biggest thing I can see theme settings being used for is light to dark mode switching, but I don't feel like it's worth the effort just for that.
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13:50:16dookOne way this could be acheived is by adding a dummy setting with a yes or no value, kind of like "volume display" or "status bar", and then leaving it up to theme makers to use and modify it.
13:51:47dookBy modify it I mean entirely visually within theme files, but it would still have issues with i18n and a11y
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14:00:38speachyothello7: the mini2g is mostly equivalent to the ipod4g, but I think the mini1g is closer to the ipod3g.
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14:36:26fmlatghorNo option to set the recording directory that I can find on the iriver h120
14:36:34fmlatghorUsing latest rb stable
14:37:08fmlatghorTried saving the cfg file, and couldn't find a .cfg file anywhere, but haven't thoroughly tested this
14:37:49fmlatghoroh wait
14:37:52fmlatghorI didn't save it properly
14:38:13fmlatghorno I did, still can't find it
14:38:34fmlatghorJust want to set the recording dir, because it's saving in /
14:38:42fmlatghorcluttering the root dir
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22:58:56_bilgusfmlatghor, you should be able to browse to the directory long press context menu 'Set as recording directory' I think
22:59:45_bilgusI thought about adding an explicit way to do that but I think someone has a directory picker patch that hasn't been added yet
23:02:30rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision d1aeb7db9d, 304 builds, 9 clients.
23:02:30rb-bluebot[Coverity] playback.c audio_auto_change_frequency check for valid id3 by William Wilgus
23:13:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 669 seconds.
23:13:39rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision d1aeb7db9d result: All green
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23:55:59fmlatghor_bilgus: oh... I guess that would be in the manual

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