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#rockbox log for 2024-06-11

00:25:52_bilgus_is it a 4 pin jack?
00:27:25_bilgus_I see the ring in gold at the bottom a pin on right then pin on left and possibly one at the back (excluding straps)
00:28:17_bilgus_I don't see that on the left jack or it just some schmoo?
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09:56:17rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision c97954f014, 304 builds, 10 clients.
09:56:17rb-bluebotFS #13434: Partially internationalize the textviewer plugin by Solomon Peachy
10:05:30rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 554 seconds.
10:05:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision c97954f014 result: All green
10:13:53rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ec23260fd1, 304 builds, 10 clients.
10:13:54rb-bluebotmikmod: Settings names should _NOT_ be i18n'd. by Solomon Peachy
10:22:35rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 522 seconds.
10:22:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision ec23260fd1 result: All green
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10:31:15vitt13@dconrad headphone port has normally connected pins
10:35:13vitt13inserting a jack disconnects the contacts
10:45:57_bilgus_so depending on the revision it might be a 4pin jack does that device have recording?
10:58:33vitt13I guess PJ-342* is possible variant for 3.5 HP port
10:59:09vitt13PJ-242* is 2.5 HP port
11:09:11speachyNone of 'em have recording.
11:09:33speachydon't think any of 'em support HP remote operation either
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11:33:08vitt13I guess these pairs are shorted normally when nothing inserts on port
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11:33:52vitt13just checked on my HiBy R3Pro 2.5 port
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11:39:58dconrad_phoneI did some looking with the multimeter, and I think I see what's going on... they have not used a jack with an integral switch. instead, both lugs at the end are for the tip, and both lugs on the middle are for the ring. the lefthand tip lug in that pic is pulled up to 3v when no jack is present. When you plug in a plug, it shorts to the other tip
11:39:59dconrad_phonelug via the plug and gets pulled down to about 0.8v
11:42:05dconrad_phonealso, I did some testing last night and discovered another case in which it begins to behave as desired. I'll upload a patchset to explain later when I'm back at my computer, because it's weird.
11:47:21dconrad_phoneso... I think if you have a strong signal being output, you may need to ignore the input from the axp. also, the axp's internal pullup (I presume/hope this is what they're using for a pullup) should probably be disabled during playback if possible, as it pulls one channel off by 0.8v...?
11:48:48dconrad_phoneI don't think this explains why it doesn't work though, as I've mostly been testing with no audio playing anyway. It's something we should probably account for though, if possible.
11:49:20speachycould your issues be caused by a flaky jack triggering false readings?
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11:51:47dconrad_phoneI kind of doubt it, to be honest. the line out jack has way less wear, and we're looking for the gpio to be pulled /down/ to signal that something is present
11:53:24speachyI mean the logic in the code is affected by the HP jack state too
11:53:34dconrad_phonewhat I would like to try, I think, is somehow forcing the dac to a specific dc voltage to pull the axp's gpio closer to ground.
11:54:05speachyhmm, is there a pullup/dn setting on the AXP GPIO block?
11:54:21speachy(or possibly a resistor that does the same?0
11:55:28dconrad_phoneI've been testing with logging output and it has explicitly not been detecting a headphone, pretty sure because it's not hooked up anymore
11:56:16dconrad_phoneI'm not actually sure if theres a pullup/down setting, that would be something to try to figure out
11:58:28dconrad_phoneI think this explains why headphones are more reliable though. They introduce a 32ohm pull down to ground
12:00:12dconrad_phoneanother thing to try would be to switch the output to the line out and see if what was not detected before is detected now? I believe the stereo switch is the last thing in the chain
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12:05:04dconrad_phoneso... just realized with the new setting I could just try that. forced it into the "1" output and sure enough, it appears to work as desired.
12:05:20dconrad_phoneshould play with that more, but that may make sense. not sure what to do with that knowledge though.
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12:08:44Demosthenexwoo, so ironically, my wife had an old ipod 7 laying around a friend left for her, she never used. it's now running rockbox ;]
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12:09:22Demosthenexomg it has a hard drive, haha
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12:27:33Demosthenexty for the great job, the gui installer worked like a charm. i loaded it up with my music and it sounds great. now i can retire my poor lil fuse+
12:29:05speachyglad to hear it. I see a lot of "help" requests that make me wonder what instructions/tools they are using
12:30:33Demosthenexnah, this was smooth.
