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#rockbox log for 2024-06-22

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09:40:00speachyMarcAndersen: All of those build successfully for Linux, so there's something specific about 'em that's failing for the Windows sim builds
09:40:21speachywill need a full log of one of those failed builds to figure it out
09:40:51MarcAndersenOk, I will try to do some logging the next build round.
09:42:41MarcAndersenDo you see any reason to build each day if there are no new commits?
09:43:49MarcAndersenAnd the speed has increased by the way, now it tkes just over a minute for each.
09:44:47speachythat's probably a combination of ccache and stuff being loaded into the system filesystem cache
09:44:53speachyand no, probably no point
09:45:20MarcAndersenOk. I will send a log next time it builds.
09:45:31speachythe nightly rockbox binaries are just the most recent output of the per-commit builds with a new filename
09:45:55speachyvoices and manuals are regenerated regardless though. I should probably change that..
09:46:54MarcAndersenJust make sure that the voice is built at least once after the last commit so it doesn't get invalid.
09:47:23speachyI wonder if it would be worth rolling these windows sim builds into what's generated after every commit? ie adding a winsim target to the build client?
09:48:11MarcAndersenIt would be cool
09:49:34speachyWhat all did you have to set up for this to work? The last time I tried to set up some cross-compiled windows sim builds it went pretty badly.
09:49:45MarcAndersenThe only thing I changed was a few more lines to configure like v for voice, e for espeak and 13 for english, and make voice of course. All the irc stuff is my own
09:52:18MarcAndersenHmm, this os has been installed for way too long, I installed lots of stuff, it's messed up, Combination of apt and brew packages... og my
09:53:35MarcAndersenI can try to make a debian system from scratch and go from there and see if I can get it going.
09:53:59speachyhmm, it goes boom with mikmod still. dllimport stuff.
09:54:25MarcAndersenNot anymore, I'm not doing M builds as you see
09:55:09MarcAndersenI was in the past by deleting mikmod.make and editing calculator.c and rockaux.c.
09:56:09speachy...with i686-w64-mingw32-gcc 14.1.1, it goes boom.
09:57:32MarcAndersenI have version 12 of i686-w64-mingw32-gcc here
09:59:10MarcAndersenWow, take a look at my uptime 15:58:44 up 318 days, 4:55, 1 user, load average: 0.10, 0.15, 0.21
09:59:36MarcAndersenMaybe time for a reboot?
10:03:29rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision 231797dfa8, 304 builds, 10 clients.
10:03:29rb-bluebotmikmod: use -DMIKMOD_STATIC to make building under windows happier by Solomon Peachy
10:03:58speachynow it's going boom in lua..
10:04:59MarcAndersenI deleted a few lines regarding time or something, then it builds.
10:08:12MarcAndersenHere is what I wrote back then: commented out gmtime in rockaux.c because of another build error.
10:08:51speachyyeah, wrapped that with an #ifdef
10:09:22MarcAndersenSorry speachy, you were already on it
10:10:21speachywhat's left are some warnings. Granted this was an X3 sim build which has a much smaller subset of plugins than some of the others
10:10:24MarcAndersenThen we might be able to get real (official) builds, and I can let my server do something else?
10:11:26MarcAndersenEither way I learned some perl in the meantime... Perl is hard!
10:11:37rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 488 seconds.
10:11:38rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision 231797dfa8 result: All green
10:11:41rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision a1c526f35f, 304 builds, 10 clients.
10:11:42rb-bluebotlua: Fix Windows Simulator build. by Solomon Peachy
10:12:36MarcAndersenI like lua a lot, I'm using it for many of my own stuff
10:14:31speachymore work to be done; need to solve the various non-fatal warnings, update the builder client to define what's needed, and then convince other folks to install it
10:15:08MarcAndersenWhat would you like me to do, continue building them or stop?
10:15:09speachyoh, and then there's what's needed for voice generation
10:15:20speachyplease continue for now.
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10:16:01MarcAndersenCool, a new round starts at midnight. Then I will make a log of each make. As I said before make -j always fails.
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10:21:02rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 562 seconds.
10:21:03rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision a1c526f35f result: All green
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12:34:05kixso gonna assume its been brought up, but checked through the irc logs for today and didn't see anything, the download page is throwing a 500
12:35:44kixit looks like most folks just use daily builds anyways, but was kinda hype to just be a lil lazy and use the gui
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13:42:47_bilgus_filetol would be my guess
13:45:04_bilgus_oh sorry had it scrolled up, MarcAndersen have you tried out our lua implementation?
13:46:01MarcAndersenWhat do you mean? I don't think it can do me any good, isn't it all visual?
13:46:50MarcAndersenWhere can I find documentation for all the available tables?
14:00:54_bilgus_there is a script that prints all the available functions in the lua_scripts directory under Demos 'print_lua_func' and it spits out a file in the root directory called 'rb-lua_functions.txt'
14:02:10_bilgus_there are a few that aren't available without uncommenting the imports in the script like the ones for manipulating rb settings
14:05:03_bilgus_in the file it lists all available functions, tables, constants most functions usually match the plugin.h functions though some are lua-fied
14:05:40_bilgus_(made into generators, altered to fit luas available data types etc.)
14:06:29MarcAndersenI don't get the file when I do it in the windows simulator
14:07:02_bilgus_it should be in / root
14:09:10MarcAndersenIn simdisk? It's not there
14:09:32_bilgus_hmm yeah I think so let me double check
14:10:00MarcAndersenMaybe lua is broken in those windows sims I make
14:10:21MarcAndersenIf so it's not good
14:11:01_bilgus_i'll try to get a windows machine, it works here in linux
14:11:18MarcAndersenWith one of my simulators?
14:12:08_bilgus_I think I have one of the kids laptops with win10 or 11 on it
14:12:31MarcAndersenOh they are not built with speachy's fixes, maybe that's the problem. They will be built tonight
14:13:11_bilgus_it'll probably take me longer than that to find a windows machine so I guess we'll check tomorrow
14:13:23MarcAndersenBut it would be nice if you tried anyway so we can find out if it's me that is stupid
14:13:47_bilgus_likely not you, no matter what the IRC stats say!
14:13:52MarcAndersenOk. I will try with a new build when it's done
14:14:54MarcAndersenI think I will wipe everything before this one.
14:16:10MarcAndersenIf they are not moved into the main builder I think about making a docker image for it but I'm not sure it's worth it
14:17:16MarcAndersenActually I will activate the build now, I want to try it.
14:36:08_bilgus_onplay.c has remove_dir, delete_file and rename_file, I think I'm going to make there more generic and put them in misc.c
14:37:10_bilgus_sorry make these* I almost typed there again
14:44:14MarcAndersenThis build actually creates the file. I will run through the perl script one more time and make the whole round
14:47:21MarcAndersenLet's hope this works...
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14:47:55winsim-buildbotNew build round started. Revision a1c526f35f, lua: Fix Windows Simulator build. by Solomon Peachy
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15:25:50kixany thoughts on who to bother to maybe try to get some of the erroring resolved? can't download a bootloader file with the launcher, just spits out an SSL error
15:26:02kixI love that the link says to bother root@localhost lol
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16:35:26winsim-buildbotBuild round completed in 6464 seconds.
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