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#rockbox log for 2024-06-18

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08:16:02rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 73f40d8a23, 304 builds, 10 clients.
08:16:02rb-bluebotbuild: Experimental LTO support, phase one by Solomon Peachy
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09:52:43rb-bluebot[Feature] splash.h split too long strings to multiple lines by William Wilgus
09:53:06speachygit log -p
09:53:46_bilgus_this might mess with some of the splash messages but we can fix them if it gets stupid
09:54:18speachymost likely to break with displayed paths
09:54:55_bilgus_yeah thats why I want it getting annoying splitting paths to read them
09:56:01speachythe most recent language stuff I committed was making more splash messages voiced
09:56:13speachynotably ones with paths in 'em
09:56:22speachyprobably a ton of work remaining though
09:59:40_bilgus_that might not work exactly how you think
10:00:05_bilgus_the splash buffer is actually only made once and we store offsets and lens
10:01:03speachyI mean making sure all splashf()s are voiced properly.
10:01:04_bilgus_so if you just use the buffer should be fine but if you are trying to do it with the split lines itll repeat a bunch
10:01:35_bilgus_this shouldn't change that though
10:01:47speachyI don't think this would affect that at all
10:02:27speachysince this operates on a copy of the str(ID)
10:02:44rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 602 seconds.
10:02:45rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 70c5d6239e result: All green
10:05:11_bilgus_there for a time I was thinking we could start making more generic strings that could be shared across messages but only a few international langs later I see that is a pointless endeavor
10:09:27speachyI've done some work on that too
10:10:02speachybut error messages are what trips ya up
10:11:30_bilgus_and exactly the most useful place for em
10:12:15speachyturns out that a fully translated UI is a lot of work. And voicing it even more so. :D
10:12:40_bilgus_I'm pretty happy with where this is at currently we need to start thinking about when we want to make a cut off
10:13:32speachythe core is solid, but the plugins are largely untouched still.
10:14:14speachyI started on the textviewer and probably achieved 25% coverage by reusing existing strings
10:15:27_bilgus_thats not too bad for a one off and I suppose it has quite a few options but we do have a lot of plugins
10:15:55_bilgus_maybe the % goes down with each new plugin added
10:15:59speachytextviewer is one of the worst
10:16:16_bilgus_or up in this ca
10:16:35speachyfor a lot of the plugins, voicing is pointless due to their inherent visual-ness (ie games) but translation is still important
10:17:04speachyOf course given how hard it's been to get translation updates, I have to wonder just how many non-English users we have
10:17:19speachy(or rather, just how many we have _left_)
10:17:36_bilgus_well beyond that users who don't make due with english
10:17:55speachyit occurred to me that we don't voice the language selection screen. :D
10:18:55speachy(would probably require manually producing a talkclip for each one)
10:19:52_bilgus_so do you need to gen that in each language too?
10:19:53speachywhen I heavily revamped the talkclip generation script, I set it up so it excluded the .rockbox directory. In hindsight that was probably a mistake
10:20:27_bilgus_yeah bc in spanish its different
10:20:30speachyno, I think we whould generate standalone .talk for each language.
10:20:41_bilgus_oh in its language
10:20:42speachyeach language name, that is
10:21:25_bilgus_ok then my idea would work i'd like to have those with every install
10:21:39_bilgus_like invalid voice prompt
10:21:44speachyI've been finding little usability warts like this, trying to make it so that a visually-challenged person can't accidently do something in the setings that can't be undone without help from someone who can see better.
10:21:56speachyexactly like that.
10:22:40_bilgus_I do the same time to time try to use rb sightless to fix those things
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10:24:03speachyit would be nice to generate an "invalid voice" clip in each langauge too
10:25:05speachystuff like the plugin lists aren't voiced either, unless you turn on the option to spell out words. which only works for the English alphabet.
10:25:15speachyI don't have any idea how to solve THAT problem.
10:26:11_bilgus_I think in most cases it'd be acceptable to just voice them in english
10:26:54_bilgus_many wouldnt make much sense out of context anyway
10:27:32speachybut when the alternative is... nothing, even not-making-much-sense is an improvement
10:28:12_bilgus_If you get some clips generated I can work on the localizing part this week/end
10:29:25speachytime permitting, as always. :D
10:29:31_bilgus_they should probably have the lang in the name like the voice file they correspond to
10:31:10speachyDoing this completely universally will be interesting given that we only have pre-defined TTS stuff set up for maybe a dozen languages. But that's where I'll start.