12:30:55Demosthenexi come prepared to dd firmware files to weird places, and instead on my gaming windoze box i just hit a button after downloading the gui installer
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12:52:51dconrad_phoneso I think largely we need to be more strategic about when the hp/lo dectects are polled. The state of the stereo switch I think is important there
12:56:22dconrad_phoneI suspect the mute feature is useful, and I wish i knew if/where the shunt feature is hooked up (and what it does...?)
12:57:49dconrad_phoneor barring that, make the user change it manually, but I'm not wild about that
13:00:00dconrad_phoneand with a sufficiently big voltage swing from the dac, we could get a false removal too
13:01:58dconrad_phonewhich is probably precisely what that guy on the forums experienced
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13:03:13dconrad_phoneso uh.... thoughts anyone? I'm gonna go grab lunch now
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13:06:08vitt13@dconrad I see on your Eros Q board photo the same USB IC TSC1421. Did you find any useful datasheet on that IC?
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13:16:03Demosthenexdoes the ipod rockbox support any "next track" gestures or shortcuts?
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13:16:36othello7the skip button? you can go to the now playing screen with the play button at any time
13:16:47othello7or you mean viewing the current playlist?
13:17:44Demosthenexwell i do understand the skip button ;]
13:17:59Demosthenexi'm thinking of a gesture because i'm cycling, if i had like a double tap i could do on a pocket it'd be nice
13:18:09Demosthenexbut clearly, older hardware, may lack accelerometers
13:18:20dconrad_phonevitt13: I haven't looked for one, are you looking for it for a particular reason?
13:18:39Demosthenexif i have to find the next button, i need to put tactile feedback on my case (ie: cut a hole)
13:19:06othello7idk the main draw of the ipod for me is that I can feel where the clickwheel is and click the skip button without having to look at it
13:19:26othello7I dont think an accelerometer is present. netiher is haptic motor or proper speaker
13:19:30Demosthenexyeah, if it's on my backpack or armband, i have to use the other arm to reach it, just weird
13:19:34speachyno to all three.
13:20:29 Join dconrad [0] (~dconrad@
13:20:53Demosthenexand i read the part in the faq about the serial accessories, maybe my headphones "next" button works, or not ;]
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13:21:39othello7along that line of thought would it be possible to have a way to seek in the track using the clickwheel like in the ipod OS?
13:21:49othello7obviously toggled on via some sort of button press
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13:37:17vitt13dconrad_phone: I collect the hardware info for HiByR3Pro & TempoTecV3 players. They both have S/PDIF output to USB-C and I guess TCS1421 is involved.
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13:46:46vitt13For HiBy R3Pro digital output (S/PDIF to USB-C) is default output if none of jack - 2.5 or 3.5 is inserted.
13:49:26vitt13TempoTec V3 has the same behavior though
13:51:08vitt13COAX icon is meaning digital output when no one jack is inserted
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14:58:52user890104speachy: did you see my comments on g#5726 ?
14:58:55rb-bluebotGerrit review #5726 at : Fix "No partition found" mode in init() by Vencislav Atanasov
15:00:32user890104while g#5783 is a bit more user-friendly, it will get the DAP into an infinite loop if there's no USB driver
15:00:35rb-bluebotGerrit review #5783 at : Improve the "No partition found" behavior. by Solomon Peachy
15:01:24user890104infinite reboot loop*
15:02:33user890104i'd let the user go into the minimal barely working rockbox if they want to
15:03:03 Part bertrik
15:07:09speachyWell, "minimal working" is kinda meaningless when you have no filesystem access
15:08:39speachy(from an end-user perspective, that is)
15:09:40user890104well, you can enter USB mode again. or look at the SMART data, if it's an HDD to find out what's wrong
15:10:49user890104but I get your point, i'm a bit biased since i'm developing a port for a device with no storage driver yet
15:10:51speachyI wonder how many other code paths will break
15:11:37speachywell, if you're competent enough to work on a new port, then a locak patch to init() is pretty trivial. :D
15:12:20speachyperhaps an obvious #ifdef to enable the behavior you want instead? (especially when combined with a ramdisk)
15:12:21user890104if you have a filesystem and just .rockbox/rockbox.ext inside, it would also use the minimal interface, but at least have an r/w filesystem
15:13:06user890104yes, i've submitted it in the ramdisk patch, but currently hitiing a wall with the strange scsi behavior
15:13:07speachy(or if it's a DEBUG build?)
