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#rockbox log for 2024-06-28

00:31:27_bilgusso ultimately it runs out of free dirstr before it can get deep enough to blow the stack
00:32:47_bilgusthat still means there is a hard limit and essentially it bails
00:33:09_bilguswhat I have already will work with this
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09:32:30MarcAndersenCan I use the fuze+ when I am blind or does it require using the touch screen?
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09:45:56MarcAndersen/msg winsim-buildbot hello
09:46:20MarcAndersensorry for that
09:53:31MarcAndersentelnet localhost 3344
09:53:48MarcAndersenI am in the wrong window
09:55:48speachythe fuze+ does not have a touch screen, instead using a "touch pad" of sorts. While there are a couple of bumps on it to help orient your fingers, personally found using it quite frustrating.
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10:01:57MarcAndersenOk I see. I'll drop the fuze+ then. I just need a player with a builtin speaker.
10:07:56_bilgusfuze+ doesnt have a builtin speaker
10:08:15speachyI don't think anything rockbox supports has a builtin speaker?
10:08:25_bilgusor do you mean mic?
10:08:35speachyunless you count that little piezo thing on the ipods
10:08:59MarcAndersenSom zen's do, but I hope there were more?
10:09:01_bilgusfuze+ doesn't have a mic either AFAIR
10:11:42_bilgusI remember a device that had an external speaker back in the day and each time his headphones came unplugged it blasted till he got the connection back in so probably a bad look for a PMP
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16:52:08speachyfinally got around to patching the missing erosq/k+clones firmware files I've since [re-]gathered.
16:52:40speachyso the wiki pages are updated with the pre-patched firmware files.
16:54:18speachystill missing a bunch though −− notably hifiwalker h2 v1.7, surfansf20 v2.2, v3.0, v3.1, and v3.2.
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17:33:21MarcAndersenI don't know if it was some of the foxes you made to the sims recently, but now I can use make -j4 with
17:33:45MarcAndersenAnd it goes much faster!
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18:00:10winsim-buildbotNew Windows simulator build round started. Revision f3de4729ce, Fix an issue building the fft plugin on greyscale targets on some simulator toolchains by Solomon Peachy
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18:47:24winsim-buildbotBuild round completed after 2835 seconds.
19:00:37MarcAndersenI hate this, wrong window again! I'll hide it now
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