10:32:21_bilgus_I guess it can fallback to english like the untranslated stuff
10:34:10speachyI need to stew on this some more
10:34:22user890104the bulgarian association of blind people is using translated+voiced rockbox, I join their manual translation efforts a long time ago, but couldn't make much progress
10:35:04speachyuser890104: given how out of date the Bulgarian translation is (hans't been meaningfully updated in 9 years!)..
10:35:44user890104i am also unsure how this would be merged, since the manuals are meant to be english-only
10:36:26speachyI don't know how we'd manage manual translations, yeah. But I was referring specifically to the in-firmware string set
10:37:47speachywe're currently at ~67% coverage. if that's improved, I can add nightly voicefile generation too
10:37:53user890104well, i guess they stopped updating their version at some point
10:39:29speachypresumably −− but we've seen plenty of semi-private forks where folks do a lot of work and never even attempt to submit changes back upstream
10:40:14user890104well, that's a documentation fork, if you want to put it this way :)
10:41:12speachy9 years ago is just after the 3.13 release
10:41:33speachywe don't have the infra for translated manuals, alas.
10:42:06speachyit's a solveable problem though.
10:42:46user890104their most recent translation is named 2013-02-20, so looks like they have submitted their most recent work
10:44:06speachyThe last Bulgarian translation update was submitted in March 2015.
10:46:38speachyI don't know how active that community still is; a lot has happened in 9 years with respect to hardware, features, and fixes.
10:47:08user890104are plugins also translated?
10:48:14speachyplugins weren't able to be translated or voiced until maybe 4 years ago. But only a handful of plugins have been translated.
10:50:08speachy...I'm slowly changing that.
10:50:24speachyas the saying goes, patches welcome.
10:56:17rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 57b3d2ffb1, 304 builds, 9 clients.
10:56:17rb-bluebotFS #13358: Fix sansapatcher build against musl libc by Solomon Peachy
11:06:26rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 611 seconds.
11:06:27rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 57b3d2ffb1 result: All green
11:22:05user890104speachy: i've updated g#5727, but unable to test at the moment
11:22:08rb-bluebotGerrit review #5727 at : Prevent rebooting in early USB mode in case of a RAM disk by Vencislav Atanasov
11:24:00user890104i also haven't forgotten abot the new ipod6g bootloader, what i forgot indeed is to bring my ipod on yesterday's and today's 4 hr. train ride
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12:13:43MarcAndersenWindows simulators of revision 7b12cc3927 is now up at
12:14:56MarcAndersenI packaged it all into a solid 7z archive to save space, let me know if that's a problem.
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12:51:55rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision eb2146d683, 304 builds, 10 clients.
12:51:56rb-bluebotplugins: add lang_is_rtl() to the plugin API. by Solomon Peachy
13:02:25rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 631 seconds.
13:02:26rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision eb2146d683 result: All green
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15:52:53_bilgus_MarcAndersen, nice at this point 7z is probably fine but maybe zip is better for the windows users
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16:20:03MarcAndersen_bilgus_ I don't think zip can make solid archives, and I saved a lot on that, the thing is 1.4 gb and the archive is less than 100 mb
16:22:09speachywhile it's your bandwidth, it does seem prudent to not put everything into one archive when only a handful likely matter
16:23:00speachyeg maybe split it into three −− all ipods, all sanas, and everything else?
16:48:04_bilgus_nah at least 7z is freely available they just don't have native handling last I checked
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20:43:02rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 5b61c79cf8, 304 builds, 9 clients.
20:43:02rb-bluebotsimulator: debugging: Disable -Os compiler optimizations when DEBUG is defined by Roman Artiukhin
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20:52:41rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 581 seconds.
20:52:43rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 5b61c79cf8 result: All green
20:52:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e80cf93b67, 304 builds, 9 clients.
20:52:46rb-bluebotCodecs: debugging: Disable compiler optimizations when DEBUG is defined by Roman Artiukhin
21:01:47rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 541 seconds.
21:01:48rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e80cf93b67 result: 10 errors 0 warnings
21:01:51rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision b3e6b12266, 304 builds, 9 clients.
21:01:52rb-bluebotPrevent rebooting in early USB mode in case of a RAM disk by Vencislav Atanasov
21:11:46rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 596 seconds.
21:11:47rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision b3e6b12266 result: 70 errors 0 warnings
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