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#rockbox log for 2024-06-17

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10:59:02MarcAndersenHi. I have set up a windows simulator build script again after my server crash in 2022.
11:00:22MarcAndersenThey will soon be up at
11:01:11speachyis it something that is feasible to include in the main rockbox repo?
11:01:20speachy(and is this cross-compiled, or native?)
11:01:48MarcAndersenI don't think so, I did it after rasher stopped doing it
11:02:28speachyI have to say it would be nice to generate sim binary builds, but on the linux side they're not terribly portable.
11:02:35MarcAndersenI edited to include voices in all builds as well
11:04:39MarcAndersenBut right now it's a M build because I still have trouble with that mikmod thing.
11:11:17speachyusing the sapi stuff for voices?
11:11:49MarcAndersenSome of the doesn't build, many of the hifietma for example, but I think these are native? No, I use make voice currently with espeak.
11:12:04MarcAndersenBut we could use piper
11:13:46speachypretty sure we build (nearly?) every target's sim build after every commit..
11:14:15MarcAndersenIt's doing it's first run after the one in december 2022, now based on 7b12cc3927M.
11:14:16speachyI intend to switch to piper for the nightly voices. it's a _lot_ slower than espeak though.
11:14:43speachyI haven't heard from anyone willing to be a guinea pig for non-english though.
11:15:02MarcAndersenWhat does that meab?
11:15:55speachyI use piper to generate english voices for my own devices, and I can generate non-english files, but nobody's been willing to test them to make sure they sound ok.
11:16:25MarcAndersenI can do danish, and I have to get that translation updated.
11:17:51speachyI intend to do an offline "nightly" voicefile build for everything using piper on a beefy server at home and upload the individual .wav files to the server.
11:18:54speachyupdated translations always welcome!
11:19:41speachythe translation site has been further improved; flagging more potential problems and generally making incremental updates easier.
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13:23:27sks2002Hi all, I'm wondering on how I could change the language on my walkman using my steam deck terminal
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14:24:56sks2002got it to work cheers
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17:36:28MarcAndersenIt seams that the mikmod problems on win32 are fixed, so I am testing if I can make a nonmodified build.
17:40:42MarcAndersenIt looks like I can!
17:41:18MarcAndersenIt's building everything now, this will take about 5 hours I think
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