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#rockbox log for 2024-06-14

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00:41:09_bilgus_dconrad I think not having it on lineout is just fine
00:41:51_bilgus_maybe make it easy to switch in the code or let them choose which seems like too much
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01:41:22rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision de4a08f319, 304 builds, 7 clients.
01:41:22rb-bluebot[Bugfix] filetree.c ft_assemble_path() absolute currdir by William Wilgus
01:54:57rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 817 seconds.
01:54:59rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision de4a08f319 result: All green
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10:16:21speachyso there are now two mini2g users reporting the same ATA error with CF cards and daily builds, whereas 3.15 works.
10:17:15speachyfor the life of me I can't figure out how that specific error is being generated.
10:34:46speachyhmm, advanced power management enable.
10:39:05_bilgus_howd you come up with that specific function or just speculating? adding the RC pointed me to set_features but I think set multiple mode could do the same
10:40:24_bilgus_could you pick a set of fall backs and just try randomly till it works on failure?
10:40:59speachyno, finally worked through the logic
10:42:34speachyin ata_init, set_features() error gets -60 added to it. in set_features(), when walking the feature table, if the command returns an error, it returns -20-index. so -82 is -60 -20 -2. offset 2 in the table is advacned power management
10:43:07speachyand lo, there's a comment, added back in *2008* that say "some cf cards don't like advanced powermanagement even if they marek it as supported - go figure"
10:44:19speachymight need to make that test check for CFA intead of the "only fail if the ABORT bit is set" like it is now.
10:44:25_bilgus_yeah I was just looking at that
10:44:50speachythere is a "CFA ERROR bit" referenced in the ATA spec, but I need to cross reference that
10:47:38speachyaaaah, nevermind. the index in the test is wrong.
10:47:56speachyI reindexed the table
10:48:30_bilgus_do these cards supply any serial numbers or other unique data we could key on?
10:48:46speachyI'd guess not.
10:48:58speachythese are cards that claim to support this feature but in practice don't.
10:49:21speachyI don't know if it really matters for non-spinning-rust
10:49:25_bilgus_I was thinking if we could keep a db of them it might help to allow work arounds
10:50:08_bilgus_I guess robust recovery might be the only option
10:51:06speachycan't really help it when the hardware lies to us
10:53:17Demosthenexspeachy: does rockbox have a donation box? i owe a few $ after recycling that ipod
10:53:31speachythere's a paypal link on the homepage
10:54:08Demosthenexi must be blind, i don't see it on the main homepage
10:54:33Demosthenexduh, its an icon not text searchable. my bad
10:55:28Demosthenexwhat preferred currency? usd, eur? canadian monopoly money? fake australian $?
10:56:29rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision ae25a425b6, 304 builds, 10 clients.
10:56:29rb-bluebotATA: Fix regression when trying to set power management mode with CF cards by Solomon Peachy
10:56:56speachythe account is US$, so choose whatever is most convenient/favorable to you. PAypal is going to take their cut regardless.
11:05:15speachyI expect Sandisk, of all mfgs, to do this right. sheesh.
11:05:22Demosthenexdone! ty for an excellent project =]
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11:06:07speachyjust got the notification, thank you for your contribution. it helps.
11:06:17rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 588 seconds.
11:06:18rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision ae25a425b6 result: All green
11:06:27DemosthenexOSS requires funding too. i donate monthly to emacs and orgmode ;]
11:06:35Demosthenexdon't want to be a leech
11:07:58speachyFYI our only recurring expenses are ~$40/mo in hosting fees.
11:08:20Demosthenextime. it's all about time spent
11:08:34speachybut it does cover some hardware purchases too
11:08:35Demosthenexfrankly i think some foundations should start funding OSS by user base
11:09:28speachyI dunno. most OSS is part of that "long tail" that's lost in the noise compared to the big ones.
11:09:54speachyir's also largely impossible to gague OSS userbases too.
11:10:57Demosthenexi know ;] but for free doesn't work when maintainers gotta eat
11:11:23Demosthenextax billionaires, fund all OSS by download count and package metrics :P
11:12:32speachyeven with my ever-more-aggressive bot bans, we easily in excess of 500GB/mo in downloads these days.
11:12:54speachyabout the only metrics we can trust to be real are those coming from rbutil
11:13:44Demosthenexunfortunately for me, rockbox is so stable i install it once and forget about it until the hardware dies ;]
11:13:52speachyyeah, that's the other problem. :)
11:14:03Demosthenexi'll likely popup when i need to replace the ipod batts and change to ssd
11:14:37Demosthenexbut ty again for the effort, it's a quality product
11:14:59Demosthenexhave you ever considered selling refurb players with rockbox installed?
11:15:34speachynot worth the hassle and expense of inventory IMO
11:16:21Demosthenexcould be, but is worth a premium because it helps pay for dev efforts
11:16:32Demosthenexi've bought HW firewalls just to help fund the FW project
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11:17:21speachyI also worry about what sort of support obligation that might put on us.. and also potentially litigous OEMs.
11:18:06Demosthenexused hw? i can't imagine what they could litigate, but lawyers are creative. not a mandate, just curious ;]
11:18:28Demosthenexi would have easily been pursuaded to buy a used refurb with rockbox on it had one been available.
11:18:41Demosthenexideally i'm not the only one
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11:21:42speachylovely.. about 1/3 of the time now the automatic checkwps runs after each commit fail because of D lock contention with the themesite.
11:22:24speachybeen putting off migrating it off of sqlite, onto the mariadb instance the rest of the infra uses
11:22:52speachymainly because sqlite is so much laxer with its types that a lot of fixup is needed.
11:23:42speachyalready did the work of porting the backend code to use the appropriate abstraction layers so that should JustWork() with a config change
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12:05:42sporkspeachy: i saw you wrote this on the forum: "This will be in tomorrow's (ie 20240615) daily build but if you can't wait that long you can grab the latest dev build"
12:05:57sporkwhat would the advantage of a daily build over a dev build be ?
12:08:31speachydev build is generated "immediately" after every commit
12:08:57speachydaily is the latest dev build as of about 0100 every morning.
12:09:00sporkcould be broken ?
12:09:57speachybasically if they want that particular change in a daily they'd have to wait until tomorrow.
12:10:48speachy...we keep daily builds for 3 weeks I think.
12:11:12sporkok, i could not think of any advantage to wait
12:11:20sporkwould go straight for the dev
12:11:32speachyI keep meaning to make it more of a generational thing
12:12:10sporkthe bots appreciate options
12:22:40speachy(eg keep 7 daily builds, 8 weekly builds, 6 monthly builds)
12:30:51speachyhmm, I wonder if thre's a decent way to get the last N topics out of the forum via some API call.
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