15:13:42user890104maybe it would make sense to not reboot, if it's a debug build. good call
15:13:52speachyyeah, I think we agree on that
15:14:27speachynobody "normal" will be running a debug build so "user-friendliness" will be preserved
15:14:45speachy[for certain definitions of user-friendliness]
15:18:34speachyso .. just wrap the system_reboot() call in #ifndef DEBUG ? !USB && DEBUG is easy, but what about USB && DEBUG?
15:21:51user890104well, i don't think there's a need to reboot, we can retry disk_mount_all()
15:22:15user890104and just go through the rest of init()
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15:22:53speachyupdated 5783 with the DEBUG stuff.
15:23:45user890104and if that fails, say something like "Still no partitions found. Booting into minimal mode" or so
15:24:14user890104and have the 5 second timeout, so the user can actually read it
15:29:17speachyRebooting is slower, but safer −− it also has the advantage of allowing an updated binary to be loaded.
15:29:35user890104looks good with the latest changes, i'll try it when i get access to my pc (currently on a phone)
15:31:45speachyputting aside non-development stuff, I'm having a hard time envisioning scenarios where the bootloader would successfully mount & read the rockbox binary off of disk, but the main binary would fail to mount too.
15:32:03speachy(if the binary is stored elsewhere, that's another matter)
15:32:11user890104my plan for the nano3g port is to embed a rockbox binary into the bootloader, send it over usb and use the early usb mode to partition/format the ramdisk, throw in a .rockbox folder and a test song/plugin
15:32:26speachy...lieke that. :D
15:33:21user890104the FTL/VFL part is a nightmare, i don't see it solved anytime soon. there are some attempts for r/o access, but still lacking sufficient testing
15:33:22speachyWhy a full rb binary as opposed to a cutdown bootloader with USB?
15:33:50user890104because the latter has been done already
15:34:29speachywhen I say "bootloader" I mean one built from the rockbox tree
15:34:30user890104Castor has a working bootloader, i'm aiming for a rockbox port that can play music and run plugins
15:35:41user890104user890104/rockbox"> here's my fork, with notable branches castor-original and castor-rebased
15:35:55speachybut that's probably just a matter of definition at this point. you want to be able to debug/develop ther est of teh system without working FTL/NAND.
15:36:17user890104so he ported the ipod classic bootloader to nano 3g
15:36:54user890104because it's essentially the same SoC, with some minor hardware differences
15:38:08user890104also he started nano 4g port, but it's not complete as in it doesn't boot on the target yet
15:39:57user890104and in the meantime q3k discovered an exploit for nano 5g (wInd3x), and CUB3D developed ipod_sun for nano 6g and 7g
15:40:11rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 4d9c7e2063, 304 builds, 10 clients.
15:40:12rb-bluebotImprove the "No partition found" behavior. by Solomon Peachy
15:40:43user890104so we have the whole line of nanos jailbroken, and the SoCs are all similar
15:40:46speachyIt's a shame they're all flash-based and tus destined to eventually become paperweights.
15:41:38user890104but they're all mass-produced, and the latter models' battery still holds enough charge even now
15:42:16user890104also they have a couple of unique features. nano5g has a camera, nano7g has bluetooth
15:42:21speachydo you know if we know how to read the internal serial number off of ipods?
15:42:37user890104yes, it's all in sysconfig
15:42:51 Join lebellium [0] (
15:43:06user890104it used to be in an SPI flash, from nano4g onwards is at the beginning of the NAND flash
15:47:30rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 439 seconds.
15:47:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 4d9c7e2063 result: All green
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17:26:25q3kspeachy: a bigger cause of paperweighting is batteries puffing up and taking out screens with them... and the n4g/n5g being effectively impossible to fix when that happens due to the way it's assembled
17:26:53q3ki'm not that worried about flash wear, and there's even some projects on the backburner to give the nanos more storage (especially the n3g)
17:27:14q3k(via larger/newer nand chips)
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