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#rockbox log for 2024-06-09

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09:04:14rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 8c6b579b32, 304 builds, 9 clients.
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19:19:22speachysweet, we now have two folks who agreed to be language maintainers. :D
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23:33:45dconradOk, I've got some bizarro-world behavior hopefully someone smarter than me can make heads or tails of... The line-out detection on the erosq native does indeed seem to be broken. But the symptoms don't make any damn sense:
23:35:39dconrad1) Line-out detection seems to be some sort of electrical detection, whereas headphone detection seems to be mechanical (I added some log statements to detect this... my unit's hp out is worn enough it needs to be pushed in a certain direction to detect it. not a problem due to this being the default)
23:37:02dconrad2) Line-out detection always works at boot, even with an aux-in cable which is not plugged into anything on the other end attached to the LO port
23:38:29dconrad3) /Removal/ of something plugged into the line-out port is always detected.
23:40:33dconrad4) If I plug a headphone extension into the line-out port, I can connect some headphones electrically, remotely, and it detects this.
23:43:44dconrad5) If I then remove the headphones from the headphone extension, it continues to say that it has detected the line-out
23:44:07dconrad(that is to say, it does /not/ detect the removal of the headphones)
23:44:58dconradSo I am... utterly baffled, and frustrated that these symptoms don't even line up to if it's a hardware or software problem
23:52:10dconradSo whatever we're doing at boot to detect the line-out port state needs to be repeated as a poll, i guess? Not sure why it's different though
23:53:21dconradAnd why can we reliably detect removal of the line-out port? That throws a wrench into the works
23:53:52dconrad(sorry for the spam everybody, but I could really use a second/third/fourth opinion)
23:55:15dconradanyway, let that stew and I'll check the logs tomorrow. G'night
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